The Ultimate Guide to Acing the CompTIA 220-802 Practice Test

The CompTIA A+ 220-802 exam is a leading provider of IT certifications, designed to validate the knowledge and skills of entry-level IT professionals in installing, configuring, and troubleshooting computer systems, networks, and software.

By obtaining the CompTIA A+ certification, candidates enhance their employability and demonstrate their commitment to professional development in the IT industry.

Understanding the CompTIA A+ 220-802 Exam

This exam evaluates the basic principles of network systems and security, how to diagnose problems with both hardware and software, and what solutions you would apply to those problems.

It evaluates the basic foundations of virtualization, evaluates how to assemble basic components, and how to install, configure, and maintain devices and PCs.

Exam objectives

This exam has the following objectives:

  • Measure the skills of a basic-level IT professional with a minimum of 12 months of experience in the field.

  • Possess knowledge to install and configure devices, PCs, and software.

  • Understand the concepts and have basic knowledge in security and networks.

  • Effectively solve common hardware and software problems.

  • Understand the basic concepts of virtualization.

Exam format and structure

The exam consists of 90 questions, with multiple-choice questions, performance-based questions, and drag and drop questions.

It has a time limit of 90 minutes, which is 1.5 hours. To pass the exam, you must obtain a score of 700 on a 900-point scoring scale.

Exam domains

a. Operating systems 33%

  • Compare the requirements and functions of different operating systems.

  • Install the operating system.

  • Configure the operating system.

  • Use command-line tools.

  • Configure a Windows network system on a client computer.

  • Configure preventive maintenance procedures.

b. Security 22%

  • Contrast security threats.

  • Apply prevention methods.

  • Use the best security tools to ensure a safe workspace.

  • Use the correct method for data deletion.

  • Secure a SOHO wireless network.

c. Mobile devices 9%

  • Understand the basic functions of mobile operating systems.

  • Configure a basic network connection.

  • Configure email.

  • Secure mobile devices using the correct methods.

  • Properly configure and synchronize mobile devices.

d. Troubleshooting 36%

  • Know how to identify a problem.

  • Establish a probable cause theory.

  • Troubleshoot problems related to motherboards, RAM, and CPU.

  • Know how to troubleshoot problems with hard drives and RAID arrays.

Difference Between A+ 220-802 and A+ 220-902 Exams

A+ 220-802

A+ 220-902

Installation, usage, and troubleshooting of Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, laptops, and mobile devices.

Installation and administration of desktop and laptop computers with Windows 8.1/8, 7, Vista, OS X, or Linux.

Installing motherboards, processors, RAM, and BIOS.

Understanding, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting motherboards, CPUs, and memory.

Responsible for configuring older operating systems.

Responsible for configuring more current operating systems in technology.

Which one should you choose? 

You should choose the one that best suits your needs and skills as an IT technician. If you want to focus on configuring older operating systems, you should choose the 220-802 exam. If you want to train in configuring more up-to-date operating systems, you should choose the 220-902 exam.

The Importance of Taking Practice Tests

When it comes to assessing your knowledge level and readiness to take the A+ 220-802 exam, practice exams are a valuable resource of great importance. They allow you to reinforce and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the different areas of the exam.

1. Benefits of taking practice tests

  • Assessing your knowledge 

    Practice exams help assess your knowledge in various areas and allow you to identify areas where you may have deficiencies and need to reinforce your knowledge.

  • Getting familiar with the exam 

    Taking practice exams helps you become familiar with the types of questions asked and the exam methodology, which can be helpful when taking the actual exam.

  • Managing your time 

    Practice exams allow you to evaluate how long it takes you to complete the exam and see if you take more or less time than the established time for the actual exam, which can help you optimize your time management.

2. How practice tests can help you prepare for the CompTIA 220-802 exam

  • Assessing Knowledge Gaps: 

    Practice tests provide an opportunity to identify areas where you may have gaps in knowledge. By taking these tests, you can gauge your understanding of the exam objectives and pinpoint specific topics that require further study.

  • Familiarizing with Exam Format: 

    Practice tests such as multiple-choice and performance-based questions simulate the actual exam environment, allowing you to become familiar with the format and structure of the exam. 

  • Building Confidence and Test-Taking Skills: 

    Regularly taking practice tests can help build your confidence by familiarizing you with the exam content and enabling you to assess your progress over time. 

3. How to use practice tests effectively

  • Understand the Exam Format and Objectives:

    It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the format and objectives of the actual exam. Review the exam blueprint, understand the topics covered, and identify the areas where you need more practice. 

  • Simulate Exam Conditions:

    To gain the most benefit from practice tests, create a quiet and distraction-free environment, set a timer to match the exam duration, and attempt the practice test without any external assistance. 

