How to Make Money with Microsoft Azure : Surprising Ways you Never Thought on

Information technology is deemed as one of the most lucrative industries nowadays. It’s no surprise given that we are in a digital age where the majority of the processes heavily rely on computer operations. 

Due to recent advancements in computing services technology, a lot of companies are slowly transitioning to the cloud. It usually implies massive benefits in many ways. 

With the introduction of Microsoft Azure which is a popular cloud computing solution, applications have become more efficient, cost-efficient, reliable, secured, and scalable.

But what truly makes Microsoft Azure an appealing option for businesses and professionals alike is that it can actually help you make more money. 

So, how to make money with Microsoft Azure? Let’s find out!

What are the best methods to make money with Microsoft Azure?

There are 2 common, yet guaranteed ways to get more money with Microsoft Azure services. 

1. Become one of the experts

As the need for Microsoft Azure services has been progressively increasing, demand for skilled talents has been high these days.

Serverless computing has significantly made a positive impact in a variety of services. This is why equipping yourself with the right skills and education ensures a high paying salary and impressive benefits in the long run. 

Not to mention, it’s also crucial to get certifications to increase your chances of negotiating a high paying salary. Make sure to also subscribe to the latest news and offers to stay ahead of what’s new. 

2. Sell Microsoft Azure

Streamlining business operations is definitely on the checklist of numerous businesses. For that very reason, they’re always on the hunt for better solutions. 

What makes Azure an ideal choice is it has several programs and activities suited to each business needs. By successfully becoming a Microsoft partner, enrolling in relevant programs, and finding a good provider, there’s a higher chance of targeting the right market.

Work with the best partners that can do more than helping you earn money. On top of that, craft the right strategies to achieve the ideal figures just like you want.

How can your startup benefit from Windows Azure?

Microsoft Azure offers several exciting and useful features. So, it only makes sense why enterprises would want to invest their time and money. 

Offering a commendable service to clients is truly important and such a challenging task to overcome. By simply taking advantage of Microsoft Azure tools and technologies, your day-to-day business operations could operate at higher revenue with zero to minimal risks. 

But how exactly is Windows Azure a good deal for startups?  

  1. 1

    Comprehensive Functions

    Azure has been extremely popular because of its incredible features. Interface aside, it’s equipped with tools and frameworks that organizations can freely choose.

    What makes it more preferable is that it supports different operating systems and programming applications which are suited for all kinds of applications. 

  2. 2

    Cost Efficient

    One incredible thing with Azure is that it’s cost-efficient and quicker to modify according to what your organization needs.

    By tapping on Microsoft high-end equipment, you can significantly reduce IT expenses which could have been expensive with traditional options. 

  3. 3

    Disaster Recovery 

    With proven expertise in performing solid security practices and state-of-the-art technology, Microsoft is well-equipped with functions that can deter and protect against unlawful cyberattacks. 

  4. 4

    Wide variety of applications and features 

    Startups can access a variety of other enterprise software that are mostly crucial for testing purposes.

    This helps developers and testers to perform extensive tests on applications without extending budget to other software. Additionally, Microsoft also provides extensive data protection for a more secure and reliable business operation. 

  5. 5

    Reliable support 

    Microsoft is remarkably well-known for their prompt and efficient action to customer requests. Ask help through their acknowledged email address and phone numbers for reliable results. 

How do third party partners on the Microsoft Azure platform make money?

Microsoft works with 3rd party partners that are experts in different industries of information technology, such as software development, consulting, reselling, and so much more. They tap on Azure tools to provide services to their clients.

But how exactly Azure paves a way to help build their income?

Since Microsoft already has the available resources, partners will make use of them to operate their applications. This usually implies lesser hardware and software cost while ensuring revenue streams. 

If you’re thinking of collaborating with Microsoft applications, find your niche. While there are plenty of suitable opportunities, you wouldn’t want to miss out on key strategies to achieve prolonged better results for years to come. 

How much money can you make with Microsoft Azure?

Due to how globally renowned MIcrosoft is for decades, businesses are relying on their resources and applications. But as the demand for Microsoft applications steadily increases, more experts are required to fill roles. 

Regardless if it's finding a job or becoming an Azure certified expert, being well-equipped with the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge on Azure can guarantee thousands of long-term income. On average, you could be earning up to 5 to 6 digits salary which is usually higher than any other roles. 

Learning Microsoft Azure can be life and career-changing. You have to determine the right and suitable career path, of course. 

Best online resources to learn how to make money with Microsoft Azure

Learning Microsoft Azure is one thing. Finding the right resources to learn is another. Obviously, the best way to develop your craft is simply to learn from certified experts. In this case, we have to learn directly from Microsoft. 

Here are the top online resources to invest when you’re thinking of rebranding your niche. 

  • Sign Up for a Microsoft Account 

    One surefire approach to learn the ins and outs of Azure services is basically enrolling in Microsoft training and programs. As far as I know, Microsoft constantly sends training invites to professionals and companies. 

    Subscribe to their latest news and offers to get ahead of the competition. After attending seminars and passing exams, your profile will surely gain lots of attention from companies. 

  • Learn from online learning platforms 

    If you want to learn at your own pace, signing up on online learning platforms comes in handy. Learning and teaching platforms such as Coursera, Udemy and Skillshare offer training videos and materials that are good for learners with a timeline. 

    As always recommended, compare the benefits and features of each platform before spending a cent. Find courses that have high ratings and offer certifications to get the most out of your investments. 

  • Attend virtual seminars and classes 

    To be fully more engaged and gain lots of experience with Microsoft Azure, participating in active seminars is certain to have leverage.

    Professional and certified speakers are often invited to share their knowledge to beginners and experts. Check your local and online community for the latest seminars. 

    Lastly, enroll in classes. By enrolling in lessons with Azure as the focal point, this helps improve your skills and maximize your knowledge. Stay up to date with what’s new by reading blogs and forums too. 

Tips on how to maximize your MSP profitability with Microsoft Azure 

On the other hand, if your goal is to become a managed service provider, then you’re up for rivals. To date, there are many MSPs which are featuring a wide range of skills, professionals and services that complies to Microsoft standards. 

To drive revenue for yourself and for your customers, here are some tips to guide you through. 

  • Be a qualified Azure Expert MSP

    In order to become a recognized MSP, Azure requires a time and cost-intensive auditing process.

    You need to go through several steps and procedures such as meeting the prerequisites, submitting applications, completing and passing the auditing, and finally meeting all ongoing requirements. 

    Head to Microsoft Azure website and check out how to get started. It’s advisable to consult some experts for better output. 

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction 

    Your profit is directly related to how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are.

    That's why it's very important to frequently understand their needs and concerns. Adapt some smart strategies that ensure positive ratings that will eventually help you earn more customers. 

  • Know the right price for profitability 

    MSPs often have different strategies when it comes to pricing services. Not every solution works for everybody, apparently.

    Needless to say, it’s crucial that you get to determine the right price. Avoid going too high or too low to sustain your business in the long run. 

    Most importantly, know where, when and how to invest your profits. Fight the urge to constantly expand your team when there’s possibly no influx of new customers.

    Finally, find top-tier solutions that would help your business grow and last long in the competitive industry. 


Microsoft Azure is an excellent program. It makes complete sense why a lot of people earn huge amounts of money from it. 

However, similar to how anyone operates a business, there will always be challenging factors such as market changes, profit, competitions, and a lot more. It pays to be smart and develop business skills pivotal for your success. 

Lastly, be creative. Craft solutions you think will be your identity in the IT world!

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