How to get AWS job with no experience?

AWS has powered businesses in 190+ countries which means that every business is established in AWS And there is a variety of jobs that you can have with no experience in AWS.

AWS offers several services. You just have to pick up a niche according to your interest. For example, there are services like DynamoDB, EMR, RDS, Lambda, VPC, CloudFront, autoscaling, S3 glacier, and many more. You can decide what to choose for yourself. 

The amazing thing is you do not need to learn or master all the services you can just learn about 1 service to get a job. 

I will try to guide you through the ways which can help you get a job without AWS experience. It does not matter to which country you belong, you can still choose the AWS job and AWS career to make a good living. 

What are the Different Roles in AWS Career

You will be glad to know about AWS career. It has 200+ services to offer which means you have so many options. AWS is a dominant cloud provider in the public cloud market.

With AWS you can pick up any of these domains such as cloud practitioner, operations, architect, or developer. And you just have to learn 1 niche from these domains to get a job with high benefits.

Let us take a look at the major roles that AWS offers.

1. Cloud Architect

Architecting is basically the job of designing but in the world of computers, there is no physical structure available.

The average salary of a cloud architect is between $148,000-$158,000. A cloud architect designs and forms structures by applying critical thinking and analytics. 

As a cloud architect, you will need to have a deeper understanding of the inner structural demands. Most issues are non-technical; they need to be cost-effective with stability. 

  • Cloud computing fundamentals
  • Pros and cons of the commuting design 
  • Service knowledge of cloud 
  • Understanding of business needs, compliance, and the requirements 
  • Technical challenges 
  • Good at communication to listen and understand the requirements 

3. Cloud Systems Administrator

To be a cloud system administrator you can choose to go in DevOps or solution architect in the cloud. The Average yearly salary of a cloud administrator is $90,000-$100,000.

As a cloud administrator, you will be in charge of maintaining the infrastructure of the cloud. If you want to get a job and do not know how to get an AWS job with no experience then a cloud administrator is a really good option for you.

Because it does not involve any technical thing. It is a friendly role for people who do not have experience in AWS or those who are non-technical. You need the know-how about the following things to become a cloud administrator: 

  • Provisioning 
  • Setting up infrastructure 
  • Providing correct access to the correct team 
  • Understanding cloud environment 
  • Cost management

4. Cloud DevOps Engineer

Cloud engineering leverages DevOps practices to do the job. The average yearly salary of a DevOps Engineer is nearly $120,000. This role is a little bit technical but no worries, you can do it.

You just need to learn about docker and It is not a very hard and fast thing to do, you can learn it from google as well as pick up an AWS course for learning.

The basic things you might need to know are the Software development cycle. Moreover the understanding of databases and networking. 

5. Cloud Network Engineer

It is a really good job with a high salary. The average yearly salary of a cloud network engineer is $120,000. If you are not into the software and you do not know programming you can choose to become a cloud network engineer.

Do not worry about how to get an AWS job without experience. This is a simple role for which you need a little bit of learning. You just need a few things, like:

  • The knowledge of how to implement the information and pass it on. 
  • Managing a cloud network 
  • Look into the network of cloud architectures 
  • Designing the cloud infrastructure for a network. 

6. Cloud Consultant

Cloud consulting is one of the best AWS jobs that you can do. It can help you boost your career. The average yearly salary of a cloud consultant is between $104,000-$124,000.

It is the first thing I will suggest to anyone who is looking for an AWS job without experience. The cloud consultant is there to help the companies to adapt the services.

As a cloud consultant, you will have to use your skills in making it common among people to shift to cloud services for betterment. You need to learn a few skills like:

  • LYNX windows 
  • Understanding of the IP and DNS 
  • Security parameters in building designs 
  • Knowledge of python and bash

What is the Scope of an AWS Job?

There are several benefits of working in the AWS cloud the most rated is it is the top-most company. Moreover the AWS job security and high salary. 

As we know the cloud has a 4-year gap as compared to any major provider. So cloud was established before so its roots are deep and also that its credibility in the market is more than the other providers. So it is also a proven platform for a career. 

Another thing that adds up to the AWS standard is that all the top companies like salesforce, Netflix, Reddit, and Pinterest use AWS. So, if you want to find a job you can also get into such job profiles and enjoy the high salaries. 

What are the average salaries of AWS professionals?

AWS is a high-paid job because of its credibility in the market and the future of computers. The average salary of an AWS professional starts from 100,000 USD and variation applies according to the niche and field of expertise. 

What are the Benefits of working in AWS?

Getting a job at AWS is a great opportunity for people who are tech-savvy and would like to evolve in the world of cloud computing.

There are many benefits that AWS companies offer to their employees. Here are some of these advantages!

  • Competitive salary (weekly basis)
  • Overtime for 40+ hours.
  • Half-time work on Amazon holidays i.e. (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.)
  • Savings plan of 401(k)
  • Financial counseling.
  • Estate planning.


Here are some frequently asked questions for AWS beginners apart from how to get AWS job with no experience. 

1. Can I get a job in AWS without experience?

Yes. Obviously, you can get a job in AWS without experience. Because it does not require any corporate experience, or the other long and tiring hiring process.

You just need to pick up one niche from 200+ and learn the basics of it. Once you will learn the basics the next step is to prepare for the interview. 

It is better if you also have a certification in the specific niche in which you want to get a job in. It will boost your hiring. Other than that so many people already have somewhat of an idea of AWS but they think they do not.

Computing is very common these days so everyone is into technology. You do not need to learn a lot, but just need to polish your skills and get on board. 

2. Can freshers get a job in AWS?

A fresher is a good fit for AWS. Because if you have decided to start your career with AWS then your path is very easy. You can choose to do a certification at entry level and start your job at AWS.

It is much simpler for a fresher to start because the only experience you will have then would be related to cloud commuting. 

3. Can non-IT do AWS certification without experience?

A non-IT person can choose AWS and can successfully do it. The only demand will be to spend some time in the training of AWS.

If you are a non-IT person you just need to take out time initially for the certification and then start a job without experience. 

4. Is AWS OK for beginners?

AWS is best for beginners. If you are a beginner and you choose AWS for developing your career then you have landed on the best platform because cloud computing is the future of the world. It will keep growing and flourishing.

So, if you decide to pick up aws for a career then you can gain experience in the relevant field and continue to grow along with the benefits and high salary. 

5. Can I do AWS without coding?

Coding is not essential for AWS. So, yes you can do AWS without coding. You can get an AWS job without any experience in coding and computing. It also depends on the niche which you choose.

You need to pick up your job wisely, which does not require programming and coding. Because there are a few jobs as a developer for which you need to learn to code. But there are 200 plus choices to make so you can pick up any other simple job.

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