Which AWS Certification Is In Demand ?

AWS Certifications are becoming increasingly popular in the IT field, since AWS is a lightning-fast, scalable technology tool. Holding an AWS certification will open up new job opportunities within the tech world and help showcase an individual’s knowledge when it comes to cloud computing.

If you want to get an edge up in your career and prove your AWS skills to potential employers, then getting AWS certified may be the way to go!


1. What are the different AWS certifications available and what do they entail


AWS offers a wide range of certifications that can appeal to all levels of IT professionals, from entry-level credentials like the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to Specialty Certifications covering everything from networking fundamentals to advanced big data topics, such as the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional.

These certifications are based on real-world job roles and are designed to assess your ability to design, deploy, operate, and manage applications and systems on the AWS platform.

Of all AWS certifications, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is highly demanded by employers. This certification dives into the varying AWS offerings and ensures that the successful candidate possesses in-depth knowledge of designing distributed applications on AWS.

The AWS Sysops Certification is another popular certification that builds upon the Associate and focuses more on AWS cloud services, and can be a great credential that offers many job opportunities.

In this article we will dive more into these two certifications given their popularity within businesses, and how they can give you a great head start towards success!


  • What is the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification and what are its prerequisites

AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification is undoubtedly the most sought-after AWS Certification among IT professionals. This certification proves that you have a thorough understanding of AWS technology, architecture, design principles, configuration best practices and core services.

Prerequisites for this exam include one or more years of practical experience designing AWS architectures and an understanding of AWS best practices, as well as basic knowledge of networking concepts, especially web application architecture.

The AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification also looks for familiarity with AWS Cloud technologies, relatable database scenarios, as well as basic AWS security features. Candidates should also understand related AWS services such as Lambda, EC2, S3 and more.

All these requirements ensure that certified AWS Architects have the requisite skill set to implement cloud solutions on AWS platform. To truly ace the certification exams though, studying AWS best practices is essential. All this is achievable if you put in the time and effort – so why not get started today?


  • What is AWS Sysops certification and what does it entail

Interested in working with AWS systems? AWS Sysops Certification is the perfect way to get you started in the right direction!

AWS Sysops certification is highly valuable for IT professionals looking to further develop their careers in the cloud computing space. AWS Certification provides credibility and validation that you have experience and expertise working with AWS services and technologies and is sure to give your career a major boost!

AWS Sysops focuses on four key areas: deployment, management, monitoring, and security of AWS systems. It includes tasks such as using AWS services for system administration, migrating development environments from on-premises to AWS cloud services, deploying and managing AWS resources using command line interface (CLI) for automation, and designing secure applications solutions in the AWS cloud environment.

Obtaining AWS Sysops certification demonstrates that a professional has a thorough understanding of the AWS platform which makes them highly desirable in any organization dealing with large-scale or mission critical AWS deployments.

Take the challenge today and see how AWS Sysops certification can propel your career!


2. How to decide which AWS Certification is right for you


Wondering how to get started in the cloud? AWS Certification can help you learn how to properly use AWS cloud computing services. It’s important, however, to make sure you choose the AWS Certification that will give you the knowledge and skills that are most relevant for your current or desired role.

AWS offers a wide array of certification exams, so it’s important to do your research for each one of them and decide which one is the best fit for you. You can reach out to knowledgeable AWS associates or even take practice tests before making a final decision on which AWS Certification is right for you.

When considering which AWS certification is right for you, consider your experience level: are you a beginner who needs to learn the basics or an experienced AWS user looking to validate your knowledge? Then, determine what area of AWS you want to specialize in.

Finally, decide whether you want or need to take AWS training courses alongside the AWS certification process – this could be a great way to maximize your learning and confidence before the exam.

Get started today by choosing the right AWS Certification for you!


3. How to prepare for the exam to pass your AWS Certification on your first try


Passing the AWS Certification exam is a challenging task, but with the right preparation it can be easy. Our guide provides everything you need to know to pass the exam on your first try. With our help, you will have all the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed, by taking the right steps in advance:

  • First and foremost, thoroughly review AWS’s official learning materials so you understand the concepts of the AWS cloud.
  • Then, familiarize yourself with AWS services and learn how to implement them and use the AWS console.
  • Make sure to allocate plenty of time to study, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to AWS related topics such as storage, security, networking, and analytics.
  • On top of studying AWS material, dedicate time to practice coding so you can apply your AWS knowledge in real-world scenarios.
  • For a more hands-on approach to learning AWS, build a test environment in order to practice key AWS concepts in a safe environment where errors can be identified quickly.
  • Last but not least, familiarize yourself with the structure of the AWS certification exams so that you feel confident going in and have an idea of what to expect from question types.

Taking these steps will help ensure success when you’re ready to sit for your AWS Certification exam!

