Microsoft Azure Specialist salary: Get Paid What You’re Worth!

As more and more businesses move to the cloud, the demand for professionals with expertise in Microsoft Azure is growing rapidly.

As a result, Microsoft Azure specialists are highly sought after and can earn very competitive salaries.

If you're considering a career as a Microsoft Azure specialist, it's important to understand the salary expectations for this role.

What is a Microsoft Azure Specialist and what are their responsibilities?

Microsoft Azure Specialist is a certified professional who also cultivates customer relationships, identifies, and qualifies new Azure prospects. 

You must have a firm grasp of cloud computing fundamentals and be an expert user of Azure services in order to become a Microsoft Azure Specialist.

Furthermore, having pertinent certifications like Azure Solutions Architect, Azure Developer, or Azure Administrator can attest to your expertise and raise your market value.

What are their responsibilities?

Examples of the primary duties carried out by a Certified Microsoft Azure specialist include the following:

  • Constructing Cloud

    Constructing cloud solutions that address issues and satisfy business requirements.It also  Creates and deploy dependable Azure cloud solutions. 

  • Scaling: 

    Scaling cloud services to accommodate the changing needs of the organization. Storing data in a backup and making sure that it can be accessed when necessary.

  • Security:

    Securing cloud systems to limit access to just those with the necessary credentials.

  • Backing Up:

    making a backup of your data and making sure you can access it when you need to.

  • Development:

    creating and deploying dependable cloud solutions.

  • Maintenance:

    To make sure everything is operating effectively, monitor and maintain the cloud.

What are the average salaries for Microsoft Azure Specialists around the world?

There is a rising need for experts with Microsoft Azure Specialists as Microsoft Azure's popularity has grown so quickly. They get paid well as we can see in this table:




United kingdom



United States







₹ 5.0 Lakhs

₹ 25.0 Lakhs







south korea



What are the highest paying US cities for Microsoft Azure Specialists?

We saw in the table that Microsoft Cloud Specialists in the United States make an average of $71,350 a year. Salary levels for Microsoft Cloud Specialists vary by city in the US.

The cities in the United States with the highest Microsoft Cloud Specialist salaries are listed below:

  • San Jose, California ($159,545)

  • Alaska: $149,984

  • New York: $116,984

  • District of Columbia: $79,363

  • New Jersey: $118,885

  • Massachusetts $77629

  • Boston: $105,984

  • Chicago: $139,984

As we can see in the list above, the salaries for Microsoft Azure Specialists in San Jose are the highest.  

Many tech firms, including Microsoft, Apple, Google, and numerous startups, are based in San Jose. Because of this, there is a significant need for qualified IT workers, such as Microsoft Specialists.

Employers may therefore raise compensation to entice and keep outstanding employees.

How to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect in 2023?

The position of Azure Architect offers a good pay and is in high demand for those with the necessary expertise in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). 

  • Have a Degree:

    For decent work in this industry, you should possess a bachelor's degree in computers, computer engineering, computer applications, information technology, or another related field, is one relevant degree.

  • Experience:

    Become familiar with all of the components of Azure solutions, including infrastructure, PaaS, SaaS, LaaS, operations support system (OSS), business continuity and disaster recovery, and MySQL.

  • Certification:

    Your expertise in cloud computing models, cloud governance tactics, cloud migration, and other topics can be demonstrated by certifications from market giants like Microsoft. 

What skills and experience are required to work as an Azure specialist?

  • Analytical and decision-making responsibilities: 

    Azure specialists should have   capacity for striking a balance between what is practical and what is strategic.

  • Being Knowledgeable about Azure Technologies 

    Understanding of one or more of the aforementioned subjects Azure development, Azure administration, or DevOps.

  • Cloud-related Management

    Be knowledgeable in a variety of IT operations, including budgeting, business continuity, data management, disaster recovery, governance, identity, networking, security, and virtualization. 

  • Cloud principles in practice

    Azure specialist needs to have an understanding about cloud principles.

  • Communication Skills 

     Excellent communication abilities. The specialists of Azure cloud solutions must take into account team members, management, and business stakeholders.

Which companies are seeking to hire Microsoft Azure Specialists the most?

By 2021, approximately 40% of all IT positions will be cloud-focused. Server-less computing has become the norm, thus people who start developing useful abilities now will make themselves irreplaceable in the future.

