AZ-900 Exam Dumps: Can you reply on them ?

When it comes to professional growth, having certification exams indeed helps pave your way. One of the most popular certification exams one can take to achieve their desired position is Microsoft Azure Fundamental Exam(AZ-900). 

This article will cover all the aspects related to AZ-900 Exam Dumps and whether they can help you clear the Azure Certification Exam. 

What are AZ-900 Exam Dumps, and why do candidates use them?

AZ-900 dumps is a collection of questions and answers made significantly to help you prepare for the exam. The questions are based on the Official Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Study Guide, while highly-experienced Azure Solutions Architects provide the answers. 

Why do candidates use them?

Candidates taking their first step into cloud technology find AZ-Exam crucial to kick starting their career as an Azure Specialist.

AZ-900 dumps offer enough material to clear the exam and help earn the certification. Moreover, applicants prefer using them as these dumps give them a clear idea about the exam and how to prepare for it.  

What topics do AZ-900 Exam Dumps cover?

The Microsoft AZ-900 Dumps are curated, keeping the candidates' best interests in mind. All these questions and answers touch base with all the exam modules and are available in a pdf, which is very easy to download and study.

Applicants can even opt for practice tests to get the real feel of the exam and find out whether they are prepared enough. 

The AZ-900 Exam includes certain domains that need to be prepared for:

  • Describe Cloud Concepts (25-30%)
  • Describe Azure Architecture and Services (35-40%)
  • Describe Azure Management and Governance (30-35%)

Things you should consider when using AZ-900 Exam Dumps

While it may seem very easy to look on the internet for az-900 exam dumps sites, and they might help you clear the exam, memorizing them would only get you in trouble.

Microsoft has a strict policy of banning or prohibiting applicants if caught using such sites to prepare for the exam.  

This certification is not an in-depth exam, so you should focus on understanding the products/services and what they can and can’t do instead of going into details. 

Why should you never rely on Exam Dumps to study for the Microsoft AZ-900 exam?

Here are five reasons you shouldn’t blindly rely on AZ-900 Dumps:

  1. 1

    Doesn’t help clear your Fundamentals

    While AZ-900 Dumps will indeed help you pass the exam, they will not provide you with the ability to understand the concepts properly. And in addition, it might alter your future path of becoming an Azure professional. 

  2. 2

    Not Updated as frequently

    Exam Dumps are based on the older versions of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam, making them outdated. 

  3. 3

    Are not Exhaustive enough

    These az-900 dumps are not very comprehensive, as they cover a tiny portion of the exam material, and one requires a vast knowledge to excel in the exam. 

  4. 4

    Overloaded with extra Information

    Much information is available in these az-900 dumps, making it overwhelming for the applicant to grasp clearly. 

  5. 5

    Doesn’t teach you to think

    AZ-900 Exam dumps undoubtedly provide answers but don’t teach you how to think like an Azure Professional. 

Best learning materials you can use to prepare for the Microsoft AZ-900 exam

Here are some great courses that will help you clear your AZ-900 Exam with flying colours. They will also provide you with a combination of both az-900 dumps and explain the concepts properly. 

Azure Fundamentals by Microsoft 

Microsoft provides free study material in the form of a document and some videos covering all the beneficial topics for your exam. 

 Udemy | AZ-900 Azure Exam Prep

It’s a comprehensive Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course on Udemy to learn both cloud computing and Microsoft Azure with video lectures, demonstrations, infographics and quizzes. 

Coursera | Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Prep Specialization

This is a great online course prepared by Coursera, that can help you prepare for the certification exam. 

Whizlabs | Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

This Azure Fundamentals course provided by Whizlabs offers video lectures and tons of practice tests and also shares the advantage of a hands-on lab feature where you can assess the virtual exam environment. 

Future opportunities and job outlooks for Microsoft AZ-900 certified professionals

This qualification is the first step for an applicant entering the world of cloud technology. However, one should understand that the AZ-900 is the most standard exam to start your career as an Azure Professional. 

Whereas, after successfully earning the AZ-900 certification, you become eligible for expert and advanced-level certifications opening tons of career opportunities to excel.

Here are a few roles you can opt for after gaining high-level qualifications:

  • Azure Administrator Associate

    Azure Administrator Associate’s role is to implement an organization’s cloud infrastructure with your team's help. You require a minimum 6-month experience and an advanced AZ-104 certification to advance to this position with an average salary of $106,000 annually

  • Azure Developer Associate

    With a year or two of development experience and the AZ-204 certification, Azure Developer Associate seems like a good role to explore. The average salary of an Azure Developer is $130,000 a year.

  • Azure Security Engineer Associate

    Having practical expertise in managing hybrid and Azure settings and the AZ-500 Certification can help you score the role of an Azure Security Engineer. The average salary ranges from $120,000 to $175,000 a year, depending on the experience.   

  • Azure Data Engineer Associate

    This is an entry-level position, with the DP-203 certification, for those who help construct analytical solutions and also hold knowledge of various tools and processing languages like SQL or Python. The average salary for an Azure Engineer starts from $120,000 a year. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, AZ-900 Dumps may help you clear the certification exam, but relying entirely on them wouldn’t boost your career until you properly understand the concepts and workings of the products and services. 


Is the AZ-900 exam hard?

As an entry-level exam curated for both Technical and Non-Technical applicants, AZ-900 is comparatively easier than other IT exams. Although to clear the exam, you do need to study properly.

Can I pass the AZ-900 with dumps?

You most certainly can pass the AZ-900 exam with dumps, but it will not provide an understanding of concepts, as dumps are simply a collection of questions and answers.

What is the passing score for AZ-900?

The exam's overall score is 1000, and you need a minimum of 700 scores to clear it.

What happens if you fail the Azure-900 exam?

If you fail the Azure-900 exam, you can take a second attempt after 24 hours and a third attempt after 14 days. Moreover, you can take five shots a year for this exam.

How many days does it take to prepare for AZ-900?

A week or two of studying and understanding the concepts of Azure is enough time to prepare for the exam for any applicant.

Does the AZ-900 certification expire?

The AZ-900 certification is valid up to a year from the date you earned it. 

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