Everything You Need to Know About How to Get Tableau Certification

If you’re looking for a data analysis or business intelligence tool, you’ve likely heard about Tableau. It’s a great tool for business managers, marketing, customers, or anyone who doesn’t know how to code. 

Since businesses around the globe rely on data, getting a Tableau certification can help you get on the right track and run smart data analysis. 

Understanding Tableau Certification

The software helps users explore, visualize, and use the data to improve their decision-making processes. Tableau offers certifications for users of every kind. Each certificate is a testament to the user’s proficiency in different skills needed for data analysis and the software’s understanding.  

What is Tableau?

To put it simply, Tableau is a software that helps visualize data more easily and helps companies make the most of their data. It pushes the decisions to be more data-driven and makes it easier to explore and organize data. 

A better data structure helps make faster, informed decisions and helps to share insights that help businesses.

 Tableau not only offers an integrated analytics platform, it also assists customers in deploying and scaling a data-driven culture that facilitates value and resilience through powerful outcomes. 

Overview of Tableau Certification Levels

Tableau has a total of five main certification levels. Each level teaches you different skills that align with your current and future professional/learning goals. 

For instance, the Tableau Desktop certifications focus on developing skills for business analytics professionals. On the flip side, the Server certifications are for IT professionals who are responsible for system administration. 

  • Desktop Specialist

    Tableau Desktop certification for data analytics. Recommended to have 3 months of experience for the certification. Validates skills in data preparation, analysis, and information sharing. 1.5-hour remote exam in 7 languages. No expiration.

  • Desktop Certified Associate:

    Advances from Desktop Specialist. It is also recommended to have 5 months experience. Tests data organization, calculations, analytics, and dashboards. 2-hour remote exam in 7 languages. 75% passing score. 2-year expiration.

  • Desktop Certified Professional

    The prerequisites are to pass the Desktop Certified Associate exam. This certification tests storytelling, visual practices, and technical skills. The exam is 3-hour and only offered in English. It is advised to have 1 year of experience. Lastly, the exam remains valid for 3 years.

  • Server Certified Associate

    For IT professionals with 4-6 months experience. It focuses on Tableau servers in a single-machine environment. The test has 80 questions, and you get a 90-minute remote exam in 7 languages. The passing score is 75% with a 2-year expiration.

  • Server Certified Professional

    This certification is for system architects and IT professionals. It requires 9 months of experience with the software and a certification in Server Certified Associate. The exam is 7 hours long and onsite. It’s only offered in English. The exam depends on pass/fail grading by the committee. 

Prerequisites for Tableau Certification

Here’s an overview of the prerequisites for all Tableau certifications: 

Certification Level


Exam Duration

Desktop Specialist

Recommended: 3 months experience with Tableau Desktop

1 hour 30 minutes

Desktop Certified Associate

At least 5 months of experience with Tableau Desktop

2 hours

Desktop Certified Professional

Prerequisite: Desktop Certified Associate

3 hours

Server Certified Associate

Recommended: 4-6 months of Tableau Server experience

90 minutes

Server Certified Professional

Prerequisite: Server Certified Associate

7 hours

Preparing for Tableau Certification

Preparing for any of the Tableau certifications requires a comprehensive understanding of the Tableau software and months of experience working with it. Let’s see how you can prepare for the exam effectively. 

Familiarizing Yourself with Tableau Software

To familiarize yourself with Tableau software, the best way is to practice the software and use training materials, study guides, courses, and more. The more practice you have, the more well-versed you’ll become with the software. 

Exploring Tableau Training Resources

Here are some training resources to help prepare for the certifications: 

Tableau | Tableau eLearning

This is the official eLearning platform for Tableau. It contains self-paced learning materials so you can take your time to understand concepts and develop them at your own pace.

 The Tableau learning platform helps analysts, data scientists, and designers to become accustomed to the software. 

Tableau | Tableau Public

This platform is free to help users explore, create, and share data visualizations online. All you have to do is create a free account and go through inspiring data visualizations to help you upskill yourself. 

Tableau | Tableau Community Forums

This online forum helps you nurture your data skills and form powerful connections within your community. 

