Microsoft Azure Support Plans: Get 24/7 Expert It Support from Microsoft Azure Certified Professionals  

The need for trustworthy and effective assistance is becoming more and more critical as businesses move more and more operations to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Support Plans can assist you in achieving your business objectives and maintaining the efficiency of your cloud environment, whether you are a small business or a large corporation with complicated workloads.

What Is the Azure Support Plan and What Is Its Purpose?

The Azure Support Plan is a service offered by Microsoft that provides enterprises using the Azure cloud computing platform with technical support and direction. 

Its goal is to assist organizations by giving them access to knowledgeable IT support staff who are trained in Azure technologies. 

This will help them manage their Azure environments, diagnose technical difficulties, and maximize their cloud investments. 

How Do the Azure Support Plans Work?

There are many service levels available through the support plans, each with its own features and advantages. 

  1. 1

    A company must first subscribe to the Azure Support Plan that best suits its requirements in order to use one. Basic, Developer, Standard, Professional Direct, and Premier are the available support plans.

  2. 2

    Different degrees of assistance are available with each plan, ranging from direct contact with Microsoft support experts to access to the Microsoft Azure site and knowledge base.

  3. 3

    A company can enter the Azure portal and open a support ticket after subscribing to an Azure Support Plan. The support ticket may be used to report any concerns or difficulties with the organization's Azure infrastructure. 

  4. 4

    Following the creation of the support request, the organization will be contacted by a support engineer who will work to remedy the issue. Once the problem has been found, the engineer will work to remedy it or advise on how to fix it.

What Are the Different Types of Azure Support Plans Available?

There are various Azure Support Plans available, each with its own set of features and levels of support. Among the offered assistance plans are:

  • Basic

    This is the standard support plan included with every Azure subscription. Access to the Azure portal and knowledge base, as well as technical help during business hours, are included.

  • Developer

    This support plan is intended for developers that create and test applications on Azure. It provides technical help during business hours as well as a discounted rate for paid support situations.

  • Standard

    This support plan is best suited for production workloads that necessitate a faster response time. It offers 24-hour technical help and a two-hour guaranteed initial response time.

  • Professional Direct

    This support plan is intended for mission-critical tasks that require the most assistance. It offers access to a specialized technical support team 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a guaranteed first response time of 15 minutes.

  • Premier

    The highest degree of service provided is ideal for enterprises operating in complex, global situations. It provides customized help from a Technical Account Manager as well as access to the most senior support experts at Microsoft.

Each support plan includes a variety of perks and services, such as technical assistance, Azure Health Checks, and training materials.

Organizations may select the optimal support package for their needs depending on the degree of help needed, their budget, and the criticality of their workloads.

Do Azure Support Plans Cover Preview Services and Features?

Yes, Azure Support Plans do cover preview services and features. Microsoft provides support for preview services and features as part of its commitment to helping organizations get the most out of their Azure investments. 

However, it's important to note that preview features and services are not covered by Microsoft's standard service level agreements (SLAs) and may be subject to change or removal without notice.

Additionally, companies that utilize preview features and services should be aware that as part of Microsoft's preview program, they may be expected to submit feedback and participate in surveys. 

Azure Support Plans: A Detailed Comparison of Each Option




Professional Direct


For all Azure customers, the price is included.

USD 29/month

USD 100/month

USD 1000/month


Included for all Azure clients

Non-production and trial environments

Workload situations in manufacturing

Dependence that is vital to the business



General Advice

General Advice

ProDirect delivery managers provide guidance.











What Are the Benefits of Having an Azure Support Plan?

  • Technical support

    It give access to Microsoft's technical support staff, which comprises Azure-certified engineers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This implies that enterprises may obtain professional technical support and direction at any time.

  • Faster problem resolution

    It guarantees initial response times for essential issues, ensuring that problems are resolved swiftly and effectively. This can help reduce the effect of downtime while also improving overall operational efficiency.

  • Proactive guidance

    Standard and Premier plans, include Azure Health Checks, which provide an assessment of an organization's Azure environment and offer recommendations for optimizing performance and reducing costs. 

  • Personalized support

    Professional Direct and Premier plans, provide personalized support from dedicated Technical Account Managers (TAMs). This ensures that organizations receive customized support and guidance that is tailored to their specific needs.

