The Best Book for the Aws Solution Architect Associate

Reading a book to prepare for the AWS Solution Architect Associate certification. Seems interesting, correct? The inquisitive supply and demand processes platform makes the architect's job challenging and engaging.

The best book for the AWS solution architect which gives the detail and step by step process flow is; Solutions Architect's Handbook: Kick-start your solutions architect career by learning architecture design principles and strategies by Saurabh Neelanjali Srivastava.

This book is good to start with and ends with because it provides all the food you're looking for on your platter.

It covers topics of solution architecture attributes, constraints, design principles, design patterns, security - performance - reliability - cost - operational considerations along with architecting and modernizing legacy systems with agility.  

Why is this book a good resource for those studying for the AWS Solution Architect Associate certification ?

If you are pursuing to become an AWS-certified solution architect, you will find this book as a mini AWS guide that will help you to get certified on your first attempt!

  • It has a complete roadmap of AWS architecture, that can help you get an abstract of technology and get an in–depth knowledge of a particular area where you have the expertise which interests you.  

  • Learning all the terminologies in the book would give you an edge later since you will have to implement highly scalable cloud infrastructure. 

  • It explains the used case of the algorithms and their different purposes. For example, the RSA algorithm is used for the security of public keys which are communicated over a network. 

  • The examples provided in the book are based on the real–world problem faced by the organization, and it is a practical knowledge of the work that you have to do. 

  • In the book, you would go through the constraint that is faced on the technical side, and learn how to perform balance optimization.  

  • Learning about the agile methodology since technology is changing at a rapid pace. The updating of the process flow will be always present to you. The agile methodology ensures that your system architect is flexible and agile. 

Tips on how to use the book effectively to maximize learning outcomes

  • The book will help you to learn about the different types of data and how data classification is done. Customer data security is crucial and has to be protected both on the business side and in the cloud platform.
  • Follow the steps and the process given in the book which will lead to giving you a complete idea about the AWS architecture, as well as the responsibility and the actions that need to be taken by the solution architect are described in depth.
  • When going through the book chapters one by one, you will get to know what a solution architect does on a daily basis. After that, try to get as much as you can from the design thinking methodology which has described the thought process of a solution architect.  
  • In addition, the author has dedicated a complete detailed section on soft skills and why there are so important to understand and to explain the technical benefits when dealing with the problems faced by your customers. 

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