Azure Cheat Sheet : The Only Guide you’ll Need to get started with Azure Cheat Sheet

Whenever we start learning a new programming language or how to use new software, we tend to write those little cheat sheets of the most used commands or tools that are common and tend to be forgotten.

That’s the case too for Azure. So in this article, I will explain to you what these cheat sheets are, their multiple uses, and most importantly, how to properly use them.

What are Azure cheat sheets and why are they useful for exam preparation?

You can see the Azure cheat sheets as guides made in a short format, combining a condensed amount of information, that are usually important concepts and commands related to the subject, which is here in Azure.

These cheat sheets are so useful if you tend to forget these commands and don’t want to keep googling the same things every single time. You will have all you need in one single document.

You might need to use these cheat sheets also if you are preparing for a Microsoft Azure Certification exam. It will be used as your notes for any quick revision and memorization you will need by the end of your learning journey.

You should also know that these cheat sheets can also contain some examples and samples of certain commands, so you can understand when and where to use them and reinforce the concepts in your mind.

What is the typical format of Azure cheat sheets and what does it cover?

The Azure cheat sheets are normally a one-page or multi-page document, containing a condensed amount of information, that you can easily skim through and find directly what you are looking for.

Normally, these documents assemble and organize the information by topics and subjects, and usually contain:

  • Key concepts and definitions

  • Sample commands and syntax

  • Common usage scenarios

  • Tips and best practices

Azure by itself covers a lot of topics, so naturally, the cheat sheets will include it too, but mostly includes the following:

  • Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) and Virtual Networks (VNETs)

  • Azure Storage and Azure Data Services

  • Azure Container Services and Kubernetes

  • Azure Active Directory and Identity Management

  • Azure Security and Governance

  • Azure DevOps and Development Tools

  • Azure Cloud Services and Cloud Adoption

  • Azure AI and Machine Learning

  • Azure IoT and Internet of Things

  • Azure Mixed Reality and HoloLens

I should also add that the cheat sheets depend on the subject you are working on. You can find some cheat sheets that include every topic in one document, but that would make the information search difficult. Normally, you will find for each specific subject designated cheat sheet for it.

How can cheat sheets help you prepare for the Azure certification exam?

There are so many ways these cheat sheets can help you prepare for the Azure Certification exam, and pass it on your first try:

  • These cheat sheets will help you review the key concepts, as the information it contains is condensed, and by that, it will be easy to skim through.

  • As I said before, these sheets can include examples and samples, so it will help you reinforce the information in your head, and with that, you will understand more the concept.

  • These cheat sheets can be your go-to for your last-minute preparation, as they will help you gain time and also give you the essentials of what you need to remember.

  • A good cheat sheet specifically made for an exam is usually custom-made for the exam, so it will help you get just the information you will need on the topics included in the exam.

With that being said, relying solely on these sheets is not the way to go. These will be useful after you finish all your preparation, as they won’t make understand something you never saw, but remind you of the important things you will need for the exam.

What are some of the most trustworthy resources to get Azure cheat sheets?

There are a lot of trustworthy resources where you can get good Azure cheat sheets, and the best ones are:


Why search elsewhere if you can find it in the main source? Because Microsoft is the one creating Azure and its different exams and topics, they are the ones to trust and the most accurate. Their cheat sheets include official study guides as study materials.

Exam Refs: 

These are Microsoft study guides created by experts. Their cheat sheets are known and trusty because aside from including the essentials, they add additional sections, like “Key Skills & Concepts” and “Key Terms You Should Know”.

Azure documentation: 

For this one, it might not be that condensed, but it’s the most accurate and contains a wide range of documentation. You can take this one as a resource for cheat sheets.

Training providers: 

These include companies and platforms like WhizLabs, which are quite popular and trustworthy, and they provide accurate cheat sheets, with additional explanation videos and practice tests.

How to use cheat sheets to maximize your learning and preparation for the exam?

To maximize your learning and preparation for the Azure certification exam, you can follow these pieces of advice:

  1. 1

    Use the cheat sheets as a complementary study resource: These sheets are not enough to teach you what you will need to pass the exam but use them as a supplement to excel and get the best result.

  2. 2

    Make your cheat sheet based on your style: this will help you memorize everything you write down, and also make it custom-made for your needs and weaknesses. Which will make it easier for you to read and understand.

  3. 3

    Keep the information in your cheat sheet up to date, as technologies tend to change and develop, so be sure to follow these changes.

  4. 4

    Practice with these cheat sheets: as I said before, these sheets can be used for your last-minute preparation and while practicing, to keep the information fresh in your head.


With everything being said, I hope you got a pretty wide idea about the importance of using cheat sheets in your preparation for any exam, especially the Azure certification one.

These are great tools to prepare well and keep everything organized and fresh in your mind, and also as a reminder for the important topics before starting the exam.

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