The Best Guide on How to Prepare for Tableau Certification

The Tableau Certifications help individuals to showcase their knowledge related to Tableau. The certification validates an individual’s knowledge and skills when applying for jobs or working as a freelancer. 

Let’s look at how to prepare for the certification, the benefits of getting Tableau Certified, and the best resources to practice your skills. 

A Brief Overview of Tableau Certification

The Tableau Certifications include a certified Desktop Specialist, Data Analyst, Server Associate, Consultant, and Architect. All these certifications are positioned at different professional and associate levels. 

Tableau Exam Structure and Topics

The exam structure follows: 

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Number of questions

Varies (45-70)

Question types

Multiple choice, Multiple select, Hands-on tasks

Time limit

Varies (60-120 minutes)

Delivery format

Conducted either online or in testing centers 


A scaled scoring model is used

Exam Duration and Passing Score

Each Tableau certification has a different exam duration:



Tableau Desktop Specialist

60 minutes

Tableau Certified Data Analyst

120 minutes

Tableau Server Certified Associate

90 minutes

Tableau Certified Data Consultant

120 minutes

Tableau Certified Architect

180 minutes

The scoring is done through a scaled scoring model, which means a candidate is required to pass a Tableau exam with a 750 score on a scaled score of 100-1000. 

Tableau Exam Costs and Registration Process

Each certification has a different price, here’s an overview of the exam costs:



Tableau Desktop Specialist


Tableau Certified Data Analyst


Tableau Server Certified Associate


Tableau Certified Data Consultant


Tableau Certified Architect


To register for the exam, you need to create a Tableau Certification Account. If you already have one, just log in. The exams are booked on a first-come,first-serve basis. You can take them online if offered, or in a testing center through Pearson VUE. 

  • Next, open “Schedule My Exam”.

  • Navigate to “ Schedule or Manage my exam with Pearson”. 

  • Select the exam you want to proceed with and schedule it. 

Benefits of Becoming Tableau Certified

Being data-driven is an incredible asset in these times. A Tableau Certification helps to showcase your skills as a person with a data-driven mindset. Here’s how a Tableau Certification benefits you:

  • Learn in-demand skills 

    The demand for data-related skills is growing exponentially. Employers focus a lot on these skills. Being Tableau Certified validates your skills in data and helps you to stand out from many other applicants. 

  • Increase your monetary value 

    Monetary benefits are huge motivational drivers for us. Learning new skills and staying updated with trends helps to not only focus on your current role but also help you when you’re getting a promotion or a pay raise. 

  • Easily switch roles 

    A Tableau certification gives you the skills to easily switch roles and avail high-demand jobs like Tableau Consultant, Business Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, etc. 

Understanding Tableau Certification Tracks

a. Different Certification Levels 

The Tableau certifications include 5 levels that range from associate to professional. Here are the certification paths you can opt for: 



Tableau Desktop Specialist

Validates basic skills in creating visualizations with Tableau.

Tableau Certified Data Analyst

Demonstrates expertise in data analysis using Tableau, including data prep, visualization, and communication.

Tableau Server Certified Associate

Focuses on managing and administering Tableau Server.

Tableau Certified Data Consultant

This certification proves you have the skills for customer engagement and lead the design of analytics solutions within the Tableau platform. 

Tableau Certified Architect

This certification focuses on your knowledge of Tableau platform implementation, maintenance, and best practices. 

b. Prerequisites for Each Certification Track

While some certifications don’t need any prerequisites, some require previous knowledge. Here’s an overview of the prerequisites: 



Tableau Desktop Specialist


Tableau Certified Data Analyst

Experience with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, and potentially Tableau Server/Online.

Tableau Server Certified Associate

Familiarity with Tableau Server fundamentals.

c. Choosing the Right Certification Track for Your Career Goals

In this era of data-driven decision-making, the demand for certified candidates is increasing exponentially. Tableau stands as a popular choice for many employers and organizations. 

Let’s see how to choose a certification that will align with your future goals. 

  • Understand your career goals 

    Before you choose a Tableau Certification path, it’s important to understand what you expect from your career. Ask yourself questions like which industry you want to work in, what role would you want to attain in the future, what skills you want to learn, etc. 

  • Research the Certification Requirements 

    Every certification has different prerequisites, some don’t even have them. It’s recommended to carefully go through the requirements, and the course content, and see whether or not you fulfill those requirements. 

