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The Cloud Computing field got pretty famous recently (or trendy I might say), as companies and developers search for the easiest way to create, develop, share, and host their projects. AWS is one of the platforms that help you do that

Many companies now focus on candidates with an AWS certification, as they are very much familiar with all their services, and also AWS’s different concepts and practices that will be a plus for the company.

So, I will try to give you a little introduction to this field and what best courses on Udemy you can apply to learn about AWS and its multiple uses.

What does Cloud Computing mean?  

Cloud Computing is the practice of using different IT resources (such as servers, storage, databases, networks, software, etc.) to help create and deploy (which includes installing, configuring, running, and testing) your projects on the cloud, in more flexible and innovative ways.

AWS helps manage and support very developed architectures, that experience irregular traffic from hundreds or thousands of mobile devices or IoT devices connected as well as real-time Internet-based data analytics.

I won’t convince you to use this type of technology without giving you all the resources for it!! So, for the next part, I will discuss the best-selling courses on Udemy on AWS.

What are the best AWS courses in Udemy?

This course has 21,827 ratings and 142,625 students so far with 4.5 stars reviews. 

It’s the best so far to give you in-depth skills to pass your AWS exams, as they provide updated content to the latest AWS exams and give the student a hands-on experience, to not fall into that boring reading slides methods.

In this course, the students will be given:

  • Over 1 000 pages of detailed lab notes presented by real-life labs professionals;
  • Provide Python, NodeJS, and JavaScript codes for developers interested in the labs;
  • Over 600 questions in PDF format to practice and test everything the student saw and learned in each main section;
  • Over 240 questions to practice for the certification exams.

This course is perfect for everyone that wants to master advanced skills in architecture design, administration, and software development, with no requirements except having a computer and an AWS account.

Here's the link to this course: Amazon Web Services Mega Course: Pass 4 AWS Certifications! | Udemy 

If you have some level of understanding about AWS and don’t want to waste your time on the basics, this course is for you.

This course focuses more on one of the services offered by AWS, which is AWS CloudFormation. This service is the best to use when you need to write, deploy and maintain your AWS infrastructure.

To get a good grip on this service, an understanding of JSON and/or YAML is preferred, as using those two technologies makes creating AWS CloudFormation Templates so much easier.

It should be highlighted that AWS CloudFormation is very powerful as it supports Parameters, Mappings, Resources, References, Cross-Stack References, Conditions, Outputs, and Metadata.

So, mastering this course is also getting to use a very efficient way to deploy your infrastructure.

So, with this course, the student will get to:

  • Learn about CloudFormation and its multiple uses and concepts;
  • Get a good grip on how to exploit YAML to write the CloudFormation Templates;
  • Learn how to write code to create your infrastructure;
  • Practice examples with Hands-On labs;
  • And many quizzes and practice exams.

This course is made by the same creator as the one above, and this one, gives a more overview of the AWS exam’s topics, and an AWS account or previous knowledge on any subject is not needed at all.

This course has 121,903 ratings and 589,059 students (insane right!), which is considered a bestseller on Udemy currently, with a 4.7-star review.

This course was made for anyone who just wants to start in this field, and the best thing to do in this case is to get an entry-level certification for AWS, which is what this course focuses on.

By applying to this course, you will get a good grip on AWS, its services, and its ecosystem. Its content is up to date and will have:

  • In-depth study of all the new topics present in the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 exam;
  • Many labs to teach the students everything by doing it;

  • A logical progression of the topic, to not lose track or get bored;

  • Professional subtitles;

  • Over 300 slides available to download in PDF format.

And by the end of it, the student will have passed the exams with excellence, as they will have practiced well the quizzes after each main section, and practice exams by the end of the course, all that while using the AWS free tier.

Here's the link to this course: [NEW] Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - 2022 | Udemy 

Is the Udemy course suitable for AWS certification?

Many students hesitate to pay for courses on platforms like Udemy, because of the uncertainty of the course’s content being legit, and as described in the description, which is a valid point, I can’t deny that.

But, as I highlighted before, many courses have over half a million students relying on the courses to get their certifications, and the majority of the reviews are positive, stating that they successfully passed their certification exams thanks to those courses, like the following comment on the last course talked about.

Neetha. G. P.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Thanks Stéphane! I cleared the exam on 30Nov2022.

Wonderful course! The concepts are explained in the most simplified way. This course along with the question bank course, which has a great collection of questions from Stéphane Maarek, are the only resources that you need to clear the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam with flying colors.

In those cases, I advise every student to first check every review and feedback left on each selected course, before paying for it and relying on it to get the certification wanted. 

And also, those courses alone won’t make you a prodigy, you should really get the most out of it and practice a lot using all the materials given, so you can really say that you used the courses properly.

I would like to also add, Udemy is a very trustworthy platform to prepare for your certification, and I know it exists a lot of other similar platforms that provide similar options with lower prices.

But they won’t guarantee good content like Udemy does, if so, it won’t get this famous for anything.

Can I learn AWS in 3 months?

Based on every review left by people who got their certification, the answer is always the same: “It all depends on your devotion and how much time you give into it”

Some specialist has said that they studied and prepared 7 hours a week for 3 months and was able to get an AWS certificate in Data Analytics, the specialty certificate.

This shows that what matters most is to work hard and be organized and also to not rush things. Every student has to take their time and prepare thoroughly for it.

It is always advised to think about what your priorities are. For example, being a student with a lot of homework and preparation to do, it might take you longer than someone with more free time, or another with much more knowledge.

So, set your own pace and organize your schedule to your needs, but again, the majority said that it didn’t take them more than 3 months to get the certification, so just do your best!!

Final thoughts on using AWS courses to prepare for your certification exams

As stated before, the AWS certification is very much needed in so many cases. It can range from you wanting to secure your critical data as a company to adding it to your CV for better job opportunities.

With that being said, and it being a very on-demand certification, it is hard to get, so relying on those courses is very useful. You don’t expect to learn everything and search for everything by yourself.

Having a guide to help you throughout this journey to get the certification is needed and should be prioritized. It will help you save time and also show the important topics to prepare for and the quizzes to practice.


AWS is certainly a very important key to success and making life easier, being a company or a simple student.

Having talked about the many bestseller courses available on Udemy, I hope you get your journey started in this field by getting your first AWS certification.

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