Is Microsoft Azure Certification Worth It ?

As companies progressively shift towards cloud-based infrastructures, the demand for professionals in the field has grown significantly. How do you stand out with an increasing number of people waiting in line to showcase their talents?

The answer is through a cloud certification! This allows you to manifest your technical skills and dedication to your specific field.

Microsoft Azure certification is a highly demanded IT certification and can provide a great chance to boost your career.

Furthermore, you can use Azure certifications to work on other cloud platforms like AWS. This gives you more job prospects no matter what company you apply to.

However, it requires tremendous dedication and money and can be nerve-wracking. In this article, we answer your questions and ask, “Is Microsoft Azure certification worth it?”

What are the different Microsoft Azure Certifications available?

Microsoft offers a wide variety of certifications made for professionals of different expertise in Azure. Here is an insight into the available certificates so you can choose the best option for your cloud career.

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

    This certification is for inexperienced individuals who are new to Azure. Through this certification, they can illustrate their proficiency in basic azure concepts such as Azure pricing and support.

  • Microsoft Azure Associate

    This certification is for people who want proficient skills in building and designing cloud infrastructures. They should already have a basic understanding of Azure.

  • Microsoft Azure developer

    If you have experience deploying and creating application in Microsoft Azure, then this certification is greta for you. It covers major programming languages and complex topics like storage solutions and application development. 

  • Microsoft Azure administrator

    IT professionals who have duties for managing Azure services can take advantage of this certification. It covers vital topics like Azure subscriptions, virtual machines, storage solutions, network security, and Azure Active Directory.

  • Microsoft Azure security engineer

    Security professionals responsbles for security controls can benefit from this certification. It covers pivotal topics like identity and access management, platform protection, data and application protection, and security operations.

  • Microsoft Azure AI engineer

    As the name suggests, this certiifction is for professionals who have a knack for AI and are sposnbile for carrying out AI solutions in Azure. It helps you understand topics like neural networks, natural language processing, and computer vision. 

  • Microsoft Azure data engineer

    The data engineer certification covers topics like data storage and processing, data integration, and data analytics. It’s great for individuals looking to implement data solutions efficiently in Azure. 

  • Microsoft Azure Expert

    This certification is recommended for professionals with advanced skills in Azure.

  • Microsoft Specialty

    These certifications are designed for highly educated professionals who want to display specific skills in specialized fields of Azure. 

Each certification holds a different challenge for you. So, you must go through the requirements for passing the exam and your personal experience beforehand.

Is earning a Microsoft Azure Certification worth it in 2023? 

With an increased demand for cloud services in businesses in 2023, the popularity of Microsoft Azure will grow continually. This provides an excellent opportunity for Azure-certified professionals.

So, if you want an Azure certification, now is a great chance to boost your career. It can make you stand out from other individuals in your field and can prove to be a way to increase your wealth.

Contrarily, it is necessary to enhance your skillset with time and be updated with the latest technological advancements. If neglected, it can be a barrier to your career’s progress.

Top 10 Reasons you should get a Microsoft Azure Certification in 2023

As mentioned earlier, obtaining an Azure certification can be hectic and time-consuming. But the pros outweigh the cons, and below are ten reasons why an Azure certificate can be a considerable advancement for you.

  1. 1

    Increases career options

    With an Azure certification, you can get many opportunities to pursue your career. Companies prefer certifications, which can benefit you by providing you with reliable roles in your organization.

  2. 2

    Proof of commitment

    An Azure certification requires hard work and dedication. Getting certified shows your employer and fellow peers that you are a committed individual, which increases your career prospects.

  3. 3

    High-paying jobs

    The salary benefits that an MS Azure certification provides can be very appealing to people. You can earn more than all your non-certified coworkers through this certification.

  4. 4

    Improved DevOps skills

    Another benefit of an Azure certification is that it allows you to increase your cloud skills. This is possible through the DevOps connections provided by Microsoft Azure.

    You can develop secure apps by gaining insights into various software development programs.

  5. 5


    Microsoft is one of the most respected technology brands throughout the world. Gaining an Azure certification gives you recognition in the corporate cloud world.

  6. 6

    Access exclusive resources 

    Once certified, you will access exclusive Microsoft features like networking and support.

  7. 7

    Personal growth

    Earning an MS Azure certification can be a challenging obstacle for you. However, the process makes you confident and helps you grow.

  8. 8

    Reliable future

    Cloud computing undergoes rapid changes every day. The Microsoft team constantly updates its Azure platform to keep up with these changes. Earning a certification can provide a secure future as you can stay up to date with the latest features.

  9. 9

    Provides security

    The azure cloud comes with a process known as the Security Development Lifecycle. This ensures that you get complete protection for services hosted on Azure.

  10. 10

    Helps you anywhere

    Microsoft services are acquired globally, and a certification can help you no matter where you are.

Which Microsoft Azure Certifications are highly in demand, and why?

Azure certifications are highly valued depending on your area of expertise. Here are some of the Azure certifications that are highly valued.

  • Azure administrator associate

    This certification holds value in front of businesses that host their applications, data, and services through Azure.

  • Azure developer associate

    The organizations looking for professionals who can integrate Azure services and build Azure solutions value this certification.

  • Azure solutions architect expert

    This certification has a high demand by organizations requiring skilled professionals who can translate business requirements to reliable and scalable cloud solutions.

  • Azure DevOps engineer expert

    This is a vital certification for organizations looking to make their software development and deployment processes efficient.

  • Azure security engineer associate

    This is a high-value certification for organizations with high-security requirements.

Which Microsoft Azure Certifications have the highest paying salaries in the world?

