AWS vs Azure certification – The Best Choice for You

The last decade witnessed a shift towards cloud-based services by major companies aiming to transfer their workload onto the cloud. At the peak are Amazon and Microsoft, providing a broad range of cloud-based services under the titles of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. For someone looking to master cloud technologies, the close competition makes the decision of choosing between an AWS vs Azure Certification rather tricky.

But not for much longer, as this article will provide you with all the information you need to get off the fence and confidently make the best choice.

AWS vs Azure Certification: Why Choose Either?

Cloud computing is the newest trend in information technology. Every business, regardless of size, is migrating its old systems, infrastructure, and apps to the cloud. This shift is due to the cost-effectiveness, flexibility, ease of accessibility, and safety cloud service providers offer. Because of the aforementioned benefits, cloud computing is an appealing paradigm for meeting the computing demands of both businesses and end users. Due to the modernity of these services, professionals in cloud computing are thus in high demand. However, just having familiarity with cloud computing technologies is not enough.

Any technical accreditation, not only those in cloud computing, aids employment. Like many IT careers, practical experience may frequently speak louder than qualifications. Having said that, a certification may help demonstrate your skills to hiring managers and in assisting you in filling any gaps in your experience. Obtaining one among the AWS vs Azure certifications can help you better demonstrate your cloud talents and set the tone for the rest of your interview. Let’s examine all the key justifications as to why obtaining a Cloud Computing certification is essential for a career in the industry.

Is Aws Vs Azure Certification a Part of The Future?

Reports say that 90% of companies are already on the cloud as it is the future. This shows that the cloud is already dominating the market. Organizations need skilled personnel certified in cloud computing on the job if they want to go to the cloud. Because they are knowledgeable about the subtleties of cloud-based computing, certified specialists can simply solve any issues that may come up during the cloud migration.

A great need for qualified workers has gone largely unfulfilled due to this requirement for certified experts. According to reports, job postings on the AWS cloud platform rose by 76% between 2015 and 2016. Over 18 million jobs globally and 3.9 million in the United States were associated with cloud computing in 2015. According to Forbes, people with AWS certifications can expect an average income of $125,591 for their work in the cloud computing industry.

How Does An AWS Vs Azure Certification Make You Stand Out?

Knowing that each job application has thousands of applicants, and among the selected hundreds, many possess the same qualifications as you, the question of why the interviewer will choose you becomes indisputable.

An AWS or Azure certification will help differentiate you from the other applicants. A cloud certification will show the interviewer you have experience with and training in these cloud services. Your chances of landing any job increase if you do well in the interview and possess a credential.

Can An AWS Vs Azure Certification Help You Get Hired?

Obtaining a certification demonstrating your knowledge is preferable if you are an IT professional searching for work in the cloud industry. The interviewer will better understand all the AWS services you are familiar with if you have earned the AWS Solutions Architect Certificate. The same is true for certificates issued by Azure. When a person earns a preferred certification, many firms provide them with additional incentives.

AWS vs Azure Certification As A Proof of Progress?

Passing a cloud certification may demonstrate dedication to your job if you are currently employed in an IT or cloud-related function. You can change your profession to the cloud sector if you are a software engineer or developer. If you already work in the cloud industry, you may be able to advance professionally by getting a promotion. A cloud certification will demonstrate your training, boosting your confidence in your skills. It is also widely recognized, making it very simple to apply for jobs worldwide.

Furthermore, to pass the exam, if you want either an AWS or Azure certification, you must master all the topics and services. This maintains your attention on them for a considerable time, and you learn the essential principles. Passing the certification is not a piece of cake. You will need to put in a lot of effort or enroll in professional online training that can teach you everything quickly.

AWS vs Azure Certification: Why AWS Certification?

One can not go wrong with either AWS or Azure certifications. Both have been in the running for the top spot for a while now. Now the top cloud services provider in the world, AWS offers businesses of all sizes flexible IT infrastructure solutions. AWS is used by well-known businesses, including Netflix, Expedia, Hulu, Spotify, and Ubisoft.

AWS introduced its global certification program in 2013. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level was the first credential made available. Since then, AWS has advanced significantly, and it currently provides 12 certifications, divided into four groups: Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty. The cost of AWS services is determined by how much and what resources users use. By looking at AWS’s services, you may get a quick idea of the benefits of AWS certification.

Does an AWS vs Azure Certification Pay Well?

AWS certificates are among the best-paid credentials available today in information technology. The AWS Certified Developer – Associate is listed as the fourth-highest paid credential in a listing of the most popular IT industry certifications. The average annual income for developers who have earned this certification is $114,148.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate credential holders receive an average salary of $121,292 annually, moving them even higher up the chart (rank 2). AWS is an obvious candidate for cloud certification based on these figures. Hence, it can help grow your career quickly.

AWS vs Azure Certification: What are the responsibilities of AWS Certified Specialists?

As AWS certified specialists, these are some responsibilities that they need to undertake.

  • Monitoring the design and implementation of apps on AWS platforms
  • Creating strategies for implementing cloud solutions
  • Administration and oversight of cloud platforms
  • Designing and developing cloud-based apps

AWS vs Azure Certification: Why Azure Certification?

