Rackspace Microsoft Azure : A Powerful Partnership of the Best Cloud Service Providers

As a leader in the field of cloud computing services, Rackspace Technology offers customers cutting-edge cloud products and services that can help them to  develop new revenue streams, boost productivity, and produce amazing experiences. 

Rackspace goes above and beyond basic infrastructure management and support with migrations to give customers the ability to fully convert their businesses digitally. 

Because of this, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure are regarded as one of the strongest partnerships among top cloud service providers. So grab a cup of coffee, and let's assess the situation together.

What is Rackspace and what is it used for?

Rackspace concentrated on providing regulated cloud storage. Hence it is termed as  cloud computing company that provides an extensive range of products and solutions for companies  of all types. 

Its main uses include:

  • Helping different organizations:

    The company has been functioning for more than 20 years and has developed a reputation for providing its clients with high-quality, dependable, and expandable services.Rackspace offers a wide range of services, including statistics, spreadsheets, and cloud storage.

  • Hosting options 

    Rackspace offers a number of hosting options like amazon ec2, Vps web, and dedicated servers that give users an even higher degree of customization, adaptability, and scalability over their hosting settings.

  • Technical Benefits

    The fact that Rackspace handles all technical aspects, including server configuration, safety, and administration, is one of the main advantages of using its services.

    This frees up businesses to concentrate on what they specialize in that is processing their companies—instead of worrying about the core technology.

  • Supply change benefit

     In the supply chain, Rackspace solutions assist clients in anticipating consumer trends and marketplace prospects. This helps to find and buy the ideal resources at the ideal time and expense.

What is the purpose of Rackspace and Microsoft Azure integration?

For more than ten years, Microsoft and Rackspace have worked closely together to develop a partnership aimed at assisting multinational corporations in maximizing the usage of Microsoft technologies.

Since the company began making its products available on the Microsoft Azure network in 2016, its relationship with Microsoft has flourished, especially in the fields of analytics and artificial intelligence.

  1. 1

    Rackspace, a powerful tool:

    Rackspace, a five-time winner of the Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year award with more than 500 Qualified Professionals, has raised the bar for designing and implementing specialized and integrated Microsoft solutions.

    Special thanks to its expertise in delivering the product, customer support, and support across the Microsoft portfolio.

  2. 2

    The integration model:

    To establish the best plan for shifting your workloads to the cloud, Rackspace Business Services Consultants will evaluate your present infrastructure platform and application estate.

    In order to choose the best road plan and high-level  Rackspace microsoft Azure platform design, Rackspace will offer a Cloud Readiness assessment with meaningful information. 

You can also decide to carry out a proof-of-concept to evaluate the performance of a workload using your own unique criteria and get an independent estimate of the costs and Azure's capabilities that satisfy your needs.

Ultimately, Engagements begin at $10,000 and probably depend on travel, the size and difficulty of the environment, the number of machines to be relocated, etc. The dimension and complexity of your surroundings will determine how long your engagement lasts.

According to Rackspace, Microsoft's information systems, machine intelligence, and pattern recognition capabilities are accelerating customer adoption. 

What are the main services that Rackspace Microsoft Azure offers?

The following are the primary services that Rackspace Microsoft Azure provides:

  1. 1

    Insights of data

    Authentic video sites like Azure Data Explorer collects and analyses your merge data in real time, allowing you to acquire insights right away. 

  2. 2

    Data Analytics eight weeks MVP:

    Modern Intelligence MVP interaction frees you from the difficulties of your manual processes and kick-starts your revitalisation path. Hence, it will place you on the road to allowing efficient and wise judgement using the Microsoft Azure platform. 

  3. 3

    Computer vision, and cognitive computing:

    Microsoft Azure Computer Vision Provider is a coginitive product due to its pre-trained computer- vision features. It allows  easy imaging techniques and comprehensive retrieval of information.

  4. 4

    Alternatives for Azure Cybersecurity

    Rackspace customers using the Navigator customer service of Fanatical Support for Azure can add additional proactive defense to their Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This will help them to recognise and prevent sophisticated cyber attacks.

  5. 5

    Rackspace Contemporary Operations. Rackspace Hydraulic Engineering

    Rackspace Technology has made possibility of IoT connection, automation and legit offsite wastewater surveillance.

Key similarities and differences between Rackspace and Azure

1. Key similarities:

The primary parallels between Azure and Rackspace are as follows:

  • Both offer Linux- and Windows-based computing instances.

  • Both provide cloud disk space.

  • Both offer extensive network infrastructure coverage in North American.

  • Both provide APIs for controlling cloud-based applications.

2. Key differences:

The following are some of the main distinctions between Azure and Rackspace:

  • The standard technical support package for Rackspace is more comprehensive.

  • Azure offers broader network infrastructure coverage for regions outside of North America.

