Azure Data Engineer Associate certification (Exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure)

A Guide to avail Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification (DP-203 Certification)

Microsoft reports that each year over 365,000 companies sign up for the Azure platform. This implies that there is a great need for Microsoft Azure Data Engineers and other data professionals. Every year, Azure’s consumption graph expands, bringing it closer to AWS. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be 546,200 more jobs in data-related professions by 2028, an increase of 12%. It will be great if you like to be an Azure data engineer because it is one of the most highly paid jobs.

In this blog, you will be able to know:

Who Should You Go For Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification?

What is the Scope and salary for Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification?

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification Exam?

How to get registered for DP-203 Exams?

Exam content Division: Azure Data Engineer Associate – Skills Measured

How to prepare for Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification Exams?

Output of Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification


Note: Exam DP-200 and DP-203 were retired on August 31st, 2021, and replaced with Exam DP-203 : Azure Data Engineer Associate certification. So, keeping in view this guide is particularly designed to pass the latest exam DP-203(DP-200+201).

Who Should You Go For Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification?

  • This course’s target audience is made up mostly of data architects, data professionals, and business intelligence specialists that are interested in learning about data engineering and developing analytical solutions utilizing data platform technologies that are available on Microsoft Azure.
  • An active Azure certification may improve earnings, open up new employment options, and promote long-term professional advancement. According to a recent poll, 93% of decision-makers believe that certified staff provides value. In fact, more than half of the study’s participants believe that a certified employee provides an annual economic value of more than $10,000; 16% believe it provides an economic benefit of $30,000 or more. This has an impact on the pay and career prospects for data engineers as well.
  • Benefits of certification includes;
    • Increased work opportunities due to the Azure certificate
    • A certification in Azure data engineering increases your competitiveness.
    • Azure certification increases pay.
    • With the Azure certification, you may further your career.

What is the Scope and salary for Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification?

Every year a large number of data engineering posts remain vacant due to a lack of suitable incumbents. The demand for data engineers will surpass that of data scientists in the future because the latter is almost entirely automated and needs a lot of cleaned data. Additionally, using cloud computing and a data engineer will undoubtedly advance your profession. Azure data engineering is one of the most in-demand and quickly expanding professions due to the phenomenal expansion of Microsoft Azure cloud technologies.

As per payscale, Average Data Engineer’s annual Salary is $93,528. According to talent, the averages azure data engineer salary in the USA is $130,000 per year or $66.67 per hour. Data engineering is anticipated to rank among the most in-demand professions in 2022 and beyond in all cases. Companies frequently employ qualified Azure Data Engineers to transform unstructured data into intelligent structured data that can be used by data analysts and data scientists.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification Exam?

Candidates who want to take this certification exam don’t need to pass any particular exams first. If you have solid data engineering experience (OLTP, OLAP, data warehouses, and data lakes), you can sit for this exam. However, in order to fully comprehend all of the skills that will be evaluated during the exam, it is advised that candidates have one to two years of experience building and implementing data solutions using Azure. Additionally, for a clearer understanding of the modules, it is suggested to start with the DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Certification Exam.

How to get registered for DP-203 Exams?

  • First, you need to Sign in or create a new account on Microsoft’s Official website.
  • Go through the course details and schedule the exam.
  • After signing into the Microsoft Official website, you need to Schedule the exam. Meanwhile, the price of Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification Exams is selected based on your region e.g., $165 for USA. Price is based on the country or region in which the exam is proctored.
  • Pearson VUE offers the option to take Microsoft certification examinations in person at an Authorized Test Center or online from the convenience of your home or workplace under the supervision of an off-site proctor.

Exam content Division: Azure Data Engineer Associate – Skills Measured

The following division shows the partition of the required skill set/syllabus with weightage. This official division will help you to target the content more effectively. You can download this file to see the details of each division.

  • Design and implement data storage (40-45%)
  • Design and develop data processing (25-30%)
  • Design and implement data security (10-15%)
  • Monitor and optimize data storage and data processing (10-15%)

How to prepare for Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification Exams?

Exam preparation using Microsoft’s Official website resources.

  • It is recommended to follow the learning path given on Microsoft’s Official website.
  • Online (Free): We can find the all outlined modules on the official website. Every module has a bunch of related information for the preparation for the exam. Given the content is a mixture of text and video.
  • Instructor-led (Paid): Second “Instructor-led” is paid. A candidate can hire a professional instructor for the preparation for exams.
  • Getting Hands-on practice: Official practice test for Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure. All objectives of the exam are covered in depth so you’ll be ready for any question on the exam.

