Scheduling an AWS Exam: A Step-by-Step Guide

AWS offers a series of exams from entry-level to professional to help you get certified and take your skills and career paths to the next level.

Today we’ll speak about scheduling an AWS exam and will give you a step-by-step guide on how to book, reschedule or cancel the exam. 

We’ll also discuss why it's important to get certified, and what are the average salaries for AWS-certified professionals, as well as will provide you with the best sources to get started with your exam. 

How to book your AWS certification exam online?

To take the AWS certification exam, first, you need to book it online. Now, let’s see how you can do it.

  1. 1

    Visit the website: Amazon AWS

  2. 2

    Then log in to your AWS Certification Account    

  3. 3

    Click on the Upcoming exams.

  4. 4

    At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the list of Eligible Exams. This list includes Associate-level, Professional-level, and Specialty-level exams. They, in their turn, include the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. 

  5. 5

    On the right side of the column, you’ll see two available scheduling options: Schedule with PSI and Schedule with Pearson Vue. 

How to schedule your AWS exam with PSI and Pearson VUE?

When scheduling an AWS exam, there come 2 options to choose between: scheduling with PSI and scheduling with Pearson Vue. You can choose one of them according to your requirements and here is how to do it.  

1. Schedule with PSI

  1. 1

    Visit the following page: AWS Training & Certification

  2. 2

    Log in or create a new account if you don’t have one.

  3. 3

    Once you log in you’ll see a “Welcome to your account” page where you are offered 4 options on the right side of the page: Register for an Exam, Request Exam Accommodations, Manage PSI Exams and Manage Pearson VUE Exams. 

  4. 4

    Click on “Register for an Exam”.

  5. 5

    Here you’ll see a list of the possible AWS exams and the way you want to manage it: Schedule with PSI and Schedule with Pearson Vue. 

    Choose an exam and click on “Schedule with PSI”. 

  6. 6

    Here you'll see a few details about the exam. Now click on “Schedule”

  7. 7

    Click on “Continue” and then select the delivery mode and again click on “Continue”.

  8. 8

    On the next page select the exam language and proctor language. 

  9. 9

    Continue to fill out your personal details. Then you can choose the date and time for the exam. Click on “Continue’ and confirm the schedule details.

  10. 10

    On the next page, you’ll see the payment details. Apply “Select this box to enter your VAT ID and NOT to be charged VAT for this purchase.” If you have taken any exam previously, you’ll probably have a voucher/promotion code. 

  11. 11

    Make the payment and click on “Continue”. Now you have booked and scheduled your AWS exam. 

2. Schedule with Pearson Vue

  1. 1

    Visit the following page: AWS Training & Certification

  2. 2

    Log in or create a new account if you don’t have one.

  3. 3

    On the next page, you'll see “AWS Certification Program Agreement”.

  4. 4

    Read it carefully and confirm if you agree with the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page. 

  5. 5

    On the next page click on “Demographics” and fill out your personal information. 

  6. 6

    Once you finish with your personal info, you should return to the previous page and click on “Manage Pearson VUE exams”

  7. 7

    Fill out the blanks on the next page and click on “Update Confirm”

    On the next page, you are supposed to select between “Pre-approved exams”. 

  8. 8

    Let them know where you want to take the exam: at the local exam center or at home/office. Click “Next”.

  9. 9

    Choose the language and click on “Next”.

  10. 10

    Now you can select the date and time of the exam. 

  11. 11

    On the next page, you’ll see the schedule according to the given info as well as the price of the exam. You can schedule another exam by clicking on “Add Another Exam’. 

  12. 12

    Click on “Next” and enter your payment and billing. If you have taken any previous exams, you’ll probably have a voucher/promotion code. 

  13. 13

    After you make the payment, your exam is booked and scheduled. 

How much does it cost to schedule an AWS exam and are there any discounts?

The costs vary from exam to exam. There are 3 main types of exams: Associate-level exams, Professional-level, and Specialty exams. Here is a list of the prices:

  • The Cloud Practitioner exam is 100 USD. 

  • Associate-level exams are 150 USD. 

  • Professional-level exams are 300 USD.

There are discounts of up to 50% for individuals who have taken AWS exams previously. The upcoming types of discounts, for example, are meant for

  • Individuals who are at least 18 years of age and attended AWSome Day on 15th Feb 2023 or SMB Day on 22nd Feb 2023.

  • Individuals who have registered for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Challenge - March 2023 by 11:59 p.m. PST March 2, 2023.

Why is it important to pursue an AWS certification?

