The Truth About CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam Dumps

The CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification showcases individuals' knowledge of cloud computing. It validates their knowledge about migrating to and managing a cloud environment.  

CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam dumps can help individuals in passing the exam with flying colors. In this article, we’ll discuss the truth about CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam dumps. So, let’s get started!

Understanding CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification

CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification is an internationally recognized and vendor-neutral accreditation. It has essential business principles and fundamental cloud concepts that effectively validate the ability to provide data-driven cloud recommendations. 

Its comprehensive approach of showing that all members should understand how to enhance operational efficiency, optimize cost management and mitigate security risks sets it apart from other certifications. 

Benefits of CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification

  • Job Security 

    CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification not only secures your job but also makes your resume stand out by showcasing your skills. Employers value practical experience and credentials and this certification is the best bet.

  • Pay Increments 

    CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification can help you increase your eligibility for highly-paid job positions. According to Payscale, individuals with this certification can get paid around $85,000 annually.  

  • Problem-Solving Skills

    Problem-solving is one of the most important skills in the IT field. Whether you’re a cloud practitioner, architect, developer, or operations administrator, the ability to find solutions is essential.

Exam Objectives and Format of CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification

Exam Objectives

  • Cloud Concepts-24%

  • Business Principles of Cloud Environments-28%

  • Management and Technical Operations-26%

  • Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Security for the Cloud-22%

Exam Format

  • Exam Code: CLO-002

  • Time Span: 60 Minutes (1 hour)

  • Total Questions: 75

  • Passing Score: 720 (on a scale of 100-900)

What are Exam Dumps?

Exam dumps are like cheat sheets. After someone takes an exam, they share the questions and answers online for other users to use.

Exam dumps are usually distributed online through different study groups, websites, and social media platforms. Using exam dumps is considered cheating and CompTIA is totally against it.

There are different types of exam dumps, including:

  • Brain Dumps

    Brain dumps are the most common type of exam dumps in which individuals memorize questions of the IT certification exam and then recreate the replica of that information to distribute illegally. 

  • PDF Dumps

    PDF dumps are files that contain exam questions and answers for different certification exams. They are mostly created by IT professionals or exam takers who have passed their exams. 

Risks Associated with Exam Dumps

The following are the risks of using exams dumps for CompTIA Cloud Essentials or any other IT certification exam: 

  • Against the Rules

    Exam dumps violate NDA agreements. If the CompTIA organization catches your exam dumping, they’ll cancel your certification or ban you for life. Certifiers can easily identify whether or not you’ve used exam dumps. 

  • Zero Learning 

    When preparing through exam dumps you don’t have knowledge to memorize, you only do rote learning. You don’t read questions carefully and answer that because they don’t give reasoning behind answers. 

  • No Quality Control 

    Exam dumps don’t offer control so you don’t know if you’re using a reliable one. The questions and answers can be completely wrong and you can’t check them quickly. 

  • Lack of Understanding

    Relying solely on exam dumps can lead to a superficial understanding of the subject matter. Without comprehensive knowledge, individuals may struggle when applying concepts in real-world scenarios.

  • Ethical Consequences

    Using exam dumps is considered cheating and violates the principles of integrity and honesty. It can cause disqualification from exams, revocation of certifications, and damage to professional reputation.

  • Limited Practical Skills

    Exam dumps often focus on memorizing answers rather than developing practical skills required for certification. This can hinder individuals' ability to effectively apply their knowledge in real-life situations.

  • Diluted Value of Certification

    Using exam dumps devalues the efforts of individuals who have genuinely studied and earned their certifications through legitimate means. It undermines the credibility of the certification process.

Legality of CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam Dumps

Now, to answer the common question is “Does CompTIA support exam dumps?” Well, according to CompTIA certification exam policies, exam dumps are considered cheating. The information can be inaccurate and rote memorization doesn’t work to have concepts and learn skills.

If the certifiers catch your exam dumping, they will cancel your certification and may also suspend you from taking the CompTIA certification exams in the future.

Well, you can use legal resources to prepare CompTIA Cloud Essentials instead of exam dumps. Legal alternatives to exam dumps could be:

  • Official study guides

  • Online courses

  • Training courses 

  • Practice exams

  • Virtual labs

  • YouTube tutorials

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam Preparation Tips

The following are the essential exam preparation tips for CompTIA Cloud Essentials exams:

Make a Plan

Start your exam preparation by creating an impactful study plan. You need to keep these important things in mind before starting preparation: 

  • Do you fulfill necessary requirements?

    CompTIA Cloud Essentials requires 2-3 years of working experience in a system administrator role.

  • Do you have a plan?

    Study plan plays an important role in passing the exam. You can create a study plan on CompTIA.

  • How can you learn? 

    You can go for the self-study option or enroll yourself in different CompTIA courses. 

