Which Tableau Certification is Best : Top 5 Certifications to Consider in 2024

Currently, data analysis is a potential and key point for 2024 and is constantly growing. Companies require experienced professionals with the necessary tools for correct data analysis for their company.

Tableau offers very easy-to-use tools to carry out data analysis quickly and securely, making it a certification you'll want to have on your resume this year.

In the following blog, we will understand what Tableau is, what benefits these certifications bring, the top 5 certifications, and tips for successfully passing the exam.

What is a Tableau Certification and what does it entail?

Tableau certifications are targeted towards professionals interested in data analysis, equipped for problem-solving and analysis of business issues, and skilled in securely managing data.

Currently, Tableau stands out as one of the top choices for enterprise data analysis due to its ease of use and effectiveness in problem-solving, thus maximizing the benefit of an organization's data.

Each Tableau certification is tailored to different professional objectives, ranging from basic to more complex skills. They cover everything from simple data analysis to a deeper understanding of data software, showcasing your skills as a professional.

Why Get a Tableau Certification?

Tableau certifications offer great benefits and open doors for professionals in the IT world.

  • Skills Recognition

With Tableau certification, you can demonstrate that you have the capabilities and skills to handle all necessary tools and carry out data analysis correctly.

  • Better Job Opportunities

It provides the opportunity to pursue higher-ranking positions, as these certifications are recognized in the IT world and open doors for you as a professional, providing security to companies.

  • Credibility

Tableau certifications are recognized as the leading ones in terms of data analysis. With them, you can offer confidence and assurance that you are a qualified professional.

  • Increased Income

When you acquire a new certification, especially one as recognized as Tableau, where you validate the acquisition of new skills, you can opt for a salary increase or a higher professional rank. Having more credentials can lead to higher income.

What Certifications Are Offered By Tableau?

Tableau offers different certifications that adapt to the needs and goals of each professional.

1. Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification

This Tableau certification is for individuals who are starting out and seeking an introduction to data analysis. It evaluates your Tableau Desktop skills and abilities.

It costs $100, and no prerequisites are required, although at least 1 year of prior experience is recommended. Tableau provides preparation guidance before taking the exam so you can develop and refine your skills and gain more confidence.

2. Tableau Certified Data Analyst Certification

The Tableau Certified Data Analyst evaluates whether the candidate is qualified to make business decisions, identify business problems, discover and analyze data, and more.

It costs $250, and no prerequisites are required, but prior experience is recommended. Additionally, you will have preparation guidance and various resources to help you prepare.

3. Tableau Certified Associate Server Certification

The Tableau Certified Associate Server exam is aimed at individuals with previous knowledge of Tableau Server functionality in a single-machine environment, with at least 4-6 months of prior experience.

It focuses more on the functionality and administrative aspects of the advanced platform, such as detailed calculations, data restructuring, and more. This exam costs $250 and is available in English.

4. Tableau Certified Consultant Certification

This certification evaluates whether the candidate has the necessary skills to interact with clients and design quick and efficient solutions within the platform. It also focuses on solving and analyzing complex problems and ensuring efficient performance.

It costs $250, and Tableau provides exam preparation guidance to help you gain confidence. This certification is for a professional level, and prior experience is recommended.

5. Tableau Certified Architect Certification

The Tableau Certified Architect exam assesses whether the candidate is capable of maintaining the platform, implementing Tableau tool best practices, data migrations, monitoring, and scalability.

It costs $250 and offers various tools such as classes and directed paths to prepare you with official content.

Which Tableau Certification Should You Go For?

You should choose according to your professional needs and goals, as well as your level of experience.

If you are a professional who is starting your career, the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification is perfect for you. It is an associate-level certification and is focused on basic knowledge of Tableau.

If you are an advanced professional seeking a higher certification, the other four certifications mentioned earlier are perfect, as they are at an advanced professional level.

However, you should read the objectives of each certification and choose the one that covers all your needs as a professional.

Factors To Consider For Choosing The Right Tableau Certification

To choose the ideal certification for you, you must take into account different factors, analyze them, and then make a decision.

  • Experience Level

You should consider how much experience you have with Tableau. If you have prior knowledge, evaluate the more advanced certifications; if not, start with the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification, which is for a basic level.

  • Professional Goals

You need to think about what you expect as a Tableau professional and analyze each of the certifications offered to choose the one that best fits what you want to achieve as a professional.

  • Investment and Cost

Evaluate and analyze your budget. Each certification has a different cost. Detail each of these and analyze the cost of certification and the cost of resources for preparation, so you can have a total amount of how much you will spend.

How to Prepare for Tableau Certification Exams

To prepare properly, you must ensure reliable information to guarantee success in the exam.

Official documentation

Tableau | Learn Tableau on your Schedule

With these Tableau courses, you can learn at your own pace. No prior experience is required, and the courses are interactive to facilitate learning.

Learning Tableau | Tableau Desktop Specialist Study Guide

With this Tableau Desktop Specialist Study Guide, you will learn the domains covered in this exam, data connection and preparation, data exploration and analysis, understanding fundamental concepts, and more.

Online Tableau Courses

Udemy | Tableau Certification Training

This course covers key points to start with Tableau Certification and its fundamentals. It consists of 41 pre-recorded classes, divided into 23 sections, with a total duration of 16 hours and 56 minutes, and it costs $49.99.

Intellipaat | Tableau Certification Training Course

This course covers the basic fundamentals of Tableau, its architecture, real-time data analysis, graphs and reports, connections, and everything you need to know to get started with Tableau.

Practice Exams and Mock Tests

Learning Tableau | Tableau Desktop Specialist Practice Questions [2023]

With these practice questions, you'll be able to assess the level of your knowledge. Each question covers a domain of the exam, so you can familiarize yourself with it.

Tableau Practice Test | Tableau Certification Practice Questions

You'll have practice exams with questions and answers to practice with the different exams offered by Tableau. They present real-world problems that will serve as valuable experience.

Best Video Tutorial

Big Tech Mindset | Tableau Desktop Specialist Practice Exam Questions and Walkthrough

This YouTube video tutorial covers all the key points for the Tableau Desktop TDS-C01 exam, including all types of questions that may appear and how you can answer these questions in a real-life situation.

Sqlbelle | Tableau Certification - Desktop Specialist Exam Guide - Hands On Questions Walkthrough

This video tutorial will help you prepare for the actual exam, covering fundamental but essential concepts, an introduction to Tableau, and practice questions. The video is divided into 19 sections.


As we have seen, the Tableau certification brings significant benefits, such as professionalism and job opportunities that come with obtaining it. With the ease of Tableau's tools, more companies will seek professionals who can fill this role, as it can meet the needs and objectives of different companies.

So, it's a great time to start your preparation and put into practice all the advice provided in this article.


Is the Tableau certification worth it?

Yes, with this certification you will have more professionalism and integration in the IT world.

What is the easiest Tableau certification?

The Desktop Specialist certification is the most suitable to start with, as it is perfect for beginners.

Is Tableau enough to get a job?

Yes, with this certification, along with the knowledge and experience you gain while preparing, it will be enough to showcase on your resume for significant job positions.

Is Tableau harder than Python?

Each has its own characteristics; Tableau has a more user-friendly interface, while Python handles more complex tasks. So, it can be said that Tableau is easier than Python.

Which Tableau training is best?

The official training documents and videos offered by Tableau to ensure confidence in the information.

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