Microsoft Azure Careers : Achieve your Career Goals with the World’s Leading Cloud Provider

People look for Microsoft Azure careers for a reason: it’s a leading public cloud platform, with 200 products and services and it offers many job opportunities for skillful and talented developers.

Here we are to give you a piece of advice on how to do the first steps to build a career at Microsoft Azure and what to consider before applying for jobs. 

What types of jobs are available at Microsoft Azure?

There are different types of remote jobs at Microsoft Azure not only for developers but also for engineers, visual assistants, consultants, solution architects, etc.

And although you may find hundreds of job titles, here we have collected the qualifications that have the highest demand on Microsoft Azure.

Azure Administrator

Perhaps the main role of Azure administrators is to create a bridge between Azure customers or users with the technical team behind it.

This means that an administrator needs to have good communication and problem-solving skills to communicate both with the users and technical team members of different qualifications and skills. You need to be familiar with SQL databases. 

Azure Solution Architect

The responsibilities of an azure solution architect are both consultative and technical, meaning a solution architect needs to keep in contact both with the users and the technical team to provide the best solution. 

This is the person who has the skills to exchange the business requirements in the desired designs that are reliable and secure for Azure solutions. The required skills are azure network, compute, storage, and security.

Azure Consultant

As an azure consultant, you are supposed to chat with business clients and find out their needs and offer the best solution according to their requirements. 

Azure Developer

Azure developers create and deploy services and apps on the Azure platform. The programming languages you may need to know for a Microsoft Azure career as a developer are JavaScript, C#, and HTML5. 

Azure DevOps Engineer

Azure DevOps engineers are the professionals responsible for building and testing reliable and scalable apps and cloud software that are technologically advanced. 

Azure Security Engineer

Since the platform's cybersecurity is more than important for the whole team and company, it should also have a security engineer. 

So you may try yourself as an Azure security engineer if you are capable of keeping control over the security of apps, containers, infrastructure, and networks making sure they are 100% protected. 

Azure AI Engineer

As an Azure AI engineer, you are supposed to use Python or C# languages to create, manage and deploy AI solutions that are used by Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Applied AI services.

Azure Data Scientist

Azure data scientists design data models that are meant to call for particular business issues. Azure data scientists use the machine learning techniques Azure provides. 

Azure Data Engineer

Another big role in Azure is a data engineer, and this is the person who integrates, translates, and builds up different structured and unstructured data systems into well-organized structured systems matching analytics solutions. 

Why should you consider a career in Microsoft Azure?

Several factors and advantages make azure a great workplace and if you have the required qualifications then give it a try. 

  • Learn and use services easily

    Microsoft Azure is known as the most straightforward tool to learn and use services. It makes it easier for you to build, deploy and scale cloud applications. 

  • Potential to grow in your career

    When you build a career and spend money, resources, and all your energy on it you want to get the most out of it. So, building a career at Microsoft Azure promises potential growth in your career. 

  • Career opportunities for people with disabilities

    People with disabilities find it easier to work from home and Microsoft Azure is one of the best platforms that gives you this great opportunity.

    Due to its Neurodiversity Hiring program, Inclusive Hiring programs, and Ability Hiring events, Microsoft can find out talents from all over the world regardless of their health state and life condition. They invite every single candidate to showcase their skills during interviews. 

  • It’s the future of the IT industry

     Thousands of industries use Microsoft Azure and the research shows that around 80% of businesses are thinking of moving their workload to Azure cloud by 2025.

  • Competitive salary

    Compared to many other IT companies, Microsoft Azure offers a high-paid job along with several insurances. 

What are the prerequisites to get a great job at Microsoft Azure?

It’s important to note that before applying for any job, you need to ensure you have the prerequisites for the job and are ready to start. Let’s narrow down the topic and see what you need to earn a job at Microsoft Azure. 

  1. 1

    Practical skills and experience:

    It's important to have some practice in professional networking as well as practical experience in using various tools. 

  2. 2

    Potential to expand your possibilities

    Are you eager to learn more? Are you ready to face new challenges? If the answer is “yes” then you should find the potential in you to expand your skills and possibilities. Learning is the key to a better career. 

  3. 3

    Previous experience in technology user group forums

    If you have had the opportunity to attend group/discussion forums at your previous workplace, then chances are high that you’ll easily integrate into the team and avoid communication issues.

    Communicating with professionals, IT recruiters, and practitioners helps you to gain a better understanding of many nuances regarding the job. 

How can you develop the skills required for a job position at Microsoft Azure?

