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Amazon Web Services offers a number of tools for QA testing, making it difficult to choose one among the many. I’ve often come across people asking questions like, which is the best AWS for software testing, but there is no comprehensive answer to their question. So, I’ve made it easy for you to find your answers in this guide.

The best AWS for you will greatly depend on your level of expertise and career options. Although there isn't a particular AWS certification for testers, you can get a strong grasp of AWS services by selecting either the AWS Certified Developer or the AWS Architect Associate.

Read on to learn about the job prospects that come with software testing and AWS cloud, along with some helpful details about the best cloud certification for software testing.

Does Software Testing Have Better Job Prospects than Aws Cloud?

Software testing and AWS are in high demand in today’s software industry. People are becoming more and more dependent on mobile access, which makes cloud computing very important. It would be wrong to say that software testing has better job prospects than AWS because both of them have their set of pros and cons when it comes to a career choice.

Prospects in Software Testing

Data is the foundation of everything we see around us today, and software and data work together seamlessly. The need for software testers will always exist because we encounter so many new products and services every day. It is a well-paying industry that will continue to exist.

Since various types of software tests will always be popular, the increase of software testers is strongly related to the growth of software developers.

Prospects in the AWS Cloud

According to IDC estimates, spending on public cloud services and infrastructure will more than double to over $500 billion by 2023.  

AWS had a seven-year advantage over its rivals since it was launched on the market in 2006. AWS capitalized on this advantage to the fullest and has been the public cloud provider with the greatest rate of growth ever since. It has continued to expand dramatically, with third-quarter 2021 growth of 39% being one example.

Salary Comparisons of AWS and Software Testing Jobs 

In the USA, the average salary for a software tester is $39.84 per hour or $82,878 annually. Most experienced workers can earn up to $130,295 per year, while entry-level jobs start at $57,500 annually.

An AWS certification has grown in popularity among professionals working in the cloud IT sector. In the United States, the average salary of an AWS Solutions Architect, which is the most common AWS certification, is $159,033 annually.

Here are some more details about the average salary of software testing and AWS jobs in different countries annually.


average software tester salary

average aws salary


₹ 1.5 Lakhs to ₹ 7.8 Lakhs

₹3.6 Lakhs to ₹11.3 Lakhs


$ 81,373



€ 37,004

€ 70,793


$ 80,000

$ 98,000


SGD 39,600

SGD 69,837

The table shows that AWS job prospects are better in terms of money. However, it depends on your experience level and skills. The above data shows the average salary, so you can earn more or less than the given numbers based on your level of expertise in the industry.

Is AWS Related to Testing?

Test automation is supported by the AWS API and Command Line Interface tools. With the use of these tools, developers can automatically set up test environments, run scripts, connect databases, and even run tests automatically after each successful build. 

An administrator can use Amazon Relational Database Service instances that are preloaded with test data when the application testing process calls for a database. A developer will frequently duplicate a single database to guarantee that each test cycle uses the same data.

There are many advantages to developing and testing applications with AWS. The right application test method not only detects errors but also assures that a new application is stable and suitable for production. This enables businesses to quickly and affordably spin up resources. 

A major issue in software testing is the infrastructure. Modern applications can be flexible and scalable, but few businesses are willing to shell out the cash required to maintain the servers, network bandwidth, and storage resources needed to test an app under pressure properly.

High-end load testing can be reduced or skipped by some IT teams due to the cost of in-house testing.

Since then, it has become more common to move application testing to a public cloud provider like AWS. Thousands of Amazon EC2 instances can be rented by developers in order to build sizable Amazon Elastic Block Store environments.

AWS Automated Testing Tools

Amazon Inspector, which provides computerized security checks and advice on how to reduce risks, allows AWS users to automate safety checks. AWS users will create a test automation strategy in addition to integrating AWS automation testing tools to make the most out of their testing techniques.

Do-it-yourself QA

In some cases, customized test scenarios and automated scripts don't expose a software release candidate to the same stress or mistakes that come with real-world use. 

Businesses can create test scenarios, analyze the outputs or logs, look for broken links, provide feedback on the overall performance, and create real-life interaction with the software by using an on-demand workforce. 

Third-Party QA Testing Tools

Third-party testing providers offer testing as a service on cloud resources. Several examples include Ravello Systems, LoadStorm, Neustar, and SOSTA. These QA tools are often provided on a pay-as-you-go basis, with fees based on the number of hours used, network bandwidth used, or other factors.

Which Cloud Certification is the Best For Software Testing?

Cloud computing has evolved from a "nice-to-have" to a "must-have" as businesses move more workloads to the public cloud. This transition necessitates the development of new skills to create, implement, and manage applications in cloud computing.

Getting an AWS certification shows that you possess some of the most lucrative abilities, as attested to by one of the most well-known names in cloud computing. The certification shows a shared vocabulary, a certain level of cloud competence, and a shared understanding of a platform in the workplace.

AWS offers multiple certifications, and you can choose which is the best for your level of expertise and career. 

Here are some of the best AWS certifications that you can consider:

Cloud Practitioner

Your best option for learning about AWS is definitely to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner test. You will gain a thorough understanding of the features and services that AWS has to offer. As opposed to some of the other qualifications, it has no prior requirements. 

Anyone considering certification, whether they are a tester, developer, architect, or business analyst, should consider taking this exam.

Developer Associate 

The gap between developers and testers in modern times isn't as wide as you might initially think. Therefore, a test focusing on improving AWS usage will undoubtedly benefit testers as well. 

Businesses that have the Developer Associate AWS certification have the security of having the right workforce to give them a competitive advantage.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 

This exam is designed for people with some background in developing distributed applications. Candidates must be able to show that they can develop, manage, and implement apps using the AWS platform's tools and services.  

SysOps Administrator 

Only this certification is entirely focused on system administrators. To pass this exam, you must have both technical knowledge and a conceptual understanding of how AWS works. It is beneficial to have prior Linux or Windows administration knowledge.

Certified DevOps – Professional

This certification covers provisioning, running, and administering applications on the AWS platform. The two fundamental ideas of continuous delivery and process automation are the key points of this exam.

Experience in provisioning and administering AWS-based apps is required for this certification. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

In order to implement and deploy apps on AWS, you will be able to assess an organization's requirements and suggest architectural solutions with this certification. Designing AWS-based applications demands a high level of technical expertise and experience.

Final Words

To conclude, the best AWS for software testing is subjective to every person. In my opinion, beginners can opt for the cloud practitioner certification, and experienced individuals can go for the professional certifications. 

While there is no particularly best AWS certification for you, it goes without saying that the certification is a must-have for businesses. 

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