AWS SAA C03 Certification: Get started with the Best Study Materials Online

The Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C03) credential demonstrates a candidate's expertise in AWS technology and ability to apply it to various AWS services.

This certification focuses on creating cost- and performance-optimized solutions, requiring candidates to demonstrate a deep comprehension of the AWS Well-Architected System. This certification has the potential to improve the career profile of certified individuals as well as their earnings.

It can also strengthen your credibility and boost your confidence while interacting with stakeholders and customers.

Then, the question is how best to prepare for the SAA-C03 exams. Start preparing for the SAA-C03 exam by reading up on the material covered in that test edition. Make good use of the many available, no-cost resources.

If you want to know everything there is to know about AWS, then you need to sign up for our video course. To make sure that you are well-prepared for the real test, it is recommended that you take some practice tests.

This post provides a comprehensive guide to the top resources available for learning on the web.

What are the best study materials to pass the AWS SAA-C03 certification exam?

1. Official Exam Guide for the AWS SAA-C03 certification exam

We have found the new test to be extremely comparable to the SAA-C02, and official AWS statements and materials confirm this.

The tests' overall structure is the same as before, but the relative importance of different sections has changed to account for new features and improvements. The SAA-C02 already contains more than 90% of the assignment statements found in the SAA-C03.

If you're taking a course to prepare for SAA-C02, you can rest assured that the material covered is consistent with the most recent iteration of the test. As a result, you're still laying a solid groundwork for clearing the SAA-C03 test.

The official study guide for the Amazon Web Services SAA-C03 certification test can be found here.

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 Video Course

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) Complete Video Course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed on the SAA-C03 exam.

This course will give you an in-depth understanding of each pillar of the Well-Architected Framework, which is the primary topic of the SAA-C03 exam. This will allow you to completely comprehend the theory and practice of becoming an AWS Solutions Architect.

Udemy - AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 Video Course

The finest author and trainer developed this course on the Udemy platform to assist students in simply comprehending the objectives included in the examination while also understanding how to use this information in the workplace.

You will start with an overview of the test and learn the best tactics for answering questions. Then you will learn how to design secure, robust, high-performing, and cost-optimized architectures.

At the end of each lesson, you will find a question breakdown, which will show you the wide variety of questions that could be on the exam and, more importantly, teach you tactics that will help you effectively answer those questions.

3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 Practice Exams

It is a well-known proverb that it does not matter how well-equipped you are; if you are not familiar with the test pattern, it will be tough for you to pass the exam. This is true regardless of how well-trained you are.

The role that practice tests play and the importance they demonstrate may be seen here. In addition, you will be able to evaluate the current state of your study and identify any areas in which you are deficient with the assistance of practice exams.

You will be able to find and determine where you need to concentrate more of your attention, which will assist you in planning an appropriate preparation strategy.

It is strongly advised that you take the AWS Solutions Architect Associate examination before attempting to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional. This is where the Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect Associate practice tests play an important role.  

Even if you study all of the AWS documentation that is readily available online, there is still a chance that you may not pass the exam. This is an inevitable reality.

You need to be completely ready for whatever may come your way and have a good grasp of the material if you want to prevent something like this from occurring.

You will be able to accomplish so with the assistance of our practice exams, which are designed to mimic the actual certification exam.

Udemy - AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 Practice Exams

Udemy offers the most comprehensive SAA-C03 practice tests available, which are modeled after the most recent format of the exam and were developed based on the comments of more than 300,000 students regarding what was covered on the real test.

Their AWS Certified Solutions Architect practice tests are among the best and come the closest to replicating the real exam, evidenced by the fact that their course has received over 20,000 reviews and counting.

Official Sample Questions for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03

Please find below the official Sample Questions that will be on the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 exam.

Sample Exam Questions:

  1. 1
    A company runs a public-facing three-tier web application in a VPC across multiple Availability Zones. Amazon EC2 instances for the application tier running in private subnets need to download software patches from the internet. However, the EC2 instances cannot be directly accessible from the internet. Which actions should be taken to allow the EC2 instances to download the needed patches? (Select TWO.)

    A) Configure a NAT gateway in a public subnet.

    B) Define a custom route table with a route to the NAT gateway for internet traffic and associate it with the private subnets for the application tier.

    C) Assign Elastic IP addresses to the EC2 instances.

    D) Define a custom route table with a route to the internet gateway for internet traffic and associate it with the private subnets for the application tier.

    E) Configure a NAT instance in a private subnet.

  2. 2

    A solutions architect wants to design a solution to save costs for Amazon EC2 instances that do not need to run during a 2-week company shutdown.

    The applications running on the EC2 instances store data in instance memory that must be present when the instances resume operation. Which approach should the solutions architect recommend to shut down and resume the EC2 instances?

    A) Modify the application to store the data on instance store volumes. Reattach the volumes while restarting them.

    B) Snapshot the EC2 instances before stopping them. Restore the snapshot after restarting the instances.

    C) Run the applications on EC2 instances enabled for hibernation. Hibernate the instances before the 2- week company shut down.

