The Ultimate Guide to AWS Cheat Sheets for Beginners

As a beginner wishing to learn AWS services this article will provide you with a useful Cheat Sheets to help you prepare for your AWS certification. You will be supplied with a practical reference to get started with all the fundamentals of AWS.

What are Cheat Sheets and why are they useful for AWS beginners?

Cheat Sheets cover the basics to master AWS. Among the essential concepts, you have AWS services and information about AWS and cloud computing. 

Basically AWS Cheat Sheets are created to cover every concept a beginner need while learning AWS and are helpful because:

  • They are a time saver.
  • They make it easier to reach any information you need, rather than going through whitepapers and AWS documentations.

What are the different types of Cheat Sheets available for AWS exams?

 You can find different types of Cheat Sheets that make it easy for you to pass the different AWS certification exams. They are available in:

PDF: AWS basics cheat sheet

 It’s a free downloadable cheat sheet and a quick guide, offering the best explanations of different AWS concepts.

Kindle: Aws: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Practice Exam Questions

You can either purchase it from or read it with their Kindle free app. It is an effective study guide, allowing you to review the crucial points in AWS while also increasing your chances of passing the exam through quizzes and tests.

Epub: AWS Certified Practitioner

As an inexperienced person, this Epub version of AWS is the most effective one for you, discussing the value of AWS its security, responsibility, and cloud environment.

In addition, at the end of each chapter you will find questions to test you understanding.

Furthermore, by the end of the book, students will have access to a variety of exam questions to help them prepare for their exams.

How to use Cheat Sheets to quickly learn AWS commands?

Bear in mind that your AWS Cheat Sheets must be made over a period of time typically for as long you cover a topic in class, therefore it will cover every piece of information you need in your learning process.

Since it is handy, you can keep next to you as a reference, and whenever you want to check information or know a detail about AWS service, cloud, or computing it will be reachable.

For a fast and effective learning process, add all the crucial notes that were covered in class or online, and make sure to redo your Cheat Sheet whenever it gets messy; this will help you retain information.

Resources to get access to free AWS Cheat Sheets online:

Cheat Sheets have always been an incredibly organized and quick way to learn. You can create a Cheat Sheet manually or just download it online.

There are so many resources to get access to AWS Cheat Sheets; here is a list of recently updated ones:

InterviewBit: AWS Cheat Sheets

This one will introduce you to the most important concepts and services of AWS, alongside with an AWS tutorial from: Basics to Advanced.

Providing you with the most useful and organized information you need to pass you exam.

Intellipaat : AWS Cheat Sheet

The next Cheat Sheet, created by Hemant Shamra is the best handy reference to learn all the basics of AWS, their services products and much more.

It walks you through the steps needed to prompt your memory, providing you with explanations and definitions of codes and most used services.

Cheatography: AWS Services Cheat Sheet

Last but not least, the link mentioned below published by Irohitpawar is a summary of every tiny detail for AWS services, features and key points.

It also gives you a brief look at the major elements together with a suggested security best practices before taking your exam.

Tips for creating your own custom AWS Cheat Sheet:

Before creating a Cheat Sheet consider reading all documentation and notes you have about AWS, in order to make things clear for you and know what to include in your Cheat Sheet.

Here are some tips that will help you creating your own AWS Cheat Sheet:

  • Brief and concise

    Remember your Cheat Sheet must not be long and complex, instead it should consist only of crucial things, such as AWS services and products, cloud computing and so on. This will make it more likely to be memorable and gets you straight to the point.

  • Accessible information

    Make sure that the information you are adding to your cheat sheet is completely accessible, in order to build a comprehensive cheat sheet that will later on help you in studying for AWS certification exam.

    For that you need to divide it into themes, arrange it chronologically, or arrange it in any way that makes sense to you.

  • Important types of AWS services, cloud and products

    Every AWS learner has to know its types, clouds and products that you usually have the most difficulty remembering them.

    So consider adding them summarized to your cheat sheet, making sure they are easy to learn and understand so you do not worry about memorising them.   

  • Use keywords and definitions

    Key word are the skeleton of your cheat sheet, they play a vital role in remembering what you are studying, alongside with definition they help you avoiding misunderstanding some concepts.

  • Avoid long and complex sentences

    Your cheat sheet contains only relevant information to your studies, thus the less you include the better.

    In other words, using long complex sentences will affect the comprehension and readability of your cheat sheet, so short and simple sentences are recommended as they make ideas clearer.

  • Keep it simple

    Your cheat sheet is not a text book try to keep it as simple as you can, so you will skim it easily.


After reading this article you will have a clear understanding of AWS services and make you ready to start with AWS, since it is a helpful tool covering all the basics of AWS learning including AWS services.

However, even if Cheat Sheets are always useful do not hesitate to take a look from time to time at the original documentation.

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