How to Earn the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification in 2023

You must have noticed how AI had become more and more evolved and involved in our daily life, and that alone brings us all to rotate toward it on a professional level.

Due to that, AI engineers have been more on-demand than before, which brings us to the subject of my article today.

The best way to assure a good job opportunity with all the development the IT world has seen is to apply for high-ranking certifications, like Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification. So, I will try and give you an overview of it and its many benefits.

What is the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification and why is it in demand?

As the name must indicate, this certification is completely related to Azure AI solution, which means that it tests your level of understanding on how to manage these tools, and implement images and knowledge mining solutions among others.

In other words, this exam was made to allow you to prove your knowledge of AI, especially using Microsoft Azure tools, which requires expertise in Machine learning algorithms and how to implement Microsoft AI solutions involving natural language processing (NLP) among others.

This certification became so on-demand when big companies like Google and Microsoft started relying on AI in very important positions like finance and management. 

What will you learn from the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification and is it worth it in 2023?

This certification is close to being a need at this point to get any job opportunity, especially in 2023, as we see so many companies completely changing their infrastructure to adapt to AI technologies.

This alone should be a big proof of the worth of this certification.

To make it brief, I will list down some of the most important things you will learn from this certification, and that would be a requirement for you to know to be a good AI Engineer:

  • Analyzing requirements concerning AI solutions by Microsoft Azure;

  • Knowing how to design and implement these AI solutions;

  • Gaining the ability to work with data specialists and software engineers to build complete end-to-end solutions.

This is just a sneak peek at the many responsibilities you can have, and the much knowledge you will get of course.

 How to register for the Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification exam and what topics do you need to learn?

The most updated exam put by Microsoft Azure is Exam AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution. The best thing about this job role is that this exam is the only thing needed to get that certification and title.

The following page gives detailed information about the certification and the link to register for the exam: Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate - Certifications 

So, first, you will have to register, and for that, you should follow these general steps:

  1. 1

    Click on “Schedule exam” on the page linked above;

  2. 2

    They will ask you to connect to your Microsoft account if you have one, if not just create one easily;

  3. 3

    Once that is done, the following step is to fill in the required information, which goes from personal information to payment method, and to schedule a beneficial date to pass the certification exam.

The only thing left now is to prepare for the certification exam while waiting for the date chosen to come.

What is great about Microsoft and making it more demand than its pairs is being transparent about its requirements and prices. For example, they have said that the only topics you will need to prepare for are:

  • Plan and manage an Azure AI solution.

  • Implement image and video processing solutions.

  • Implement natural language processing solutions.

  • Implement knowledge-mining solutions.

  • Implement conversational AI solutions.

You can also find some resources for more specific things to prepare for, but that alone might be not entirely enough. And, I would also like to highlight that this certification is not for free and you might see that on the page.

Sample questions and answers to help you get ready for Azure AI Engineer Certification exam

You might ask yourself the type of question asked and the format of it, so I will give you examples of some questions and their answers, fetched directly from the first version of the A-102 Exam.

Question # 1:

You have the following Python function for creating Azure Cognitive Services resources programmatically. 

def create_resource (resource_name, kind, account_tier, location) : parameters = CognitiveServicesAccount(sku=Sku(name=account_tier), kind=kind, location=location, properties={}) result = client.accounts.create(resource_group_name, resource_name, parameters)

You need to call the function to create a free Azure resource in the West US Azure region. The resource will be used to generate captions of images automatically.

Which code should you use?

  • A. create_resource("res1", "ComputerVision", "F0", "westus")

  • B. create_resource("res1", "CustomVision.Prediction", "F0", "westus")

  • C. create_resource("res1", "ComputerVision", "S0", "westus")

  • D. create_resource("res1", "CustomVision.Prediction", "S0", "westus")

Answer :

The answer is B because the F0 gives the free aspect of the Azure resource, and also ComputerVision will give developers access to advanced algorithms for processing images and returning information, which is not what was asked for.

Question # 2:

You need to build a solution that will use optical character recognition (OCR) to scan sensitive documents by using the Computer Vision API. The solution must NOT be deployed to the public cloud.

What should you do?

  • A. Build an on-premises web app to query the Computer Vision endpoint.

  • B. Host the Computer Vision endpoint in a container on an on-premises server.

  • C. Host an exported Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) model on an on-premises server.

  • D. Build an Azure web app to query the Computer Vision endpoint.

Answer :

The answer is B because the only way you can manage your Computer Vision containers on-premises is by using Kubernetes and Helm, and an Endpoint URI and API key are also needed, which will assure that the deployment is not done to the public cloud.

Best Online Courses and Practice Exams you should seek to prepare for the Azure AI Engineer Certification exam

As I said before, Microsoft has already put together some resources for people wanting to extend their knowledge on the topics and do additional revisions.

But, you shouldn’t rely only on that, because the exam is not easy and it needs some deep level of knowledge of AI, especially the AI solutions offered by Microsoft Azure.

So, I preserved this section only for online courses I would recommend helping you ace your certification exam.

Udemy | AI-102 Microsoft Azure AI Solution Complete Exam Prep

This course in Udemy was made by a professional on the field and a Microsoft Azure MVP. It covers all the requirements I talked about above to pass the certification exam, while also providing an additional 1 hour of lessons to enforce your knowledge.

But, as most courses you might find, There are some requirements you should have, like having previous coding experience and a Microsoft Azure subscription.

Whizlabs | Exam AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution

This is a quite similar course to the Udemy one, just for this one, the focus is more on Azure Cognitive Services and Applied AI services because that’s honestly the major focus of the exam.

This course provides 110 practice tests accompanied by detailed explanations of each answer to make you understand the topics more.

The practice tests are also objective-based, which means that depending on the topic of your choice you can pass the test. That’s without saying the necessity of reports on your assets and weaknesses.

I should also highlight that the requirement is the same for every course, prior knowledge of some topics is necessary.

What are the benefits of earning the Azure AI Engineer Certification in terms of job opportunities and salary?

This comes without saying that Azure AI Engineer has so many benefits, as just the fact that AI is dominating the world now is enough to prove it.

But, based on professionals in the field, have stated that getting this certification has made them benefit from so many great job opportunities, which helped them have their dream jobs.

Also, when we say dream job, we say dream salary! Many have benefited from a big rise in their salary just due to the fact they acquired the certification, as the average salary of someone with this certification is $120,000 per year.

And of course, getting the certification has also helped them gain the recognition and credibility they deserve. As I said before, this certification is not easy and requires a big background and knowledge in many fields, so getting it is a great deal.

Final Thoughts 

This article is focused on showing you the many advantages of getting the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification, as i said before, it’s quite the future of the big companies at this point.

If you are interested in the AI field and have some background knowledge you feel will benefit it, it’s your call to get the certification and change the world.


Is getting an Azure AI Engineer job hard?

This job is quite challenging as it requires so much previous knowledge, but nothing is impossible to get.

Do Azure AI Engineer jobs require coding?

Yes, this job requires a previous coding experience in C# or a similar language like Python.

Which certifications are better than Azure AI Engineer?

This entirely depends on your goals and dream job! There are some other certifications in more specific topics in AI that you might like, such as AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty.

Do Azure AI Engineers have a future in the IT industry?

Of course, it has a future! The IT industry now is slowly relying entirely on AI, so engineers in this field will be more and more on-demand in the near future.

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