AWS Solution Architect Salary: Exploring the Salary Range and AWS Job Market

The need for knowledgeable AWS Solution Architects is growing as more businesses move their operations to the cloud.

These experts are essential to the planning and execution of scalable, safe, and highly available cloud-based solutions. Amazon Solution Architects are therefore in high demand, and their wages reflect this.

Currently, the average AWS solution architect salary in USA is in the $98,000-$160,000 range.

In this article, we will look at the Amazon Solution Architect job market, including job criteria, responsibilities, and qualifications.  

Why should you consider a career as an AWS Solution Architect?

There are a number of compelling reasons to pursue a career as an Amazon Solution Architect. Following are some of the main advantages:

  • High demand

    As more businesses shift their operations to the cloud, the demand for competent AWS Solution Architects grows. This suggests that there are a lot of job prospects in this industry.

  • Competitive salary

    AWS Solution Architects are highly respected for their experience in creating and delivering cloud-based solutions. As a result, they usually command competitive pay, which might rise with experience and other circumstances.

  • Constant learning

    As the cloud computing ecosystem evolves, AWS Solution Architects must stay current on the latest technologies and best practices. This means you'll have plenty of options for professional development and ongoing learning throughout your career.

  • Work satisfaction

    This type of employment can be really fulfilling because you will be able to witness the results of your efforts on a daily basis.

  • Flexibility

    Cloud computing has made remote work increasingly common, and AWS Solution Architects are no exception. Many businesses are willing to accommodate remote work arrangements, which can enable better flexibility and work-life balance.

What is the role and responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect?

  1. 1

    Solution Design

    The AWS Solution Architect is in charge of creating solutions that fulfill the client's business needs by utilizing Amazon services and technology. They must comprehend the client's specifications and translate them into technical specifications.

  2. 2

    Technical Direction

    The Amazon Solution Architect gives technical direction to development teams and other stakeholders. They make certain that best practices are followed when developing and deploying AWS-based solutions.

  3. 3


    The AWS Solution Architect advises clients on best practices for creating and deploying AWS-based solutions. This includes advice on infrastructure design, application architecture, and security.

  4. 4

    Testing and Validation

    The AWS Solution Architect verifies the solution's functionality and compliance with the client's requirements through testing and validation.

What is the salary range for AWS Solution Architects around the world?

Amazon Solution Architects are highly appreciated for their experience in building and delivering cloud-based solutions, and their wages reflect this demand.   


Annual Salary

Hourly Rate





€80,000 - €130,000

€40 - €80


£60,000 - £100,000

£40 - £80


€70,000 - €110,000

€40 - €70


SEK 600,000 - SEK 900,000

SEK 350 - SEK 550


€70,000 - €120,000

€40 - €80


€60,000 - €100,000

€35 - €70

What are the factors that affect the salary range for AWS Solution Architects?

Here is a brief overview of some of the key factors that can affect the salary range for AWS Solution Architects:

  • Years of experience

    More experienced architects typically have a deeper understanding of AWS technologies, have worked on more complex projects, and can provide greater value to employers.

  • Location

    The cost of living and demand for AWS Solution Architects can vary widely depending on location. In general, salaries tend to be higher in areas with a high demand for tech talent, such as Silicon Valley, New York City, or London.

  • Industry

    The industry that an AWS Solution Architect works in can also influence their salary range. For example, architects working in industries such as finance, healthcare, or government may be paid more due to the high value placed on data security and compliance.

  • Level of expertise

    Architects with specialized expertise in specific AWS services or technologies, such as AWS Lambda or AWS Elastic Beanstalk, may be able to command higher salaries due to their specialized skills.

  • Certifications

    AWS Solution Architects who hold industry-recognized certifications, such as the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate or Professional, may be able to negotiate higher salaries due to their demonstrated knowledge and expertise.

How do the salaries for an AWS Solution Architect compare to other IT professionals?

Amazon Solution Architects are among the highest-paid IT professionals, owing to the great demand for their skills and expertise. 