Global Companies are in severe need of Microsoft Azure specialists such as: 

  • SpaceX 

  • Google 

  • Shopify 

  • Tesla

  • Hulu 

  • Facebook

  • Netflix 

What are the benefits of working as a Microsoft Azure Specialist?

The capacity to advance in your profession, access to flexible job options, and the potential to earn a higher pay, sharper skills, and improved security offers for your organization are some advantages of Azure certification. 

  • Career advancement

    Azure certificates are among the most in-demand IT credentials right now, and they can help you get a better job or advance within your organization.

  • Options for Flexible Careers

    You can explore a variety of job choices with a Microsoft Azure certification. Also, certified Azure professionals can easily find jobs in case he migrates to a different country.

  • Updated skill set

    You will often be more competitive on the job market the more familiar you are with cloud computing. 

  • Financial Opportunities:

    Achieving an Azure certification may increase your earning potential, per the pay information gathered by Glassdoor.

What is the career growth potential for Microsoft Azure specialists?

We'll examine some of the top Azure Specialist employment you may pursue right now and in the future.

  • Azure Administrator 

    As an Azure Administrator, you might be employed internally by an end-user company, managing its own Azure products and liaising with clients to ensure they make the most of the services.

  • Azure Developer 

    You will be responsible for planning, developing, deploying, and managing solutions ranging from technical infrastructure to apps as an Azure Developer. You'll need to be knowledgeable about the most recent advancements in processes and technology.

  • Azure solution architect 

    Solution architects will frequently need to serve as the new cloud platform's "cheerleaders". They will promote best practices, develop adoption strategies to help users get the most out of the cloud, and pitch the cloud and its advantages to users.

  • Azure consultant 

    Often referred to as pre-sales consultants, these experts consult with firms to learn what they hope to gain from their move to the cloud, comprehend their needs, and develop the ideal solution.

How to maximize your Azure Specialist income and get ahead in your career?

There are a lot of other strategies to boost acquisition rates and boost employee happiness outside updating your benefits package to match post-pandemic needs and adding permanent flexible, hybrid, or home working alternatives, for example:

  • Provide opportunities for career advancement

    Make sure you set out time with each team member to help them navigate the organization to their desired position because, as our poll revealed, a lack of career advancement is a big problem for Azure professionals.

  • Establish a social climate

    Creating a friendly and encouraging work atmosphere with socialization opportunities, such as online events or regular in-person get-togethers, is especially crucial when teams are working remotely or collaborating from various workplaces.

  • Be on the lookout for flexible scheduling

    Over the past two years, there has been a significant change in how people work. According to our survey, at least 43% of Microsoft professionals now work from home on a full-time basis, and another 44% do so at least once each week.

  • Pay attention to acquiring in-demand talents

    Despite the fact that every skill is valuable, there are some in the Azure sector that stand out as having a higher perceived value than others. This is particularly true in terms of the salary that employers are prepared to offer a professional who has mastered these skills.


Obtaining your Microsoft Azure Certification will give your resume a strong boost if you want to build a successful career in the cloud computing industry. 

Since cloud computing is a field that is constantly changing, Azure Specialists must keep up with the latest developments in order to maintain their proficiency.

It's important to note that in the upcoming years, there will likely be a continued increase in the need for Azure specialists, which could result in higher pay for individuals with the necessary training and experience.


Is working as an Azure Specialist a good career?

The need for Azure developers is in high demand. By 2025, it is anticipated that 80% of companies will have moved their workload to the cloud. Yes, a career as a Microsoft Azure Specialist can be satisfying and rewarding for a number of reasons.

Are Microsoft Azure Specialist jobs stressful?

Yes, in a career as a Microsoft Azure professional, everyone works really hard, and frequently, a lot is at stake.

Is it hard to get hired as an Azure Specialist?

It's not that difficult. You can explore a variety of job choices with a Microsoft Azure certification. You can train to be a developer, a solution architect, or a cloud architect. 

Are there better job positions than an Azure Specialist?

Yes there are better positions that pay more such as the following:

  • Azure security Engineerwith $160,900 yearly,

  • Azure developer $180,000 yearly. 

  • Cloud security architect $205,000 yearly etc 

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