You can learn more about How to Prepare for Your AWS Certification Exam on our previous article! You’ll learn everything you need to know about what to expect from the test, how to study effectively, and more.

4. Resources that can help you study for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification exam


Managing AWS certifications can be difficult and it is important to prepare before you sit for the AWS certification exam. Luckily, there are plenty of awesome resources available to help you with your AWS certification preparation journey.

One of the most popular ways of studying for the AWS certifications is by taking an online Udemy course. With personalized training modules and tutorials from top instructors, Udemy courses are comprehensive yet concise, allowing students to understand complex topics by breaking them down into achievable tasks.

You can learn more on Udemy courses here, but for now here are some of our best AWS Udemy courses that can assist you during your exam preparation:

AWS certification is now within reach with this one-stop solution if you want to get AWS SAA certified. Not only does the course cover every topic expected in the exam, it also includes a few extra details and hands-on lectures for a deeper understanding of AWS concepts. After the end of each module, a short quiz will help verify your understanding.

The course is divided into sections based on the AWS syllabus and further explained with visual representations so that no AWS concept remains unexplained. If you don’t have prior AWS experience, related concepts will be introduced such as Docker for AWS ECS to better equip you with all the necessary knowledge. With this comprehensive approach to AWS certification, it won’t be difficult to ace the exam!

AWS SAA certification is a highly regarded credential by employers, so it pays to review your AWS knowledge before you take the exam. This course offers 6 sets of practice exams with 65 questions each, based on the real AWS SAA exam pattern.

These practice tests will determine if you are ready for the actual thing, as well as helping you pinpoint any areas that may require more study. With a 90%+ score in the practice tests, you’ll be confident in your ability to pass the AWS certification exam when it comes time!

Don’t take these practice tests too early – it’s best to wait until within 10 days of your AWS SAA exam, so that you can really focus and remember all of the details from your learning course.

With these two premier AWS preparation courses, you’ll be well equipped to ace your AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification exam!


5. What are the benefits of getting an AWS certification and how can it help your career growth or business success


Wondering if AWS certification is worth it? The answer is a resounding YES!

AWS certifications are in high demand across industries and command some of the highest salaries in the tech world. Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to make a move, earning an AWS certifications can open the door to countless opportunities and grant you multiple benefits:

  • With an AWS certification, you will be able to work with some of the biggest companies in the world. You’ll have access to some of the best salaries and benefits available, and you’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world.
  • AWS certified professionals bring a higher level of expertise and understanding which facilitates problem-solving abilities to troubleshoot complex problems quickly.
  • AWS certifications indicate a commitment to developing superior skills and knowledge within an ever-evolving computing environment – making them an invaluable asset for anyone looking to achieve success and fulfillment with their career growth or business success.
  • AWS certifications also offer many advantages to businesses; AWS solutions expertise allows businesses to quickly create innovative products at lower costs compared to competitors who are not certified.
  • Finally, AWS customers often search for AWS-certified partners in areas such as Cloud Architecture, DevOps and Big Data Analytics when selecting service providers; which makes the AWS certificate essential if you are looking to provide services around these areas.


6. Which industries are currently hiring certified AWS professionals and what kind of salaries can you expect to earn?


AWS certifications are becoming increasingly popular among cloud-based job seekers due to the growing demand for AWS professionals.

Industries such as public sector, finance and insurance, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, manufacturing and even education are actively seeking AWS certified individuals for roles ranging from system engineers and DevOps specialists to solution architects and AWS consultants.

All of these industries have recognized the AWS certification as a strong asset for highly paid positions as AWS knowledge is key when it comes to building cloud applications and services. As companies are giving more importance to the value of AWS certifications, salaries for AWS enabled positions are competitive – with salaries depending on experience level, skills set and the type of position.

Highly qualified AWS professionals can expect salaries to range anywhere between $80k-$120k per annum whilst entry level AWS enabled roles may gain an average salary of $50k per annum, demonstrating how valuable AWS certifications continually prove to be in the job market.

7. How to stay up-to-date on the latest AWS advancements and changes


AWS Certification has become the most in-demand certification in the world. With over 1 million active users, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud platform and provides businesses of all sizes with innovative technology solutions.

Staying informed about AWS advancements and changes can be daunting, but with the right resources, it is completely possible!

AWS regularly releases updates on its website and in dedicated AWS Certification newsletters. Additionally, AWS Certified Professionals are notified immediately of any changes that may impact their examinations or certifications so they can stay up-to-date as AWS evolves.

This knowledge allows AWS Certified Professionals to not just remain certified, but to also give their advice confidently and easily keep up with their AWS workloads. By leveraging AWS Cert’s resources and staying involved in the AWS community, professional users can take advantage of the latest AWS advancements and keep up-to-date on all AWS changes.

Start preparing for your AWS Certification today by visiting our homepage!

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