According to Payscale, below are some samples of how AWS Solution Architect wages compare to other IT professionals in the United States:


Salary Range(EUR)

AWS Solution Architect

$80,000 - $150,000

Cloud Architect

$85,000 - $155,000

DevOps Engineer

$60,000 - $120,000

Software Engineer

$50,000 - $100,000

Network Engineer

$45,000 - $95,000

Top US cities and states to find employment as an AWS Solution Architect

There are numerous US locations and states that provide excellent work possibilities in this industry as the demand for AWS Solution Architects are expected to continue to rise. 

Some of the best cities for finding an AWS Solution Architect:

  • San Francisco

  • New York City

  • Seattle

  • Boston

  • Chicago  

  • San Jose

  • Los Angeles

What are the benefits and perks of working as an AWS Solution Architect?

As part of their remuneration package, AWS Solution Architects may receive the following advantages and perks:

  • Health insurance

    Many employers give health insurance to their employees, which can assist cover the costs of medical care while also providing peace of mind. 

  • Retirement plans

    Some organizations may provide retirement plans such as a 401(k), which can help employees save for the future and potentially get employer-matching contributions.

  • Work flexibility

    Amazon Solution Architects may have the possibility to work flexible schedules or remotely. This can improve work-life balance and eliminate the need for long commutes.

  • Options for remote work

    As the popularity of remote work grows, many businesses are offering remote work options to their employees. AWS Solution Architects may be able to work from home or from anywhere in the world.

Tips for negotiating over AWS Solution Architect salary during the interview

  • Research the salary range

    Before entering negotiations, research the average salary range for AWS Solution Architects in your location and your level of experience. This will give you a realistic benchmark for negotiations and help you determine what you are willing to accept.

  • Emphasize your value

    During negotiations, emphasize your value to the company and how you can help them achieve their goals. Highlight your skills, experience, and any certifications or qualifications that make you a strong candidate for the role.

  • Be flexible

    While you should have a salary range in mind, be open to negotiations and be willing to compromise. Consider other benefits or perks that may be negotiable, such as work flexibility or professional development opportunities. 

  • Practice effective communication

    When negotiating, be clear and concise in your communication. Listen carefully to the employer's needs and concerns, and provide solutions that address their concerns while still advocating for your own needs.

  • Consider the bigger picture

    When evaluating a salary offer, consider the bigger picture beyond just the salary. Consider the company culture, work-life balance, opportunities for growth and advancement, and other factors that are important to you.

Job outlook for AWS Solution Architects and advice on how to stay competitive in the market

The need for cloud computing technology is continuing to increase across industries, which is good news for job prospects for AWS Solution Architects. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for computer and information systems managers, which includes Amazon Solution Architects, is expected to expand 10% between 2021 and 2031, faster than the average for all occupations.

How to stay competitive in the market?

Here are some key points to stay competitive in the market as an AWS Solution Architect:

  • Keep up with industry trends

    As an AWS Solution Architect, it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in cloud computing and related technologies. 

    This includes keeping an eye on new AWS services and updates, as well as broader industry trends in areas such as security, compliance, and automation.

  • Develop specialized skills

    In addition to keeping up with industry trends, it's important to develop specialized skills that set you apart from other AWS Solution Architects. 

    This may include expertise in specific AWS services or technologies, as well as skills in areas such as architecture design, project management, and communication.

  • Obtain certifications

    AWS certifications are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and stay competitive in the market.

    AWS offers a variety of certifications for different roles and skill levels, such as the AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, and AWS Certified Security Specialty.

  • Build a strong professional network

    Networking with other professionals in the industry can help you stay up-to-date on industry trends, learn from others, and potentially uncover new job opportunities. 

    This can include attending industry conferences, joining professional associations, and connecting with other professionals on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

  • Continuously learn and improve

    Finally, it's important to continuously learn and improve your skills as an AWS Solution Architect.

    This may include taking online courses or training programs, attending workshops or seminars, and seeking out feedback from colleagues or mentors to identify areas for improvement. 


In conclusion, AWS Solution Architects are in high demand and command attractive salaries worldwide.

With the right skills, certifications, and experience, you can negotiate a competitive salary and enjoy a range of benefits and perks. 

By staying informed about industry trends, developing specialized skills, and continuously learning, you can stay competitive in the job market and advance your career as an AWS Solution Architect.

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