  • Azure has a significantly longer selection of cloud services to choose from.

  • A broader set of instance kinds and groups is provided by Azure.

  • Azure offers the option of duplicate data storage.

  • In addition to regular operating system cases, Rackspace also provides router-based occurrences.

Rackspace vs Azure: What is the pricing model for cloud storage

Cost comparisons between Azure and Rackspace for cloud storage are also helpful in understanding rackspace Microsoft Azure. 

  • Distinctive figures:

    Blob, Azure's main storage product, charges $6 per month for 100 gigabytes of block storage with a general-purpose V2 account. For $10 per month, Rackspace provides 100 gigabytes of cloud storage. (Both numbers are based on the least expensive support options.)

    Furthermore,Managed Operations and Managed Infrastructure are the two support tiers offered by Rackspace, with monthly charges starting at $50 and $500, respectively. 

  • Affordability criteria:

    The range of Azure's support plans is less extensive. Developer, the most basic paid package, costs $29 per month.

    You would need to pay $1000 per month for Azure's Professional Direct service plan in order to receive live technical support over the phone and access to architecture planning.

Pros and cons of using Rackspace Microsoft Azure

Now that we have a better understanding of Rackspace Microsoft Azure, let's examine the advantages of the platform's host management options:


  • Your apps can be used with 100% uptime:

    You must keep your servers operational around-the-clock, regardless of your industry.

    Additionally, you must maintain a backup copy of your data that is readily accessible in case of failure. For instance, if hackers assault your website, this software will aid in a speedy restoration of its operation.

  • Items on the internet have been assigned:

    For the sake of your business, this solution secures servers, network equipment, and apps. In this manner, you are able to employ them only and depend on their functionality at all times.

    Therefore, even if you presently have your allotted hosting resources disabled or aren't using them, those are still saved for you.

  • A mail hosting service is offered:

    The Email Solution allows you to increase the level of email safety, add  more data files, and sync your email with internal programmes. This is due to the fact that this tool aids in email delivery debugging.

  • Sector wise progress

    Rackspace creates solutions for a variety of sectors, resulting in increase  profits, decreased expenses, and improved DevOps.

    Rackspace has improved the speed and convenience with which this company can make transactions to expand its business by building on Microsoft Azure AI capabilities.


  • Simple tasks are beyond your capability:

    In order to improve your company's cloud infrastructure or alter your account status, you must use this platform's supervising. You can also get in touch with the product's support staff or create a complaint in the system. 

    Therefore, you'll ought to wait for a half-hour or longer before you hear back and, most likely, have your problem repaired.

  • The Rackspace website is extremely ambiguous:

    You'll also concur that it's difficult to rapidly comprehend the features and calculate the expenses for the things you desire to control. This is due to the fact that only members and current customers have access to the Rackspace subscription plans.

The future of Rackspace Microsoft Azure in the cloud

Thinking forwards, Rackspace understands how crucial it is to complement customers' corporate structure.

The company is assisting an increasing number of customers in leveraging insights and AI for a variety of use cases that needed predictive skills, including maintenance operations, customers' buying trends  and distribution planning. 

The business anticipates accelerated growth in the following areas:

  • With the use of speech technology, users of Azure Cognitive Services may swiftly examine documents or even understand what was said on a tape, including not only the main points but also the speaker's mood.

  • Customers can carefully examine photos online using Azure Computer Vision, for example, to increase safety by identifying and confirming that workers are wearing the proper safety equipment.

  • The lifecycle management and logistical delivery efficiency for business user reporting and analytics needs are being improved by Azure Synapse Analytics, which also revitalizes consumer data administration for analytics.


With the goal of assisting both new and existing clients in gaining analytic insights and reaping the benefits of Rackspace Microsoft Azure, statistics, and AI technologies, Rackspace will keep maintaining tight relationships with both groups of clients. 

The description above makes it obvious that Rackspace expanded its analytics and AI capabilities as client demand for business information outgrew the capabilities of dashboards and reporting, which were driven by descriptive analytics.

Hence, with the use of cutting-edge statistics, AI, and algorithms, Rackspace Microsoft Azure enables clients to leverage past data to go beyond the here-and-now to comprehend and predict what will occur in the future.


Is Rackspace a private cloud?

You can focus on other high-value initiatives by using controlled safety, website reliability engineering, and controlled services from Rackspace Technology to help keep your public cloud available and secure.

Is Rackspace SaaS or PaaS?

Rackspace's SaaS hosting choices include a hybrid cloud that includes database server, virtualization software, cloud platform, and public cloud since users appreciate the freedom of choice. It also offers a variety of tools to assist in the creation, transfer, development, and storage of your apps.

Who is Rackspace owned by?

Global Management by Apollo. The business was established in 1998, and in 2008 it made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. After being purchased by Apollo Global Management for $4.3 billion, this was turned private in 2016.

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