  • Check for Hands-on Experience

    Gaining practical experience is very important for Tableau. Before you choose a certification, check for its practical applications and real-work projects to see how your knowledge can connect with them. 

Best Resources To Prepare for Tableau Certification

1. Study Materials

Tableau | Tableau Desktop Specialist

This study guide is an overview of the exam, its topics, and much more. It’s a good starting point for candidates looking for official documentation for this Tableau certification. 

2. Official Documentation

Tableau | Tableau eLearning

This is the official eLearning platform for Tableau. It contains self-paced learning materials so you can take your time to understand concepts and develop them at your own pace. 

Tableau | Tableau Public

This platform is free to help users explore, create, and share data visualizations online. All you have to do is create a free account and go through inspiring data visualizations to help you upskill yourself. 

3. Online Courses

Udemy | Tableau Certified Data Analyst: Top-Exam Prep Course

This course contains in-depth knowledge for the Data Analyst certification path. It also has 3 practice tests to help you prepare and boost your learning. 

Tablea | eLearning  

This is an official platform where you can choose the right eLearning license for you and prepare yourself for the exam. The preparation has no fixed dates, you can set your own schedule. 

4. Practice Exams

Get Tableau Certified | Tableau Desktop Specialist Practice Questions [2023]

This practice exam is free of cost and includes 45 multiple-choice questions. This practice exam is a great way to begin your journey with Tableau. 

5. YouTube Tutorials

YouTube | Tableau Full Course

This tutorial is an amazing video to start with and get a detailed overview of the Tableau platform itself. 

YouTube | Tableau Training for Beginners  

This tutorial is a great video for beginners. It helps you understand the basics of the Tableau software, the data connections in the software, and many other concepts. 

6. Books and Guides

Amazon | Mastering Tableau 2023  

This book contains real-world analytics challenges and teaches you how to use the latest features and offerings in the software. 

7. Community Forums

Tableau | Tableau Community

Connect with the Tableau community and interact with peers. You can join different groups according to regions, products, industries, and more. 

Best Practices To Prepare for the Tableau Exam

  • Creating a Study Plan

    Familiarize yourself with the software and gain an in-depth understanding of the tool. After that, divide your course content realistically and start preparing and practicing a few months before your exam.  

  • Setting Clear Goals and Objectives

    Your goals and objectives should be realistic. Take a look at the topics and align it with your learning style. Build dashboards and visualizations with real-world datasets to apply your knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

  • Allocating Time for Each Exam Section

    Each section on the exam has a time limit. Ensure that whatever question you’re attempting, you don’t spend a lot of time on it. If the question seems difficult, leave it and move onto the next one, you can always circle back later if you have time. 

  • Incorporating Practice Tests and Mock Exams

    Practice tests are a great way to help you gain an idea of what to expect from the exam. These tests help you practice complex concepts, master them, and also deal with any exam anxiety that you may have. 

Strategies for Exam Day Success

a. Tips for Managing Exam Anxiety

  • The night before the exam, avoid studying anything. You’ve prepared well enough. 

  • Focus on a good night’s sleep, and don’t worry about the exam. 

  • Eat light meals to help you process information better. 

b. Time Management Techniques during the Exam

  • Don’t rush through the questions, but don’t spend a lot of time on a question you may not understand 

  • Don’t let nerves get the better of you, practice relaxation techniques if you get anxious 

  • Don’t panic if you encounter a question you don't the answer off, answer to the best of your knowledge 


This amazing tool carries many advantages, it’s professional, data-driven, and a highly in-demand skill. Most of all, you have different professional paths that you can pursue after passing this examination. 


What are the prerequisites for Tableau certification exams?

Prerequisites vary per exam, check the official website for details.

How much does Tableau certification cost?

Costs around $200-$600 per exam.

How long does it take to prepare for Tableau certification?

Preparation time depends on experience, but expect 40-80 hours.

Can I retake the Tableau certification exams if I fail?

Yes, you can retake exams with a waiting period and additional fees.

What are the benefits of becoming Tableau certified?

Validates your Tableau skills, potentially increasing job opportunities and salary.

How does Tableau certification impact career prospects?

Enhances your resume and demonstrates expertise to employers.

Are there any renewal requirements for Tableau certification?

No renewals are required, but staying updated is recommended

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