Learning Tableau | Free Practice Test

This is the specialist practice test that you can take. It includes mock test questions that you’ll face on the real exam and helps you prepare well. 

ProjectPro | Tableau Projects

Going through Tableau projects helps to master fundamental features and tools. This source is great for practicing some sample projects and improving your data visualization skills. 

Tableau | Tableau Community

Connect with the Tableau community and interact with peers. You can join different groups according to regions, products, industries, and more. 

Tableau | User Groups  

These user groups help you connect with other peers in person or online. You become part of a network that focuses on growth and networking. These user groups strengthen your data superpowers, learn tips, and became an expert. 

Taking the Tableau Certification Exam

Let’s go through some tips to help you take the exam. 

A. Registering for the Exam

  • Navigate to the Tableau official website. 

  • Choose the certification level you want to register for and go through the exam details. 

  • Navigate to “Schedule My Exam” and choose “Schedule or Manage my exam with Pearson” 

  • Login with your credentials and register for the exam. 

B. Understanding Exam Format and Structure

Certification Level

Topics Included

Question Types

Desktop Specialist

Basic Tableau Desktop functionality, Data preparation and analysis, Sharing information and visualizations

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Practical scenarios

Desktop Certified Associate

Advanced Tableau Desktop functionality, Data organization, calculations, analytics, mapping, dashboards, etc.

MCQs, Hands-on practical questions

Desktop Certified Professional

Storytelling and visual best practices, Advanced technical skills (data restructuring, detailed calculations, etc.)

Complex scenarios, Case studies

Server Certified Associate

Tableau Server functionality in a single-machine environment, Data source identification, server processes, configurations, network infrastructure

MCQs, Practical scenarios

Server Certified Professional

Enterprise-level Tableau Server configurations, Advanced topics related to system architecture, IT, consultancy, administration, etc.

Hands-on questions, Short essay questions, Scenario-based tasks

C. Tips for Exam Day Success

  • If you’re taking the exam remotely, ensure that you have backup and log on before time. 

  • Stay calm during the exam and trust your preparation. 

  • Review the exam setup document you get to ensure everything is working properly, like your webcam and microphone. 

  • You’ll first be connected through Zoom where you’ll have to share your video and screen share. The proctor will ensure all the applications are running. The checking can take 15-30 minutes and won’t be counted in your exam time. 

  • Some questions require you to check multiple boxes, so ensure you answer to the best of your knowledge. 

  • Double-check your answers if you’re left with the time. 

Benefits of Tableau Certification

Benefits of attaining a tableau certification include:

A. Career Advancement Opportunities

Learning a new Tableau skill helps raise your salary and upskill your current position. It also helps you to get rented earlier as companies have a greater willingness to invest in employees interested in up-leveling their skills. 

B. Recognition in the Tableau Community

You receive badges for attaining certification and get to be a part of the official Tableau community. You get to network with like-minded people which opens up better job opportunities. 

C. Increased Marketability

Tableau certification depicts you as someone who is data-driven and works on data-driven decision-making. The certification does the talking and reassures the employer you have the right skills for the role.  


The Tableau certifications are your ticket to get a better role. It depicts your resilience and dedication to your field and proves that you’re a valuable asset to the company you work for. 


What is the validity period of Tableau certification?

The validity period for the Tableau certification varies. For most certifications, it’s a period of 2 years. 

Can I retake the Tableau certification exam if I fail?

Yes, but you have to wait for 24 hours to register for your second attempt. If you fail the second try as well, you must wait for 14 days for your third attempt. If you fail the third one, you have to wait for 6 months for your 4th attempt. 

How long does it take to prepare for Tableau certification?

The preparation period varies. For most people, it's recommended to have 3 months of intense preparation. 

Is Tableau certification recognized globally?

Yes, it is embraced by organizations on a global scale. 

Can Tableau certification help me land a job in data analytics?

Yes, the Tableau certification outshines you from the rest of the candidates and solidifies value in your role. 

What is the cost of Tableau certification?

The cost varies. For instance, the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam costs $100 while the Tableau Data Analyst certification costs $250. 

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