Exam preparation using Online Courses

  • Udemy: This course is intended for students who desire to take the DP-203 Certification test and become a Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate. The chart below displays this course’s rating and progress. Click here to purchase this course instantly.
  • Coursera: The goal of this Professional Certificate is to allow data engineers and developers to exhibit their proficiency in creating and executing data solutions. At Microsoft, we want to enable every person and organisation on the globe to achieve more. Click here to purchase this course instantly.
  • Cloudacademy: For the Microsoft DP-203 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure test, this study path is intended to assist you in getting ready. Regardless of whether you intend to sit for the test. For the Microsoft DP-203 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure test, this study path is intended to assist you in getting ready.Click here to purchase this course instantly.
  • Pluralsight: For resolving typical commercial data engineering issues, Microsoft Azure provides a variety of services. With the help of this talent, you will be able to develop, execute, operationalize, monitor, optimise, and protect data solutions on Microsoft Azure. Click here to purchase this course instantly.

Azure data engineer certification dumps

A compilation of questions and answers from an exam is known as an exam dump. They appear when someone sits for an exam and quickly notes down each question and response they can recall. The following list of DP-203 Certification practise tests is useful:

Books and online contents

For test preparation, only pick up-to-date books because course material can change over time and books can rapidly become stale. You can use the book “Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification Guide” for exam preparation.

Tips to pass the exam

  • Start with the Learning Path (Azure Data Engineer Certification Path) given on the Official Website. It provides step by step hands-on practice.
  • Microsoft Official Practice Test (paid) has been proved to be quite beneficial in understanding a number of additional concepts that are not covered in the Learning Path and in being comfortable with the test format and question styles.
  • Visit the “exam sandbox” to experience an exam simulation. You will be able to engage with the various question kinds present in the real user interface that you will use to navigate the test in the sandbox.
  • Read the exam guidelines or test centre information in advance, and abide by the ID and test space requirements.
  • If you’ve never taken an exam before, the Microsoft test may seem overwhelming. Therefore, be careful to get adequate sleep. After then, relax and concentrate solely on the exam.
  • Remain calm when taking the test. Instead, read everything thoroughly and at your own time.
  • Establish some time milestones, for sure. For instance, if the exam has 30 questions and you have 2 hours, make sure you are almost through by the hour mark.
  • Read the entire question and response very carefully. There is no filler; every word has a purpose. Avoid making assumptions because the solution is not predicated on them; if a solution won’t work because the question’s statement is incomplete, it is likely because of this.

Output of Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification

After completing Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification course, you will be able to:

  • Investigate Azure’s computing and storage choices for workloads involving data engineering.
  • Use server less SQL pools to execute interactive queries.
  • Utilize Azure Databricks to explore and transform data.
  • Utilizing Apache Spark, explore, transform, and load data into the Data Warehouse
  • Data warehouse data ingestion and loading
  • Utilize Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Pipelines to transform data
  • Connect Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Pipelines to Data from Notebooks
  • With Azure Synapse Link, support Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (HTAP)
  • Utilize Azure Synapse Analytics to carry out end-to-end security
  • Utilize Stream Analytics to carry out real-time stream processing.
  • Build a Stream Processing Solution Using Azure Databricks and Event Hubs

Renewing your certification

Role-based certifications and specialised certifications lose their validity after a year. If you want to extend your certification for another year, you can take a free online renewal exam six months before it expires. Associate, expert, and specialist Microsoft certificates all have yearly expiration dates. By completing a free online test on Microsoft Learn, you can renew..

Why renews your certification?

  • Verify your abilities, exhibit your knowledge, and show that you have the experience necessary to thrive in your position.
  • Though technology advances quickly, you outpace it. Maintaining your skill set enables you to work more productively and efficiently while developing solutions that are solid, contemporary, and secure for your organisation or job role.
  • What’s best? Without having to retake the test, you can renew for free.

Three steps to renew your certification

  1. Prepare with the selection of free learning modules on the renewal details page if you want to update your skills.
  2. Go to your Microsoft Learn profile, click the photo of your avatar, and then select Profile from the dropdown menu when you are ready to start. If you haven’t already, select Certifications from the profile menu and click Connect to link your Learn profile with your certification profile. (This only needs to be done once.)
  3. Click the Renew button after finding the certification that needs to be renewed by scrolling. Take the free online test, pass it, and keep your certification active until it expires. After passing, your certification’s current expiration date is moved forward by one year.


As previously discussed, data is a critical asset for companies since they may use it for a variety of functions. In companies Key data-related tasks are managed by cloud services, particularly those provided by Azure. For many years to come, data and Azure will be the hottest topics in the IT sector. The position that matches these two categories the best is a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate. So, obtaining the Microsoft Certification might be a simple way to gain access to better projects, prospects, and companies. The near future will only see a growth in its worth. Regarding the preparation for certification, we would not suggest you go only for any free dumps and practice tests other than the Microsoft Official Practice test mentioned above because they did not prove to be useful and relevant. We believe that if you carefully follow the Official Learning Path and engage in practical practise, you will cover the majority of the test curriculum before moving on to other study resources or blog links. If you stick to the prescribed study plan, you’ll be able to pass the DP-203 tests with ease. To improve your chances of passing your test, Microsoft is offering exam replay as a special offer. Exam replay offers you a second chance to pass the exam if you fail the first time.

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