    D) Note the Availability Zone for each EC2 instance before stopping it. Restart the instances in the same Availability Zones after the 2-week company shut down.

  3. 3

    A company uses Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances to run its data processing workload. The nightly job typically takes 7 hours to run and must finish within a 10-hour time window.

    The company anticipates temporary increases in demand at the end of each month that will cause the job to run over the time limit with the capacity of the current resources.

    Once started, the processing job cannot be interrupted before completion. The company wants to implement a solution to increase resource capacity as cost-effectively as possible. 

    What should a solutions architect do to accomplish this?

    A) Deploy On-Demand Instances during periods of high demand.

    B) Create a second EC2 reservation for additional instances.

    C) Deploy Spot Instances during periods of high demand.

    D) Increase the EC2 instance size in the EC2 reservation to support the increased workload.

More details about the AWS SAA-C03 certification exam?

You'll find that there are vacant opportunities that expressly demand IT credentials to any one of the three public service providers if you visit employment sites such as,, and other similar websites. These certifications can be for AWS, Azure, or GCP.

For instance, one of the preferred qualifications for this Solutions Architect opportunity at Amazon Web Services is for the candidate to have, at the very least, an AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. This is one example of a recommended qualification.

An Amazon Web Services certification on your resume might offer your biography a much-needed lift when competing against other candidates who are just as qualified as you are, even though having such a certification is not a strict requirement.

Some seasoned IT workers typically scoff at obtaining IT certifications and instead rely primarily on the many years of expertise they have collected to secure their professional future.

Although they make a good point when they say that experience is more important than simple certifications, nobody can reject that acquiring these qualifications can help a person get hired for the job they're applying for or, at the very least, be shortlisted for the job they are applying for. This is a fact that cannot be disputed.

AWS also offers financial incentives to businesses that support their employees' efforts to earn AWS certifications. When an APN Partner's staff members affiliated with their APN Partner Central profile earn a new AWS Certification, the APN Partner is awarded a sizable amount of Amazon Web Services Promotional Credit.

They are entitled to get $300 in AWS credits for up to 2 AWS Associate Certifications they earn and $500 in AWS points for each Expert or Specialty Certification exam they pass.

There is also a tendency in the sector where prospective employers become more selective in the applicants that they would recruit, which is another trend that is currently taking place.

Anyone can quickly fabricate their resumes to make it appear like they have the talents desired by the organization. Before making an offer, the managers consider the individual's relevant technical experience and any industry qualifications they may have. Additionally, recruiters are becoming increasingly careful in their search for individuals to deliver to their clients.

In the fast-paced information technology industry, having several years of expertise is never a guarantee that you will find another position. Suppose you are forced to stay with a company that employs antiquated technology for several years. Your skill set will likely need to be revised to take advantage of the constantly developing tools, applications, and platforms.

Obtaining relevant IT certifications can give you a strategic competitive advantage while searching for employment. They can also future-proof your profession by guaranteeing that you have up-to-date capabilities with the most cutting-edge technology, which firms are prepared to pay for.

How much does the AWS SAA-C03 certification exam cost?

 The cost of taking the AWS SAA-C03 certification exam is USD 100. Exams at the Associate level cost USD 150 each. Exams at the Professional level and in Specialties cost USD 300 each.

How can the AWS SAA-C03 certification be beneficial to your career?

  • The SAA-C03 certification helps certified professionals boost their career profiles, incomes, credibility, and self-assurance while interacting with stakeholders and customers.
  • The AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 certification benefits any professional who works for a company that uses AWS services and should be pursued by any such professional. With this accreditation, you can work in the company either as an architect at a lower level or as an engineer at a higher level.
  • This new version of the SAA-C03 exam includes information that has been changed to reflect the quick rate of advancement on the Aws infrastructure and the most current best practices for architecting solutions on the AWS Cloud.
  • This is consistent with the services and technologies offered by AWS in the areas of high performance, cost optimization, robustness, and security.
  • The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam is getting several improvements to validate candidates' knowledge and skills about the most recent AWS services and best practices.


What is the difference between AWS SAA-C02 and C03?

The new SAA-C03 assessment version also utilizes the same 4 exam areas as the previous SAA-C02 exam.

The only significant variation between the two exams is that the test domain formerly known as "Design Secure Applications and Architectures" has been renamed "Design Secure Architectures" in the new SAA-C03 exam.

Because the SAA-C02 assessment was scheduled to be retired on August 29th, 2022, many candidates may have decided to sit for the SAA-C03 exam instead.

What are the changes in SAA-C03?

There is significantly more detail on what is and needs to be covered in the SAA-C03 exam guide compared to the SAA-C02 guide. Besides the abilities required to succeed in each area, it also specifies the specific types of skills you should possess for each area.

Is SAA co3 hard?

The AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 assessment is hardly a walk in the park. It is challenging and calls for in-depth research of various theories of value.

If they want to pass the test, students have two months to prepare. Each time a hundred new services are introduced to AWS. However, with the right resources, you can be better prepared for it.

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