Get a Remote Microsoft Azure Job and Start Working From the Comfort of your Own Home!

Life becomes more comfortable and effortless with the latest IT tendencies. Getting a remote job at an IT company has become easier and less stressful. You can apply for jobs and start earning right from your home.

Today there are great possibilities to get hired at Microsoft Azure and start working from home. If you are looking for remote job opportunities at Microsoft Azure, then stay with us.

We are going to discuss those possibilities and see how you can get a remote Microsoft Azure job without leaving your place of living or comfort zone. 

What types of Microsoft Azure jobs are available to work from home?

Although Microsoft Azure is an IT-based company it's obvious that not all jobs it offers can be fulfilled remotely. Leaving alone those special roles, let’s make a list of the particular Microsoft Azure jobs that are available to work from home. 

  • Azure Architects: Solution architect, Training architect, Cyber security architect, etc. 

  • Azure Administrators: System administrator, IT administrator specialist, Certified cloud administrator, database administrator, etc. 

  • Azure Developers: Frontend developer, MD CRM developer, power platform developer. etc. 

  • Azure Engineers: Service desk engineer, AD Azure engineer, QA automation engineer, DevOps engineer, Systems Engineer, Platform engineer, Microsoft teams engineer, etc. 

  • Azure Consultants: Azure principal consultant, Security consultant, Cloud cost consultant, etc. 

  • Azure Data Analyst: Microsoft Power platform analyst, data analyst, etc.

While some of the jobs are part-time others are full-time and even night shift and this should be noted before applying for any. The list is to be continued and since there are many job titles, you may do deeper research to find the one that suits your skills. 

What are the minimum requirements to get employed for a Microsoft Azure job from home?

  1. 1

    Previous Work Experience

    If you are a beginner then you should know that previous work experience plays a great role when applying for a job at Microsoft Azure. 1 year of experience in Azure and its services is the minimum. However, the job title you apply for matters. 

    There are titles that require senior and even more experienced applicants. To make things easier for a beginner, consider the jobs that are open for freshers or juniors. 

  2. 2

    Azure Certificates

    If you have Azure certificates, chances are high for you to apply at Microsoft Azure. This is one of the easiest ways to prove you have enough knowledge for the job you apply for.

  3. 3

    Knowledge of computer systems and troubleshooting

    You may be asked to show not only your certifications but also related associate degrees, bachelor’s or master’s degrees, and any tests you have passed.

    Depending on the job you apply for, you may also need to have other skills like programming languages, coding, deploying, cloud computing, networking, etc.

Which companies offer Microsoft Azure jobs from home and how to apply for them? 

You can find Microsoft Azure jobs at different companies including the official company of Microsoft. The majority of IT companies are using Microsoft Azure these days and it’s quite easy to find Azure remote jobs in IT companies. 

Other large companies using Microsoft Azure are Airbnb, Nike, Coca-Cola, Dell, Oracle, Expedia, General Motors, HSBC, Hilton, and Starbucks.

You can search for “careers at Microsoft” or "Microsoft jobs” and you’ll see many sources that offer remote jobs. Follow the instructions, fill in the blanks, attach your resume and certificates or tests, and apply for the job.

Once they consider you as a shortlisted candidate, they’ll contact you to do an interview. 

What are the main career benefits of working remotely at Microsoft Azure?

Of course, working directly from the office offers more advantages regarding your experience and productivity but we can say that working remotely doesn’t come with fewer benefits, and if you are smart you can build your career the desired way without leaving your comfort zone.

  • More productivity and less stress

    Many people work more productively when at home and this also gives them the chance to escape the stress they may get in the office. When a person is relaxed, and has more time to spend with family and traveling, he has the resources to get more energy to devote to their work.

  • More experience 

    After all, the experience, training, and certificates you get while working stay with you and enrich your resume and the place from where you work doesn't matter. You can use it whenever and wherever you want. 

  • More space to grow

    An employee that’s full of energy and new ideas has the chance to grow in their career and stand out. When your working style satisfies you, it’s more likely your employer is satisfied too. So, your working style has the potential to push you forward in your career and help you grow. 

  • More financial growth

    It’s obvious that working at an office requires more expenses because when you work at home you notice that you save enough money. You spend less time, effort, and money on transportation, lunch, etc. These are little but quite important matters for many people. 

Is working a remote Microsoft Azure job sustainable? And What are the downsides?

If you asked this question several years ago they might say that working online is not sustainable. 

Things have changed a lot and since millions of people work and build their careers at home, we can say that remote working has become quite sustainable these days. 