  • How can you test your skills? 

    You can use practice exams to discover your weaknesses and cope with them. 

Learn the Material

To prepare for the CompTIA Cloud+ exam, use CompTIA CertMaster Learn for comprehensive eLearning aligned with exam objectives. The Official CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide is also available for focused topic coverage. 

Get Prepare for the Exam

CompTIA CertMaster Practice offers a comprehensive practice test experience. It includes multiple-choice and performance-based questions. This valuable tool enhances the learning process and builds confidence.

How to Identify Legitimate Exam Dumps

1. Signs of Illegitimate Exam Dumps

  • Unusually High Success Rates 

    If the exam dumps claim an extremely high success rate or guarantee a 100% pass rate, it is likely a red flag. No dumps can guarantee success without genuine preparation.

  • Extremely Low Prices

    Illegitimate exam dumps are often sold at significantly lower prices than official study materials. Be cautious of suspiciously cheap dumps, as they may be outdated, or even contain incorrect answers.

  • Unauthorized Sources

    Exam dumps obtained from unofficial websites, social media platforms, or unauthorized sellers are likely to be illegitimate. Stick to authorized sources and avoid purchasing or downloading dumps from unverified sources.

2. Sources of Legitimate Exam Dumps

  • Certification Program Websites

    Official certification program websites often provide authorized study materials, practice exams, or recommended resources. Tou can check the official website you are interested in for legitimate exam dumps.

  • Authorized Training Centers

    Authorized training centers may offer study materials or practice exams that are endorsed by the certification program. These centers are recognized as legitimate sources and can provide reliable exam dumps.

  • Online Learning Platforms

    Trusted online learning platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, or LinkedIn Learning may offer authorized courses or practice exams specifically designed for certification preparation. 

Alternatives to Exam Dumps

The following are the legitimate alternatives to exam dumps that can help you pass the CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam with flying colors:

1. Study Guides

CompTIA | CompTIA Cloud Essentials CLO-002 Certification Study Guide

It’s official CompTIA content designed to help individuals to learn and understand the material in their certification exam. In this official study guide, you’ll learn everything you need to pass the exam. 

WILEY | CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Study Guide: Exam CLO-002, 2nd Edition

This study guide covers all the topics essential to pass the CLO-002 exam and provides skills and knowledge of cloud computing. This book is also suitable for individuals who want careers as cloud administrators.

2. Online Courses

Udemy | CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ (CL0-002) Complete Course & Exam

This course includes video lectures, PDF downloadable study guide, practice questions, and a full-length practice exam. After completing this course, you can easily pass the CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam. 

Pluralsight | CompTIA Cloud Essentials

This course includes 14 parts that include a basic understanding of cloud computing, how you can adopt it, and how it can help you with your business. It also includes practice questions. After this course, you can easily pass the exam. 

3. Practice Tests

Edusum | CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Sample Questions

This sample question set is designed to learn and practice for the CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam. You’ll have an understanding of the difficulty level of the certification exam. 

Quizlet | CompTIA Cloud Essentials Practice Questions

This practice test includes practice questions like in real exams with the right answer. You can practice this test to identify your weak areas so you can work on them to improve. 

4. Virtual Labs

Knowledge Space Training & Consulting | CompTIA Cloud Essentials

Its lab covers all the exam objectives and teaches individuals about cloud computing, cloud environments, management, risks, and security. It’s an organized component library. 

Simplilearn | CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Training

This course includes 9 lab exercises on platform agnostic Qwiklabs, 6 chapters, quizzes, e-book, and practice exams. After completing this course, you’ll hand on experience and knowledge of CompTIA Cloud Essentials. 

5. YouTube Tutorials 

My Free Academy | CompTIA Cloud Essentials

It is 2+ hours of YouTube tutorial that includes a study guide and exam experience of the CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam. 

DEVITZONE | CompTIA Cloud Mock Test

It is a more than 40 minutes video that includes up-to-date questionnaires with answers & explanations to prepare for the CompTIA Cloud.


Using exam dumps for CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification may seem tempting but they have their own drawbacks.

Relying solely on dumps hinders a genuine understanding of cloud computing concepts and practical applications.

Choose legitimate study resources for better understanding and preparation for the exam. Genuine preparation and a strong foundation of knowledge are key to success in the CompTIA Essentials exam. 

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam FAQ

What is the cost of the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification exam?

The price of the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification exam is $134.

How long is the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification valid?

CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification is valid for 3 years after you pass the exam.

What is the passing score for the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification exam?

The passing score for CompTIA Cloud Essentials is 720 on a scale of (100-900).

How long does it take to prepare for the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification exam?

It can take from a week to months to prepare for the exam depending on your experience.

How often can I retake the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification exam?

You can retake the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification exam as many times as necessary. 

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