Microsoft’s cloud service, Azure, has grown significantly in recent years. Many IT workers are needed to obtain a Microsoft Azure certification because businesses value Azure’s hybrid adaptability. Next to AWS, Azure is the second-largest cloud service provider. The main benefit of the hybrid cloud for the Azure platform is its great support for interoperability with data centers (particularly with Microsoft’s software integration).

An Azure certification is backed by the Microsoft brand, giving the added benefit to candidates familiar with the in-house data platforms. More than 55% of Fortune 500 organizations use Azure. Therefore, becoming certified in Azure raises the likelihood that applicants will land a position at one of these businesses.

Additionally, around 365,000 new businesses use Azure every year, which continuously increases the need for workers with Azure certifications. Cloud Solution Architect, Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, Architect Microsoft Azure, and Implementing Microsoft Azure are just a few of the Azure certifications available.

Can Income Increase Through AWS vs Azure Certification?

You’ll likely experience a rise in your income by receiving your certification in this area because most clients and businesses value employees who have completed advanced training. After all, it demonstrates their knowledge in that sector, and most businesses find it worthwhile to compensate experts with greater salaries. Depending on their location and work description, Microsoft Azure-certified individuals may make up to $128,468 yearly, according to reports.

Additionally, becoming certified in Microsoft Azure can provide you with the opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 firm, which is something you may have always wanted. Many Fortune 500 organizations, like Wipro and Facebook, are aggressively employing qualified experts with Microsoft Azure certifications.

AWS vs Azure Certifications: What are the responsibilities of Azure Certified Specialists?

As Azure certified specialists, these are some responsibilities that they need to undertake.

  • Adjusting cloud solutions to the changing demands of the organization.
  • Creating cloud solutions that address corporate demands and problem concerns.
  • Securing cloud solutions to limit access to authorized workers.
  • Constructing and putting into use dependable cloud solutions.
  • Storing data in a backup copy and guaranteeing access to it when necessary
  • Monitoring and maintaining the cloud to ensure everything is operating properly.

AWS vs Azure Certification: Which One is Better?

Other than the services, skills, and features that both certifications offer, many other factors come into play when you aim to choose the perfect certification for yourself. A comparison of these factors is given below:

Difficulty Level of AWS vs Azure Certification

Certification requires a lot of time and effort. Azure and AWS might be challenging to learn if you don’t know what you’re doing, or they can be relatively simple if you have enough guidance. However, many IT experts contend that AWS is far simpler to understand and become certified in, as AWS provides software development kits (SDKs) for several common programming languages.

AWS also tries to simplify the learning process by providing more material. It has three times as many materials as Azure (123 e-learning items for the AWS Cloud Practitioner learning path vs 78 total for all Azure paths). This makes it fairly easy to learn and get the certification. So when comparing AWS vs Azure certification, AWS certification has less difficulty.

Scope of AWS vs Azure Certification

Azure’s growth has also been steadily accelerating as AWS dominates the cloud industry. The prospects that AWS and Azure certifications may provide will thus be similar. AWS certification, however, has a broader scope than Azure certification because of the popularity of AWS. Their certification’s scope also depends on organizational requirements and many other things.

Open-Source Community

Microsoft Azure is still working on improving its open-source community relations. Hence, the way the industry views Microsoft hasn’t altered. AWS certification seems like the better option with the increased AWS dominance in cloud hosting.

Employers Choice

The job you wish to achieve will determine more than anything when choosing between AWS and Azure certification. You must seek the certification requirements of the employer or employers you wish to work for. Forget about market trends and start studying Azure if your ideal career demands it.

Here are the facts to show how demanding both of these certifications are. According to Indeed, there are around 36,000 jobs available for AWS certification specialists. Similarly for Azure certified specialists, there are over around 32,000 jobs available. A survey from, over the course of four years, from October 2015 to October 2019, job seeker searches climbed for all three companies: AWS by 157.77 percent, Microsoft Azure by 130.41 percent,

AWS vs Azure Certification: AWS Certification Being the Best Choice

Choosing AWS if you want to become certified in today’s most widely used cloud computing technology is definitely a better choice. It is also a great option, especially if you’re fresh out of college or someone with no background in cloud computing. It now has a larger market share than any other cloud service provider and is expected to keep dominating the rankings.

Even if you don’t have an Azure certification but have an AWS certification, for most businesses, you will still stand out among the other candidates. It’s an amazing choice to help you achieve growth in a cloud-based services company.

Among the AWS vs Azure certifications, both cloud service providers are at the top of their market and offer great services and features to help you become an expert in cloud computing. But if the job you are aiming for requires Azure certification or if you possess every prerequisite aside from Azure proficiency and are certified in this technology, Azure is the choice for you.

AWS vs Azure Certification: The Verdict

AWS cloud certification is best for you if you are thinking of choosing between AWS vs Azure Certification. It offers a strong foundation in cloud computing. AWS Certification verifies cloud knowledge to assist people in showcasing in-demand talents and businesses in assembling efficient, creative teams for AWS cloud initiatives. The top paid IT specialists in the field also possess this certification, which shows how beneficial it can be for your career if you are planning on choosing between AWS and Azure certifications.

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