Listening and Learning: Unleashing the Power of CompTIA Audio Books

The CompTIA certifications are some of the most well-known and respected IT credentials in the entire world.

The CompTIA certifications Audiobooks are required for all of your four A+ certifications that you need to master to gain comprehensive coverage. 

In this article we will see how CompTIA audiobooks are combined with the thorough instruction of a conventional textbook through their portability, ease of use, and quickness in preparing CompTIA  certifications exams. 

What are CompTIA Audio Books?

What are CompTIA Audio Books?

CompTIA audio books are a useful resource to use while studying for your Information Technology Sector Organization or CompTIA A+ qualification test.

Each chapter concludes with a list of crucial facts to remember and quizzes to cover frequently asked questions.

Which Formats are Available?

  1. 1


    The MP3 (.mp3) file format is by much the most widely used (perhaps of all file types). In order to reduce the amount of unnecessary data, MP3 employs its audio coding compression.

  2. 2


    If you locate the actual files for your CompTIA Audible audiobooks, then you may find an AAX file. Audible created the AAX audiobook format, which uses an MPEG-4 container and supports DRM-encrypted files.

  3. 3


    Apple uses the M4A or M4B compressed format, exactly like Audible uses the AAX.

  4. 4


     M4Ps are simply an AAC version with digital rights management built in. Apple initially created it to serve the iTunes Music store. 

  5. 5

    Free Lossless Audio Codec

     FLAC, is a file format. Since it is an open-source format, there are no issues with intellectual property. Its compression is virtually identical to an MP3, yet it lacks any quality loss.

How Do They Differ from Other Learning Materials?

Students benefit from CompTIA audio books because they can concentrate on understanding what they're reading rather than trying to decode the words on the page.

A dyslexic may have better listening comprehension than reading comprehension. Students can access text that is above their present reading abilities by listening to it, which makes learning more effective.

Popular CompTIA Audio Books

1- A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide To Learn About The CompTIA Network+ + Certification from A-Z:

  • By: walker Scmidt

  • Presented by: Dave wright

  • Length: 3 hours and 41 minutes

  • Review and Ratings: 4.2 (61 ratings)

This book aids in your exam preparation by reiterating some of the information that you may have forgotten or taken for granted. 

You will have the necessary skills after finishing this book to navigate through Network +'s introductory section.

You can use this book as a starting point to pursue other important networking certifications because it provides you with the fundamentals.

2- Mastering the CompTIA A+

  • By: Christopher Parker

  • Presented  by: Todd Schick 

  • Length: 3 hrs and 15 mins

  • Reviews and ratings: 3.7 (221 ratings)

This audiobook, Mastering the CompTIA A+, is the first of its type in the A+ training market.

It combines the portability, ease of use, and quickness of audio with the thorough instruction of a conventional textbook. 

Mastering the CompTIA A+ audiobook is a quick and entertaining new method to prepare for your A+ tests, with a clear and smooth vocal delivery.

3- CompTIA Network+: Study Guide for the CompTIA Network+ Certification exam N10-007

  • By: Samuel Foster

  • Presented by : Lou Borek

  • Length: 5 hrs and 8 mins

  • Review and ratings: 3.2 out of 5 stars3.2 (13 ratings)

Passing the N10-007 exam, which some test takers claim is the toughest exam they've ever taken, is a requirement for earning the CompTIA Network+ + certification.

This book will teach you basics and working of networking and IPV6, IPV4 addresses.

Pros and Cons of Learning with CompTIA Audio Books

1. Pros:

  • Portability:

    Comptia Audio Books combines the portability, ease of use, and quickness of audio with the thorough instruction of a conventional textbook.

  • Provides smooth learning for A+ tests:

    CompTIA A+ audiobooks are  a quick and entertaining new method to prepare for your A+ tests with a clear and seamless vocal delivery.

  • Best Source to learn A+ certification exams

    Comptia Audio books help to prepare one of the most well-known and respected certifications i.e: A+ certification for information technology in the world. 

  • Complete Coverage

    For all of your four A+ certification examinations,  CompTIA audiobook offers thorough coverage.

  • Improves IT skills

    CompTIA audio books will be incredibly valuable to you, if you are an novice with little to no experience or expertise and want to improve your IT skills.

  • Other Privileges:

    Listeners of the ComTIA audiobook will receive a complimentary PDF document comprising more than 100 photos and diagrams.

  • Provide reference:

    These books are also helpful  to examine important material later using a paperback or hardcover book, or the attached PDF once printed out for your reference l to highlight important issues.

2. Limitations and Disadvantages

  • They could be lengthy

    Finishing a compTIA audiobook might take longer. The narrator's voice can be sped up, but it sounds incredibly strange and unnatural when they are read at a predetermined pace.

  • Skippable passages are challenging 

    Although you receive a great deal of substance when you listen to a compTIA audiobook related to IT and A+ certifications, you have to pay attention to every word, which might get monotonous after a while.

  • It's simple to lose interest

    It's really simple to switch your attention to anything else while listening to a compTIA audiobook if you're multitasking while reading. 