  • Analyze Your Performance and Identify Weak Areas:

    After completing a practice test, thoroughly analyze your performance. Review both correct and incorrect answers to understand the reasoning behind them. 

How to Choose the Right CompTIA Practice Test

On the internet, you will find different types of practice exams to choose from. That's why there are some factors to consider when selecting the right practice exam that suits your study needs.

Factors to consider when choosing a practice test

Evaluate the following factors to choose the most appropriate practice exam for you:

  1. 1

    Try to take practice exams that have the same or similar format to the real exam.

  2. 2

    Take practice exams from reliable and secure sources. There is a lot of information available online, so choosing a practice exam from a trustworthy source will give you more assurance that it is a good exam with accurate information.

  3. 3

    Make sure the practice exam you are taking is based on updated information.

  4. 4

    Try to take practice exams that provide you with the questions and answers at the end, so you can see which ones you got wrong and reinforce your knowledge accordingly.

Recommended practice tests for the CompTIA 220-802 exam

After taking all those factors into account to choose the right practice exam, here are the recommended practice exams:

CertMaster Practice for A+

This course provides 1,943 questions for the 220-1001 series and 938 questions for the 220-1002 series, where you will learn about networking, hardware, security, and mobile devices.


Certblaster provides you with over 500 practice questions similar to the real exam, 5 complete exam simulations plus 4 mastery exercises for each part of the exam.

Analyzing Your Practice Test Results

Upon finishing the test, analyze your score and ask yourself the following questions: In which area of the exam did I make the most mistakes? What were the incorrect answers? What were the most challenging questions for me during the test? 

After answering each of these questions, develop a plan to improve and reinforce those weak areas of the exam. Use online resources such as courses, tutorials, and online communities that can help you clarify any doubts.

Additional Resources for Studying

1. Books and study guides

Amazon| CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 Authorized Cert Guide | 3rd Edition

This guide includes 448 practice questions, memory tables, and covers topics such as storage devices, virtualization, networking, and security.

Amazon| CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 Authorized Cert Guide | Deluxe Edition

This guide includes 648 practice questions, and includes information about motherboards, processors, RAM and BIOS, power supplies and system cooling, video displays and video cards. 

2. Online resources for studying

Udemy| CompTIA A+ 220-802 - Prepare For The CompTIA A+ 220-802 Exam

This Udemy course consists of 6.5 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, 1 downloadable resource. You will also receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Whizlabs | CompTIA A+ 220-1102 (Core 2)

This Whizlabs course consists of 27 videos created by a CompTIA expert, along with 3 practical tests. It includes 1 free practice test with 20 questions, 1 practical test with 85 questions, and 1 additional questions test with 10 questions. 

3. Study groups and forums

Facebook| CompTIA Exam (ITF+, A+, Network+, Security+) Study Group

This is a study group where more people are also getting their certifications, and you can clarify your doubts and ask questions.

Reddit | All about CompTIA certifications

Here you can ask questions or chat with people who want to obtain their certifications or have already obtained them.

4. Youtube tutorials for beginners

Professor Messer | How to Pass your 220-1001 and 220-1002 CompTIA A+ Exams

In the following tutorial, you will learn about laptop hardware, displays, features, mobile devices, setting up email on mobile devices, synchronization, and configuring SOHO firewalls.

Paul Browning | CompTIA A+ Full Course - FREE - [31+ Hours]  

The following tutorial is divided into 25 modules, in each of them you will learn the important aspects of CompTIA A+, such as CPU, RAM, storage, Windows, laptops, maintenance.

Final tips for success on the CompTIA A+ 220-802 exam

  • Preparation

    Ensure that your prior preparation is comprehensive and covers all fundamental aspects of the exam.

  • Real-life practice

    Engage in real-life practical exercises to understand how to implement the acquired knowledge.

  • Study plan

    Create a study plan that you follow daily to maintain consistency in learning and make it easier to acquire knowledge.


It's time to start your journey in the IT world, with perseverance and dedication, using the resources provided, you will be able to obtain your certification successfully, which will provide personal and professional growth, as well as open many doors in the job market.


Is CompTIA A+ a hard exam?

It depends on each person's knowledge and experience, although it is an exam that requires at least 9 to 12 months of experience or practice in the field.

Is the CompTIA exam free?

No, the exam has a different cost depending on the country.

What is a good score on the CompTIA A+ exam?

A good score for the CompTIA A+ exam is 675 on a scale of 900.

Is CompTIA A+ same as CCNA?

No, CompTIA is a certification that focuses on troubleshooting and technical support for desktop or mobile operating systems. CCNA is focused on practical skills in diagnosing and troubleshooting specific Cisco networking issues.

Is CompTIA easy to learn?

If you have prior knowledge, it may be easy for you, but if you don't have prior knowledge, you will find it difficult and you will need to train and dedicate time to understand it.

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