  • Cost savings

    Azure Support Plans may assist enterprises in lowering their total expenses by advising them on how to optimize their Azure use and discovering cost-saving options.

Which Azure Support Plan Is Right for Your Business?

The best Azure Support Plan for your organization is determined by its unique demands and budget. Here are some things to think about when choosing an Azure Support Plan

  • Workload criticality

    If you have mission-critical workloads on Azure, you should seek a higher level of support, like the Professional Direct or Premier Help Plans, which provide quicker response times and customized support.

  • Budget

    The Basic and Developer Support Plans are suited for those on a tight budget, but the Standard, Professional Direct, and Premier Support Plans provide more expensive features and advantages.

  • Technical expertise

    If you have a team of skilled Azure experts, the Basic or Developer Support Plans may be adequate. However, if you lack in-house experience, a greater degree of service is required.

  • Azure deployment complexity

    If you have a complex Azure deployment, the Premier Support Plan offers the customized support, proactive monitoring, and personalized guidance that can help you optimize your Azure environment.

  • Business requirements

    The level of support needed may also depend on the size of your organization, the number of Azure subscriptions you have, and the geographic distribution of your Azure deployment.

Can You Unlock the Premier Support Plan at No Cost?

Azure does not grant a complimentary Premier Support Plan. It is the highest level of support offered and offers individualized advice, proactive direction, and tailored assistance from a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM). 

Large enterprise customers who require a high degree of guidance and support are the target audience for this level of support. 

The Premier Support Plan is a paid service, and the cost is determined based on the specific needs and usage of each customer.

How Can You Get Support If You Don't Have an Azure Support Plan?

There are various methods to get support from Azure even if you don't have a support plan:

  1. 1

    Ask questions, exchange information, and get assistance from other Azure users and professionals in the Azure Community.

  2. 2

    Microsoft Q&A is a platform where Microsoft engineers and subject matter experts can respond to your technical questions regarding Azure. 

  3. 3

    The Azure Documentation offers comprehensive tutorials, guidelines, and technical information that can assist you in troubleshooting and resolving difficulties.

What Are the Alternative Support Channels You Can Use to Get Support?

  • Microsoft Partner Network

    If you're working with a Microsoft partner, they could be able to offer help for Azure.

  • Azure Community Support

    Azure Community Support is a free support option that provides technical support for Azure services.

  • Azure Service Health

    Azure Service Health offers a customized dashboard that displays the status of your Azure services and notifies you of any problems.

Tips on How to Use Azure Support Plans to Boost Your Productivity

  • Consult with Microsoft professionals

    If you run into a problem that you can't fix on your own, don't be afraid to contact Microsoft specialists. They may offer advice, fix problems, and assist you in optimizing your Azure resources.

  • Keep track of your support tickets

    Make sure you're meeting your support plan's service level agreements (SLAs). This might help you prevent delays and guarantee that your problems are treated as soon as possible.

  • Make use of available resources for assistance

    To learn more about Azure and receive answers to your questions, use the Azure documentation, training materials, and community forums.


Finally, Azure Support Plans provide businesses with a variety of support options to meet their specific needs and cost restrictions.

By purchasing an Azure Help Plan, businesses may have access to a number of benefits, including proactive monitoring, 24/7 assistance, and access to Microsoft experts. 

It's crucial to comprehend the various alternatives available when choosing an Azure Support Plan and pick the one that best suits your demands.


Where Is Azure Support Available?

Azure support is provided in every region where Azure is available. Microsoft offers help centers all over the world that are manned by support specialists who speak several languages.

How Does Microsoft Define Support Incident Severities?

The severity of a support problem is determined by Microsoft based on the impact of the issue on the customer's business. The severity levels range from A (critical) to D (minimum), with each indicating a distinct amount of urgency and response time.

In Which Languages Does Microsoft Provide Support?

Microsoft offers assistance in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. The availability of specific languages may vary by region.

What Are the Business Hours for Support?

Microsoft offers 24/7 support for all Azure support options, allowing you to access assistance whenever you need it.

However, depending on the severity of the issue and the plan you have subscribed to, response times and availability of support people may vary.

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