AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exam 2



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1) An IT consultant is working for a large financial company. The role of the consultant is to help the development team build a highly available web application using stateless web servers. In this scenario, which AWS services are suitable for storing session state data? (Select TWO)

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2) A company has a web application that uses Internet Information Services (115) for Windows Server. A file share is used to store the application data on the network-attached storage of the company's on-premises data center. To achieve a highly available system, they plan to migrate the application and file share to AWS. Which of the following can be used to fulfill this requirement?

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3) A company conducted a surprise IT audit on all of the AWS resources being used in the production environment. During the audit activities, it was noted that you are using a combination of Standard and Convertible Reserved EC2 instances in your applications. Which of the following are the characteristics and benefits of using these two types of Reserved EC2 instances? (Select TWO.) 

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