Microsoft Azure New Job: The ultimate guide to landing a new job in Azure

Microsoft Azure is a rapidly growing cloud platform that continues to provide more job opportunities. However, due to the diversity of the roles, it is difficult to choose where to start.

This guide consists of two parts; the first part will give you a comprehensive understanding of the azure job market, and the second part will help you navigate jobs and secure a position in the marketplace. Good luck! 

Understanding the Microsoft Azure job market

In this section, you will be getting an overview of the current state of the azure job marketplace including trends, growth, and demand for specific skills.

Overview of the Microsoft Azure job market

You must be aware of the fact that 80% of businesses are now moving toward cloud computing, which makes all cloud providers in high demand.

As Azure is the most popular cloud platform, people are more attracted to use it and work for it, which makes high demand. Here are a few statistics for a slight outlook on the market situation;

  • Burning glass technologies has stated in a report that the demand for azure skills has increased by almost 1500% over the last 5 years, making it one of the highest demanded and popular cloud platforms.

  • A survey conducted in 2021 proves that Microsoft Azure architect was the second most in-demand job in the US.

  • According to a report by cloud academy in 2020, azure's skills demand has increased by 65% since 20129-2020.

  • Recent news of February 2023 states that LinkedIn searches for azure show more than 70,000 job openings. 

  • With a revenue of $1 billion, Microsoft Azure was ranked second in market share and revenue in 2018.

With some of these statistics, you must have got an idea that Azure is in the leading position for job opportunities.

Demands and trends in the Microsoft azure market

In order to give you a better understanding of the Azure market, this section will describe the skills in demand, emerging trends, and common job roles.

The very first step you must take before applying to jobs is that you should get aware of the educational requirements each job might demand. Many educational requirements are to be met other than Microsoft certification, in order to secure an azure job.

What education level does azure demand?

  • At least 60% of organisations require a bachelor's degree.

  • A Master’s degree is a plus point, but only 13% of the firms require it.

  • 2% require a Phd. degree for specialised jobs.

  • Another 2% require high school diplomas.

What are the experience levels required?

  • Around 29% of the companies require 2-3 years of experience.

  • 23% prefer 4-6 years of experience.

  • For newbies who have 0-1 years of experience, there are 11% of organisations looking out.

  • Around 6% of firms demand 7-9 years of experience.

  • Lastly, almost 4% of companies require 10+ years of experience.

What are some recent in-demand skills?

  • Microsoft security control

    For eg., you should be aware of the azure firewall and its concept of how it prevents threats and viruses.

  • Development for unpredictability

    Using software includes many unpredicted server errors, for which every team member must be prepared. Taking necessary precautions for this can be a very good skill.

  • Program development within the budget margin

    Determining bandwidth to avoid data crunches, analysing performance, and scaling down services for more cost efficiency are skills that help application development.

  • Scaling applications

    Being a cloud developer, you must have the skill to scale the applications up and down for a more precise and high-performance experience for the users.

  • Analysis and evaluation; appraisal skills

    Every developer must have the skills to analyse and improve software from time to time so that the business does not lose credibility.

  • Monitoring and diagnostics system creation

    You must be able to create such a pipeline through which you can regularly monitor and diagnose problems, and solve them. This can be done by using the azure monitor service.

  • Developing resilience

    It is very important for such a famous and busy platform to be able to work smoothly in case of errors in order to prevent losses. Having skills in cloud pattern designing can be beneficial for a developer.

What are the recent trends in azure?

  •  Azure artificial intelligence (AI)

    • Azure bot service

    • Azure video analyzer

    • Azure metrics advisor

  •  Azure machine learning

    • PyTorch enterprise

    • Managed endpoints 

  •  Azure cognitive services

    • Text analytics

    • Document translation

  •  Azure data

    • Azure analytics

    • Azure Cosmos DB

  •  Azure cloud-native applications

    • Azure API

    • Azure IoT

    • Azure native apps

    • Azure sphere

Common job titles and roles in Microsoft Azure

You have learned about the education, experience, and skills needed. Here are some future-proof jobs you should keep in mind while applying!