Microsoft Azure certifications can provide you with great financial opportunities. Here is a comparison of the highest-paying jobs obtained through Azure certifications:










Azure security engineer



Azure data scientist



Azure AI engineer



With the above comparison, an Azure solutions architect, on average, has the highest pay per annum in general. However, your wage can vary depending on your skills and time in the field. Other factors like location also play a part in your overall pay.

The cost of getting Certified in Microsoft Azure: How much does each certification cost?

Each Microsoft Azure certification costs you $165 per exam. These prices can vary depending on your currency exchange rate and location. 

Microsoft also offers exclusive discounts sometimes, so it is best to check their official website to find out about everything related to your exam.

Some courses like the Azure Data Engineer Associate and Azure Solutions Architect Expert cost $330 in total

Factors to consider when choosing which Microsoft Azure Certification is suitable for you

Choosing a suitable Azure certification can be a tough decision. Here are a few factors that you should consider to pick the best option.

  • Your career goals

    Each certification provides you with skills for a specific career. It would be best if you considered what you want to pursue in the future and get the relevant certificate.

  • What skills do you have

    You should examine your current knowledge and skills in a field and choose a certification that helps you enhance them.

  • Industry demands

    Some certifications are significant in some areas and not in others. You should research the career options which are high in demand and choose the field which might benefit you the most.

  • Prerequisites

    Previous knowledge, experience, or another certification is required for some Azure certificates. So, you must research and understand what to do before pursuing your career.

There are many more factors, but they depend from person to person. So, you must choose carefully and realize your career is at stake.

Best online resources to get started with Microsoft Azure Certifications in 2023

Here is a list of the best online resources that help you prepare for your Azure certification exam:

Microsoft learn Microsoft Azure documentation

You can utilise this free online learning platform to access different resources in Microsoft. It’s a perfect platform for people at every level and includes interactive tutorials, self-paced learning, and hands-on labs. 

Microsoft offers certification paths required for many technical paths. You’ll need to invest in a couple of days to complete the certification and it stays valid for up to one year after which you’ll have to renew it. 

The certification helps demonstrate that you’re proficient and up-to-date wth real-world skills and you have the technical knowledge to solve these problems. 


If you’re looking for a wide variety of courses, this platform is perfect. It has all the latest technologies that let you stay ahead of the game. 

The courses offer tech solutions that help you navigate complex cloud changes and improve your tech fluency.

The courses are self-paced, skills assessments, clear learning paths, and hands-on labs to review your progress. You can choose from Starter, Professional, and Enterprise packages that can be bought annually or monthly. 


Udemy offers a variety of Azure courses, including courses on Azure fundamentals, infrastructure, security, and development.

These resources can play a pivotal role in the success of your exams. The courses start from a very low price and give you hand-on knowledge with the latest tech trends. You can also opt for a 30-day free trial and check out the courses that suit you. 


Whizlabs is a great platform for providing certifications for a variety of cloud computing and technology programs.

They have popular courses like Amazon Web Services certifiications, Microsfots certiifiacations, and so much more. 

The pricing is incredibly affordable. The website offers practise exams as well for the certifications so you can have a full grip on the concepts. 

What are the job outlooks and career prospects for Microsoft Azure Certification holders?

A lot of businesses these days employ cloud computing services like Microsoft Azure to manage their IT infrastructure. That creates a lot of room for professionals to offer their Azure skills and leverage them to close clients. 

Some common jobs include Azure Solutions Architects, Azure Developers, Azure DevOps Engineers, Cloud Infrastructure Engineers, Cloud Security Engineers, and Cloud Administrators.

Thus, a Microsfot Azure Certification can serve as an excellent and valuable addition to your professional portfolio. 

Let’s look at the different career prospects and job outlooks you can expect from a Microsoft Azure Certification. 

  • Growing demand for Azure professionals

    The increased adoption of cloud computing has opened many pathways for individuals to offer their services. With the advancements, businesses look for Microsoft Azure professionals to help with their business models and excel in their field. 

  • Wide range of career opportunities

    The career opportunities in the field are endless. You can leverage different certifications to work as a Cloud solutions architect, Azure administrator, security engineer, IoT engineer, and so much more. 

  • Attractive benefits and salary ranges 

    Compared to non-certified professionals, certified professionals enjoy handsome salary packages and benefits that make the role super attractive. You’re also presented with more opportunities for growth that lead to job security and stability. 

  • Remote work 

    Let’s face it, the pandemic made us all super comfortable with the idea of working from home. A Microsoft Azure certification enables you to handle these remote jobs and gain more opportunities that help you enjoy flexible work schedules. 

  • Continuous learning opportunities 

    Technology is constantly evolving. These certifications let you be adaptive and stay updated with new skills that help you land on lucrative job placements.

Tips on how to kickstart your cloud computing career with a Microsoft Azure certification

With an Azure certification, your career path becomes more accessible. But you still need to focus on how to kickstart your career. Here are a few tips to kickstart your career after getting certified;

  • Learn Azure basics: you need to start by learning the fundamentals of cloud computing. Learn the basics of Azure to get used to the platform.

  • Get practical experience: you can create a free Azure account with a certification and experience all the Azure services and features. Participate in Microsoft-sponsored activities to get an idea of practical azure projects.

  • Join Azure communities: you can learn many tricks by joining online communities with azure professionals. These include GitHub forums and LinkedIn groups. Share your experiences and learn from others.


If you’re looking to build a career in cloud computing or advance your knowledge or skills, a Microsoft Azure certification can be your best bet. The certification opens up numerous pathways toward a better career and higher earning potential.

However, your individual input will help determine how worth the certification can be for you. With the growing demand for cloud computing skills, a Microsoft Azure certification can be a sold asset for your career.

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