Ace your Job Interview Using Microsoft Azure Interview Questions by Kunal and Vikram

One of the most difficult things, when you need to find a job, is the interviews. Honestly, I prefer not saying difficult, but instead troublesome and stressful.

We normally don’t know what to expect and we either lose the motivation to prepare for it, or we get swept away into an ocean of information and waste so much energy and time on it.

But, some nice and thoughtful people make resources and guides available, to help people get through these interviews. And today, I will talk about the Microsoft Azure interview questions by Kunal and Vikram, who made a whole guide to help people ace their job interviews and stand out from their pairs.

Who is Kunal Chandratre and Vikram Pendse and why are they so popular?

Kunal Chandratre and Vikram Pendse are known for being Microsoft MVPs for years. These two gentlemen have a very close relationship with a lot of Microsoft communities across India, and some customers and companies, which makes them well familiar with a lot of struggles occurring.

They have assisted so many job interviews and observed that a lot give very high-level details about some concepts of Azure, making them wonder if they don’t know the actual subjects of Azure, or if the information is difficult to find.

And they saw that many did a lot of research, but because of the lack of knowing how to get the information, they lost big opportunities.

They got quite famous when they decided to release a book that will help both experienced and inexperienced developers to get their jobs on the first interview, and ace it effectively and efficiently.

And they highlighted that this book is in no way a guide to any Microsoft Certification on Azure, but a guide and resource to ace technical interviews on the matter.

What is the structure of the book and what does it contain?

The authors of this book have thought a lot before choosing the right structure, so they can make it easier for the reader to find the right information. The one they choose is to structure it by topics.

That made reading the book easier, as each topic has also some subtopics that have no relation to other things. And also for each topic, they have put together a set of questions mostly asked all the time.

This is beneficial as it gets the reader accustomed to these type of questions and help them have a good start!

Also what is great is each question is followed by a short answer right to the point, to not get you too dragged and confused. And after that, which makes this guide unique, is a “Deep Dive” section, which is an extended explanation of the question and the answer.

This is great, because it might help you understand the flow of the interview, and even be able to predict the next questions and be more prepared.

Who can benefit from the Microsoft Azure Interview Questions book?

To make it brief, this book is for anyone getting prepared to have job interviews and don’t know where to start, especially in Microsoft Azure-related jobs.

Any IT professionals and developers searching for job opportunities have to at least give this book a look!

I would also like to add, even if the job you are searching for is not related to Microsoft Azure, you can use this book just to get an idea about how job interviews usually happen and what they expect you to know. This can help you organize yourself and get rid of unimportant resources.

How can this book help you prepare for an Azure interview?

We’ve all been in a situation where we apply for job opportunities and get the call for an interview, but we don’t know what to do next. This book is great as it gives a guide and a lead to what you should know and prepare for.

Again this is not a book to rely on to get a certification but to prepare you for a technical interview in relation to Microsoft Azure. Because, when you go and prepare for it, you only receive high-level knowledge, but the interviewer is not looking for that.

So to be brief, this book is a guide for you to know the questions expected in the interview and the answer to them, while also learning some more details on the field that might save you from imperceptible questions.

Sample Azure Interview questions and answers you will find in this book

To get you a more immersed idea of the book, here is some sample of questions and answers in the book:

What are the benefits, and advantages of cloud computing? 

Scalability - Agility - High Availability - Pay as you go - Moving from Capex to Opex - Fault Tolerance - High Response Time - High Bandwidth - Low Latency  

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud computing is the concept and this concept has been implemented by many companies. 

For example, Amazon implemented it and named their product Amazon EC2 or Amazon web services, Google call it Google App Engine, and so on.

Along similar lines, Microsoft also created a product based on the cloud computing concept and it is called “Microsoft Azure”. So MS Azure provides a platform with cloud computing capabilities so that you can get all the benefits of cloud computing.

From these questions, you can see that sometimes simple questions can be asked, but behind so many layers that you should be careful of, and that the book talks about.

Where can you get the full version of this book and how much does it cost?

The book is free, as a simple Google search will help you find it. Some ask you to pay for a subscription if you want to help the platform, but you can download it in PDF format in the following link:

Tips on how to improve your interview performance using this book

I will give you now some tips you can follow to ensure that you will perform perfectly in the interview, with the help of this book:

  • There are some sections you should memorize which are related to the company more than the actual job, this will help you show your enthusiasm.

  • Pay attention to what the interviewer says because you might lead the next questions based on what you saw in the book.

  • Try to be yourself, so you can showcase your personality along with your technical knowledge, and also ask for feedback afterward to improve in the future.


By now, I hope this article has convinced you enough to go get this book and use it to ace your job interview.

Many have deeply thanked Kunal and Vikram for their amazing move to help people get started on interviews and that got lost in the process.

The interviewers’ job is to find your strength and also your flaws so they can choose the best candidate. This book comes as a way to help you overcome your flaws and learn more about Azure to be the best candidate.

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