  • Azure DevOps engineer

    Being an azure DevOps engineer requires you to develop and deploy applications, as well as deliver robust cloud solutions to clients as per their requirements. Azure DevOps engineers are paid around $90,000 to $108,000 yearly.

  • Azure administrator

    This job is best for people good at multitasking, as it requires multiple roles to be played such as; deploying cloud solutions, managing cloud servers, and working on issues related to security and storage. This job will pay you around $70,000 annually.

  • Azure cloud consultant

    This is a less practical and technical job, as it concerns consultation and advice. You will have to communicate and understand the business requirements of your client and provide them with suitable cloud solutions. Consultation can cost around $70,000 to $85,000 per annum.

  • Azure Pre-sales Architect

    This job requires you to have interpersonal and communication skills as you will be providing day-to-day updates, presentations, and follow-ups to the clients. The salary for this job is around $120,000.

  • Azure security engineer

    In this era, cyber security has become a crucial issue. An azure security engineer is required to take care of all cyber security precautions and consequences, and configure implementations. The salary for this job is usually $170,000 for a medium-level experienced engineer.

Navigating the Microsoft job search

This part will give you an insight into how and where you can find jobs, and how you can apply to them and secure a job. Let’s dive in!

Where to find Microsoft Azure jobs

There are various sources where you can find azure related jobs such as; different job boards, social media, and professional networks.

Here are some of the job boards and sites where you can definitely find azure related jobs;


This is the most popular job board right now, and you can search for jobs in a specialised and categorised manner.


Linkedin has been the most popular and reliable job board of all time. It is used for junior roles to senior roles.

Microsoft careers

Microsoft itself has a careers site, where you can search and apply for jobs.


Upwork is a platform where third-party clients can hire you for azure related/development jobs. Finding jobs on Upwork is quite easy and there is a lot of demand.


This platform allows employers to upload jobs on many job boards as well as on ZipRecruiter.


This site has been quite elite, as it has relationships with 92% of the fortune 500 companies. It's a high-traffic and trusted site. 


This site is vetted and offers remote jobs as well.


This site is quite useful and sophisticated.


You can seek jobs and receive requests through targeted campaigns on this platform.

Applying for Microsoft Azure jobs 

You can apply through all of these platforms mentioned above, each website has a different process. Mainly, every platform requires a curriculum vitae (CV) and a few personal details. 

However, we have prepared some tips and tricks on how you can write the best applications and prepare for interviews.

1. Tips for the best job application:

  • First of all, you must read the job posting clearly, and understand the requirements. Education, experience level, and What kind of qualities and skills are they looking for in a potential employee, must be analysed carefully.

  • Secondly, you must read about the employer/ company you are applying to. Look into their job success rates, past employees, etc.

  • After the basic research, you must now attach your job application, which should be customised according to the requirements and details needed by the company. 

  • After customization, you must ensure your application is not too lengthy, as job providers don't have time to read lengthy applications. You should write a precise and specific application, which highlights all of your skills and plus points. 

  • Additionally, your application must be proofread for any typing errors, and must be vibrant and organised.

2. Tips for the best interview

  • First of all, you must make a good impression on your interviewees. This can be done by taking care of your appearance, dressing properly, maintaining hygiene, and following a corporate dress code.

  • Secondly, you must be punctual and on time, and do not forget to take your relevant documents with you whether it is an in-person or online interview. You must be prepared to provide anything.

  • You must possess knowledge about the job, as well as your relevant field and expertise.

  • Try to understand the mood and tone of the interviewee, and act and speak accordingly. Some interviews are friendly, whereas some are strictly professional.

  • Be yourself, and do not overdo anything!


This article highlighted all aspects of the Microsoft Azure marketplace, its trends and jobs, and in-demand skills. It also gave you guidance on how you can prepare and find jobs, and tips on how to apply to them and secure a job successfully and ethically.

We hope this guide helped and polished your concepts regarding the azure marketplace, and you are now motivated to enter the job sector.

Wishing you a successful and prosperous journey!

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