  • Finding passages is challenging

    You'll need to go back and read to the book if you're easily distracted, because you aren't sure precisely where to skip back, it's a little more difficult to do so when listening to a compTIA audiobook. 

  • The experience could be ruined by the narrator's voice

    Sometimes you just can't get into someone's voice. Even a book with a fantastic plot can lose its appeal if the narrator's voice annoys you.

How to Choose the Right CompTIA Audio Book

Factors to Consider When Selecting Audio Books

Choosing the best Right CompTIA audiobook for your requirements can be difficult with so many alternatives available. This section will go over the things to take into account while choosing an audiobook.

  1. 1

    User Interface

    The user interface of the subscription service should be easy to navigate and use. Look for a service that allows you to search and filter titles, create playlists, and save your progress across multiple devices.

  2. 2


    When selecting an audiobook service, the monthly fee is an important consideration. While some services charge a set rate for unlimited listening, others bill per book. 

  3. 3


    Another crucial aspect is the need to find a subscription service with a large selection of titles, including bestsellers and newly released books in your favourite category.

  4. 4

    Sound Quality

    When choosing a subscription service, it's crucial to take the audiobook quality into account. Choose a service that provides high-quality audio with audible narration and little outside noise.

  5. 5


    The majority of services are accessible on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, however some may not be supported by all of them or all operating systems.

  6. 6

    Free Tests

    Many subscription services for audiobooks give new users free trials. Utilize these free trials to evaluate the service before purchasing a membership.

Where to Find CompTIA Audio Books

1. Online Retailers

To access the CompTIA on your mobile device, search for and install the CompTIA eReader app from your app store.

By going to and logging onto the CompTIA Learning center website, you can access your course materials. Moreover  you can easily get Audible Audiobook - CompTIA / Certification Books on

2. Libraries and Public Resources

With more than 200,000 distinct titles in its massive collection, Audible is without a doubt the most well-known brand in the audiobook industry. You may also access hundreds of exclusive Audible Original titles on this platform that aren't available anywhere else.

Other Great Resources to Learn CompTIA

CompTIA Learning and Training: Helpful Resources

The official CompTIA website offers example training resources that you may use with ease.

Although the examples provided in books or resources aren't all that useful, they are a decent place to start to get a general concept of what you need to do. 

Union Test

Union Test Prep is a free study resource that provides the majority of the fundamental elements while also giving you a solid overview of what you should understand.

You can access free practice tests for the CompTIA A+ certification in addition to a free study guide. 


If you like, you might try an Udemy course. You can choose from a list of available CompTIA courses. You can quickly look through the course descriptions and reviews to see whether they fit you.


Whizlabs offers premium subscription plans that provide access to a variety of CompTIA courses and practice exams.

Plans are available for individuals or teams, and pricing is based on the number of users and features desired.

How to Use CompTIA Audio Books in Your Learning Journey

Here is How Audio Books Can Help You Prepare for CompTIA Exams

  • Audiobooks for Time Management

    You can multitask while listening to an CompTIA audiobook. You can do some yard work, drive a car, or clean the house. You can save time by listening to audiobooks during the day.

  • Audiobooks Help You Get Better at Reading

    During your book club sessions, you might have worked on honing your literacy abilities during the preparation of IT related topics and other certification exams, CompTIA audiobooks can significantly boost them. 

  • Audible Works Promote Fluency

    An audiobook can help students prepare for certification to  improve their fluency. 

  • Audiobooks Help You Concentrate

    Many people are searching for methods to sharpen their attention. You can do that with the aid of  CompTIA audiobooks. 

  • Audiobooks Can entertain You

     Many companies that offer CompTIA audiobooks even include sound effects to make them more intriguing. Hence you feel better while preparing for challenging certification exams.


In conclusion, listening to CompTIA audiobooks is a critical component of getting prepared for the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

Your CompTIA exam certification preparation can be brought to the optimum result by acquiring the appropriate audio book through a relevant source.

Additionally, by listening to these audio books, you can be entertained and exposed to cutting-edge technology in addition to using classic study techniques.


What is the average length of a CompTIA audio book?

A CompTIA audiobook typically lasts ten hours. When downloaded in high quality, an Audible audiobook takes up about 28–30 MB of storage for each hour. It is 14–15 MB per hour for the standard quality.

How much do CompTIA audio books cost?

You receive one credit every month to use against any CompTIA Audible audiobook and unrestricted access to the Audio Plus Catalog, which is available for $7.95 to $14.95 per month.

Do I need any special equipment to listen to audio books?

You only need the gadget you already use for browsing media, such as a computer, smartphone, tablet, or connected speaker like Alexa, to listen to audiobooks.

The majority of audiobooks are accessible in digital format, making it simple to download them to your device and begin listening.

Are there any benefits to using audio books in conjunction with other learning materials?

According to research, persons who listening to audiobooks are better able to recollect material than those who study a standard book.

Furthermore, studies have shown that individuals who listened to audiobooks remember information longer than those who read books the conventional way.

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