Let’s count both advantages and disadvantages of working remotely at Microsoft Azure. 


  • Sustainable job

    Being one of the leading companies, Microsoft Azure offers a sustainable career even if you work from home. 

  • Lifelong experience 

    The experience and certificates you get at Microsoft Azure are always with you. You can use them anywhere and anytime even if you have decided to change your workplace. 


  • Lack of communication 

    According to Microsoft research, people who work remotely lack communication with colleagues and therefore miss their chance to get more collaboration practice, knowledge, and information about the future plans of the company as well as the way it’s supposed to develop its employees.

    In a word, the information discussed during meetings and other formal communications differs from the informal discussions between colleagues, and this is what you may miss. 

What are the salary ranges of remote Microsoft Azure jobs?

The average Microsoft Azure salary is $131,715 per year that’s equal to $63.32 per hour in the US. Freshers have the opportunity to earn $112,112 per year while professionals reach up to $165,750 per year.

Best online resources to find long-term Microsoft Azure jobs from home

For those who want to apply for Microsoft Azure jobs online, here I share several resources that offer Microsoft Azure jobs.

The official website of Microsoft:

Here they share enough info about the open positions and you can check them to see which one suits you. They mention the employment type, role type, responsibilities, required skills and qualifications, and other details about the job benefits and perks. 

Proxify remote jobs:

Proxify is the next online resource where you can find Microsoft Azure job descriptions and apply directly on their website. They mention the skills, duties, salary, and working hours that are usually quite flexible and you can work from anywhere. 

Indeed remote jobs:

Check this website for fresh job opportunities as an Azure developer. It shares enough info about the job requirements and offers like job type, skills, responsibilities, estimated salary, and the duration of the project. 


And here is Flexjobs with its numerous remote job possibilities and offers for Azure-certified professionals and not only. It offers jobs for freshers and juniors too.

You can see the job type, required career level, benefits, and some info about the company that looks for a candidate. 

Most common struggles when working a Microsoft Azure job from home

No one gets the desired role in a workplace without overcoming some difficulties. Those challenges and struggles make us stronger. If you think everything is designed in a perfect way for an Azure worker then I am here to disappoint you. 

Like in any other company, working at Microsoft Azure leads you to several struggles such as: 

  • New tools and technologies

    Microsoft is full of new challenges even for the most experienced employee. So, if you have already started a career at Microsoft and you think that’s it: you have reached your main goal, then you’ll soon realize that it’s not the end but the beginning.

    You are supposed to learn new tools and technologies to be involved in your job and  even if you think that you have enough experience, you’ll get different skills and experience while working at Microsoft Azure. So, the hard work is yet to come. 

  • Too many meetings

    Millions of people all over the world work at Microsoft and they bring different cultures and skills with them to develop this platform. They often organize online meetings and if you are a member of this huge team you should take part in many daily meetings. It’s both useful and stressful. 

  • Get promoted

    More often it seems as if working at a large company gives you the opportunity to get promoted, but in reality, no one pushes you forward but you. In a word, you should be a hard worker if you want to achieve more.

  • The competition between co-workers 

    Even though the job is remote, you will see competition between your colleagues when communicating via social media or video calls. Smart companies try to keep this competition between co-workers to increase their work productivity. 

    You need to work hard, learn a lot, and never be disappointed by those failures. You should try and try until you get the certificate or test result you need for the next position.

    You should also be open-minded to win in the competition between co-workers without sacrificing the quality of your relationships.

How can you make the best experience out of working a Microsoft Azure job from home?

Working from home allows you to focus on details and spend more time investigating new things. This way you gain more knowledge about the field you are new in. You also get the chance to revise it all and try yourself in challenges. 

The flexibility that a remote job gives you is not only about the hours but also the confidence, the mutual trust between employers and employees,  and the responsibility they have towards each other. The happier the worker, the better results he’ll provide his company. 

Nowadays, 50% of Microsoft jobs are remote and you can find a good position to work the way you like. It increases the productivity of the job and allows you to come up with fresh ideas and never be afraid of being wrong.

The experience you get as a remote Microsoft Azure worker can’t be compared with your previous experience gained at an office. 

Key Takeaways

Summing up, I would like to mention that those who have quitted their office work and started to work remotely, never ever again went back to their previous working style.

Although remote Microsoft Azure jobs have their downsides, we notice that they are so minor compared with the advantages this company offers. 

It promises you a better and brighter future with a high-paid salary. All you need is just love what you do, learning, and learning. Try to walk with the latest tendencies and get the best out of them. 

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