AZ-500 Salary: How Much Can You Expect to Earn?

Managing identity and access, securing networking, securing compute, storage, and databases, and managing security operations are the technical skills tested on the AZ-500 exam.

Although having knowledge of cybersecurity will always be relevant, becoming an Azure Security Engineer will significantly boost your value.

What is the AZ 500 certification and why should you consider pursuing it? 

AZ 500 is a certification which assesses your technical proficiency in managing identity and access, secure networking, safe computing, storage, and databases, and managing security operations.

Perks of having AZ 500 certification 

Azure certification offers advantages such as the chance to advance in your profession, access to flexible work alternatives, the possibility to earn a greater pay, sharper skills, and improved security options for your organization

What is the average salary range for AZ-500 certified professionals?




United kingdom



United States







Rs 11,00,000

Rs 17,00,000







What are the factors that influence the salary range for AZ-500 certified professionals?

  • Location 

    The compensation range offered to Azure Security Engineers is more correlated with the cost of living and job demand. It changes depending on where you are.

  • Experience

    Your compensation range largely depends on your experience. Your salary will vary according to your level of experience. if it's been three years, seven years, or more than ten years. This will help you achieve a high salary.

  • Education

    Your income typically depends on how well your education matches the requirements of your profession. Moreover, pay can vary depending on education level.

  • Professional organizations and credentials

    Membership in professional groups or trade organizations, as well as certifications, may increase compensation. Some firms demand that workers who lack certificates pursue them

What are the highest paying cities in the US for AZ-500 certification holders?

Salary ranges for Azure Security Engineers in the US will vary by city. The US cities listed below have the highest salaries for positions as Azure Security Engineers. San Jose is the city with the highest salaries.





New york






New Jersey




What are the different types of job roles available for AZ-500 certified individuals?

  • Engineer, DevOps

    To aid in the deployment of applications on Java application servers and Kubernetes clusters, create Jenkins jobs or Azure DevOps pipelines.

  • Information Security Engineer

    Implement intricate security initiatives that find and address security flaws in a cloud-based environment (from design to implementation and maintenance).

  • Freshman application engineer

    Gaining a comprehensive grasp of the technical difficulties that clients encounter and assisting in the discovery of opportunities to expand the value we contribute to their operations.

  • Senior Security Engineers - Incident Response

    You will recognise issues with unclear instructions for their task (lack of clarity, consistency, technological constraints) and convey these problems early to assist with course correction.

Which companies are hiring professionals who hold the AZ-500 certification?

Among the top employers of Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associates are: 

  • Google,

  • Lockheed Martin,

  • Symantec, 

  • Securonix,

  • Microsoft, 

  • SentinelOne,

  • Sophos and Cisco. 

Best online resources to find jobs as an AZ-500 certified professional? 


LinkedIn is a business and employment-focused social media platform that works through websites and mobile apps.


Indeed is an American worldwide employment website for job listings with a global audience.

Glassdoor Jobs

Glassdoor is an American platform that allows current and past employees to assess businesses anonymously.


The most reliable source of career possibilities & guidance is CareerBuilder. you have access to professional information, methods for negotiating salaries, and insights.

Tips for negotiating a higher salary during the interview process

  • Make inquiries.

    The confidence that comes from knowing what you're talking about and a solid foundation can both be gained from research. Browse Wages by Idealist is one example of a salary tool that might be quite helpful.

  • With tact and assurance, discuss your wage range.

    Take solace in the fact that you've done your study and can speak intelligently. Be polite, but don't act improperly; speak with confidence and calmness.

  • Negotiate formally but emphatically

    It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone if you wish to negotiate after a recruiting manager makes an offer. Your right to bring up pay and speak up for yourself does not imply that they will comply or be cooperative.

  • Take into account your total compensation.

    There is much more to a work than just the compensation, even though money speaks. You should decide what extra perks you would like to receive from a corporation before starting a negotiation. Make a decision.

What does the future look like for AZ 500 certification holders?

The AZ-500 certification can help you demonstrate your knowledge and skills in this field. Companies in several sectors, including healthcare, finance, and government, are looking for workers with experience in cloud security.

Specialists in cloud computing frequently start off in entry-level jobs like cloud support engineer or cloud administrator.

As you gain expertise and understanding in the industry, you could progress to more senior roles like "Cloud Solutions Architect," "Cloud Security Engineer," or "Cloud Operations Manager."


If you're seeking work in the area of cloud security, the AZ-500 certification exam for Microsoft Azure Security Technologies can be a useful addition to your resume.

Your knowledge of the fundamental ideas and recommended procedures for safeguarding Microsoft Azure environments is demonstrated by your certification.


How long does it take to study for the AZ 500 exam?

You must thoroughly prepare for the exam by learning all the ideas and specifics. You will need 1 to 3 months to attempt this exam and pass easily  

Is the AZ 500 exam hard?

The Azure AZ 500 certification test is extremely difficult to pass. Despite this, just because it's intense doesn't make it impossible to complete.

What is the passing score of the AZ 500 exam?

On a scale from 1 to 1,000, all technical exam results are published. At least 700 points are required to pass. 

Does the AZ 500 expire?

Yes, AZ 500 is valid for only 1 year.

What is the retake policy for the AZ 500 exam?

A candidate must wait for a minimum of 24 hours before reapplying if they fail the exam on their first try. 

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