Anyone who wants to validate their technical skills as a pro should definitely pursue an AWS certification. Here are some the benefits of earning an AWS certification:  

  • Exam discounts

    By pursuing an AWS certification, you get the chance to have a 50% discount voucher to apply for recertification or any other exam.

  • Digital badges: 

    Due to your AWS certification achievements, you can attend exclusive AWS-sponsored certification events.

  • AWS Summit events

    You can also take part in AWS Summit events. These are global free summit events the aim of which is to bring the cloud computing community together. 

  • AWS Certified Global Community

    Besides the summits, you can just join the AWS Certified Global Community and share or gain more knowledge and experience about cloud computing, AWS services, products, use cases, and many more. 

  • High-Paid Job Possibilities

    AWS-certified individuals easily find high-paid jobs in the field they are specialized in. This is perhaps one of the most prominent benefits of becoming AWS certified because overall, it opens doors to better job possibilities. 

  • One Step Closer to Your Dream Career

    You can either add value to your company or just replace your current job with a better one at a well-known organization that offers a higher salary, a number of insurances, a great workplace and a growing career.

What are the average salaries for AWS-certified professionals around the world?

The majority of certified professionals usually get high-paid jobs and build steady or growing careers. In the following table, we see the average salaries for AWS-certified professionals around the world. 


Average Salary/Year

Average Salary/Hour














₹ 1,450,000 

₹ 581

Best online resources to get started with AWS for beginners

The following are some of the best resources where you can get started with AWS as a beginner. They provide AWS cloud skills, webinars, online tests, forums, and many more to enrich your knowledge about AWS:

A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru is a useful platform providing AWS certificate videos, hands-on labs, courses, resources, learning paths, etc. You can find forums and online discussions held by certified specialists and experienced cloud gurus that support fellow cloud learners. 


The second helpful resource on our list is Udemy. This platform is a perfect place for AWS beginners because, besides pieces of advice, they also provide AWS certificates to test your skills.

It comes with AWS Fundamentals for beginners and helps you to learn the basics of AWS services. 


Next is Whizlabs: a world-class technology training platform. It offers more than 200 AWS courses, 25.000 practice questions, 4500 videos, and 750 hands-on labs.

Its video tutorials are clear and easy to understand. You can find test exams at Whizlabs and try your skills before taking the official certification exam. 


Coursera offers online AWS courses, video lectures, and some helpful assignments. You can pay for a course and get access to all content and features and not only.

It also gives access to certificates of completion and helps you to get prepared for  AWS certification exams. 

Tips on how to maximize your learning potential to pass an AWS exam on your first try

If you want to pass your AWS certification exam on your first try, then make sure you follow these tips. They will maximize your learning potential as well as will help you get a better idea of the chosen examination topics. 

  • Take part in AWS training and courses

    To maximize your learning potential and pass an AWS exam on your first try, you need to take part in AWS training and courses. As mentioned above, many helpful resources provide tutorials, training, and courses based on actual questions of the exams. 

  • Learn the key concepts

    Try to focus on the most valuable concepts and things you basically need. Learn the key concepts for a particular service or tool that AWS offers and get more knowledge about the main topics you would face in an exam. 

  • Practice your own knowledge

    Even if you have read many blogs and watched many videos by professionals that have really helped you to gain more knowledge, you still need to use your own expertise in practice and see what you can do yourself. 

Key Takeaways

Having a plan and a straightforward schedule in hand is the key to success. Since you already know how to schedule an AWS exam, we hope you have also learned the details and nuances of AWS exams.

Take some more time to practice and train yourself. Don’t underestimate the value of courses and training as they help to understand the process of the examination and many more. 


Can I schedule an AWS exam on weekends?

Yes, in the majority of cases you can schedule an AWS exam on weekends as online exam appointments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Can I schedule an AWS exam on the same day?

Yes, you can schedule an AWS exam on the same day. Moreover, you can schedule one or more exams on the same day. 

How do I reschedule my AWS exam in Pearson VUE?

First, go to your AWS certification account. Click on the “Manage Pearson VUE exams” button. Then select the scheduled exam you want to manage from the “Upcoming Appointments” menu.

Now you can cancel or reschedule your exam up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. This won’t take additional fees. 

How many hours is the AWS exam?

Most AWS certification exams take anywhere from 90 to 180 minutes. The duration of the exam depends on the type of AWS Certification.

Can I take the AWS exam without training?

Training is a part of your certification exam. However, if you are 100% sure that you’ll pass it without training, then go ahead with it. Training is not mandatory in the compilation of AWS exams. 

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