To answer this question we may ask you another question. Do you have the above-mentioned prerequisites to get a job? If not, then you need to develop the skills we talked about. To get the position you want first you need to gain some experience. 

Get Certified

As a beginner, you need to know that getting certified is more than important to build a career at Microsoft Azure. Try to get certified as soon as possible and include it in your resume before applying for a job at Microsoft Azure.

Those certificates enrich your resume and showcase your skills and qualifications. 

You can also show some Azure tests that you have passed related to the job and this way you get the chance to prove you know something they need. It’s important to get the Azure certification in the field if you want to win the desired position. 

Use A Microsoft Azure Test

To understand if you meet the requirements of Azure jobs, you can use a Microsoft Azure test. Of course, no one says it’s an easy task, especially for beginners, but it’s an essential if you have decided to start your career at Microsoft Azure. 

Even if you don’t pass the test, it will help you get a better understanding of how the Azure platform is designed and what it looks for in you.

Attend Group/Discussion Forums

Try to connect with practitioners and IT specialists on social media such as Linkedin or Twitter. This is good advice and it’s better to take it seriously. 

It will help you gain more knowledge in the sphere you are doing your first steps. You may build personal relationships and make new friends who are eager to give you advice based on their experience on Microsoft Azure. 

What are the benefits of working for Microsoft Azure in terms of salaries and job security? 

The first and most eye-catching benefit of working for Microsoft Azure is the opportunity to have a competitive salary. 

  • To make things clearer for you just consider the fact that the average annual pay for  Microsoft Azure in the United States is $124,142 a year. It’s almost $59.68 an hour equal to $10,345/month. Isn't it beneficial? 

As for job security, we can say that if you get a Microsoft Azure certification, you are one step closer to creating a secure career.

What challenges can you expect to encounter when working at Microsoft Azure?

Let’s answer the question directly. The main challenges you may face when working at Microsoft Azure are: 

  • Limited options of solutions.

  • Sharp and quick infrastructure changes.

  • Focus on Azure or on-premise? 

  • Understanding different license types.

  • Different/new service features.

What kind of person succeeds in a career at Microsoft Azure?

We have already discussed several skills and nuances that can help you start a career at Microsoft Azure. Let’s see what kind of person succeeds in a career at Microsoft Azure. 

  • Azure certified candidates

    Is it worth it? We have already talked about Azure certificates but people who started a career at Azure, indicate the importance of getting Azure certificates.

    There are different qualifications you can get with those certificates but you should make a wise choice. Try to gain certificates that can level up your current skills and show something more about your knowledge. 

  • Experienced candidates

    Even if you are not an experienced candidate, now you know how to gain some experience. This is as important as the previous aspect. 

  • People who love what they do

    Think twice before starting a career at an IT company. Make sure you truly love what you do and then go on. If you don’t like it, then you should know that serious companies usually give place to candidates who love their job. 

How to get ahead of the game and advance in your career at Microsoft Azure?

  • Plan your career at Microsoft Azure

    The first thing you need to do is to plan your career at Microsoft Azure. Think before starting and make sure you have a particular plan that prompts you from where to start and where to go to reach your aim.

  • Learn Azure Fundamentals

    Learning Microsoft Azure fundamentals is your second step. It gives you an image of the further working style. 

  • New working style

    Adopt the new working style and build healthy relationships with your colleagues. Try to be polite and kind to everyone and gain their respect. Be ready for new challenges at this stage. 

  • Technical training and certificates 

    Give special priority to technical training, personalized learning programs, and certifications. 

  • Become a leader

    Try to reach the level of a leader in your company, no matter what role you take. 

Key Takeaways

Knocking on the doors of this large company is a brave step and we wish you good luck in your career. We hope the questions we have discussed in this article will help you to make a good decision.

Just note that Working at Microsoft Azure is not easy, but once you decide to enter into it, you should know that it’s going to be both challenging and beneficial. 


Does Microsoft hire without experience?

The best way to get hired by Microsoft without experience is perhaps trying to take part in internships and take entry-level positions. 

Is it difficult to get a job at Microsoft?

It’s difficult to get a job at Microsoft for those with weak education, skills, and experience. 

Which is the highest post in Microsoft?

Chief Executive Officer is the highest post at Microsoft. 

Can you work from home for Microsoft?

Yes, there are positions at Microsoft that allow you to work remotely. 

Is working at AWS better than Microsoft?

According to the recommendations employees give to both companies, Microsoft's “Recommend to a friend” rate is 18% higher than AWS’s. 

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