A Comprehensive Guide to Acing the CompTIA Mobility+ Practice Test  

CompTIA Mobility+ is a certification that has been introduced to validate the skills and knowledge that are required to understand mobile technologies inside-out.

Taking practice tests for the CompTIA Mobility+ certification is a crucial step to acing this examination and helps in identifying knowledge gaps and the areas which require more preparation.

As an IT Professional who is looking to advance their career, this article is a comprehensive guide as to how you can ace the CompTIA Mobility+ examination with practice tests.    

Understanding the CompTIA Mobility+ Practice Test

To give your best performance, it is important to have a complete understanding of the CompTIA Mobility+ certification. 

Overview of the CompTIA Mobility+ certification

The CompTIA Mobility+ certification is designed for IT professionals who have a balance of both network infrastructure as well as mobile device management. 

To earn this certification, the candidates should pass a single exam and possess a considerable amount of knowledge in mobile technologies, network infrastructure, over-the-air technologies, security, and troubleshooting. 

Exam Format and Requirements

  • The CompTIA Mobility+ examination is a computer-based or in-person exam that is held for 90 minutes. 

  • It consists of 100 multiple-choice questions that have a marking scale that ranges from 100 to 900. 

  • To earn the certificate, the candidate must accomplish a minimum score of 720. Candidates will be asked direct questions, scenario-based questions, and application-based questions that may have single or multiple responses, or drag-and-drop responses. 

  • The examination is available worldwide in English, and once you earn the certificate.

  • It is valid for three years. After the three-year expiration date, it can be renewed by earning CompTIA’s continuing education units (CEU) or retaking the exam.  

  • CompTIA recommends candidates to have the CompTIA Network+ certification or at least 18 months of experience in administration of mobile devices in enterprise before taking up this exam.

Key Concepts and Topics to Focus On

The CompTIA Mobility+ examination has domains that are the focus of the exam. Here are four key concepts and topics that you should heavily concentrate on.

  1. 1

    Wireless Network Architecture - 17%

    One of the most important concepts in the exam is wireless network architecture which refers to the design and implementation of wireless networks in mobile devices. 

  2. 2

    Mobile Device Management - 32% 

    Another key concept is Mobile Device Management (MDM) which includes the monitoring and configuration of mobile devices, along with control over their security and access.

  3. 3

    Security and Privacy - 24%

    Security and Privacy is a major concept that is covered in the examination. It is required to know the various threats that make mobile devices vulnerable so that they can be fixed. 

  4. 4

    Troubleshooting and Network Optimization - 27%

    Being aware of the network performance, device connectivity, and functionality, placements of access points, network traffic, and optimization are important to solve issues arising in mobile technologies.

CompTIA Mobility+ Practice Test Questions and Answers

While on your journey of preparing for the CompTIA Mobility+ certification, it is important to know how to tackle the various types of questions that you might encounter during the duration of your examination. 

Here are a few examples of what kind of questions you will be expected to answer and a few tricks to approach them.

Sample Questions for Each Exam Topic and Explanations

1. Wireless Network Architecture

Choose the correct Wi-Fi frequency.

  • a) 900 MHz

  • b) 850 MHz

  • c) 2.4 GHZ

  • d) 1.2 GHz

Answer: c

Wi-Fi networks operate on frequencies that are unlicensed and available for public use. The most used frequencies are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. However, 2.4 GHz is the most popular due to its compatibility with a wider range of devices.

2. Mobile Device Management

Which of the mobile device management (MDM) solutions is used to enforce password policies and remote wipe capabilities for mobile devices?

  • a) Mobile application management (MAM)

  • b) Mobile content management (MCM)

  • c) Mobile information management (MIM)

  • d) Mobile device management (MDM)

Answer: d

Explanation: Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are designed to secure mobile devices in an organization.

It allows the enforcement of password policies and remotely wipes the data on mobile devices in case of loss. Hence, these solutions provide security and protect important information.

Option a, b, and c focus on managing applications, content, and flow of information on mobile devices respectively.

3. Security and Privacy

Which one is the BEST choice to block executive mobile devices from receiving application inventory and location data while still getting it from the rest of the workforce's mobile devices?

  • a) Executives and staff can use a variety of mobile operating systems. 

  • b) Group-based policies can be applied on the MDM server. 

  • c) Access control lists can be used on the MDM server.

  • d) Set up various MDM servers for executives and staff members.

Answer: b

The administrator can apply group-based policies on the mobile device management (MDM) server, by creating different groups for executives and employees, the administrator can apply different policies to each group. 

4. Troubleshooting and Network Optimization

An employee, Ann, intends to travel abroad. Which of the following actions should a manager carry out FIRST to ensure Ann's mobile device will work in the destination nation?

  • a) Contact your mobile service provider.

  • b) Reset the smartphone to its default settings.

  • c) Download an application for traveling abroad.

  • d) Change the battery and check the signal strength.

Answer: a

The first step that the administrator should perform is to contact the cellular provider to ensure it is compatible with the cellular network in the destination country. Different countries use different wireless frequencies and technologies for device compatibility. 

For more sample questions: Sample Questions for CompTIA Mobility+ Certification

Tips for Approaching Multiple-Choice Questions

The CompTIA Mobility+ examination has 100 multiple-choice questions. Hence, here are some tips to keep in mind while attempting these:

  • Read the question more than once and grasp the keywords.

  • Use the process of elimination to eliminate answers that you are sure are incorrect.

  • Look for clues in the question as sometimes the question contains hints about the answer.

  • Use your knowledge and reasoning to make an educated guess.

  • Do not overthink the question, trust your knowledge and instinct.

  • Manage your time well as it can be easy to get carried away in a question.

Best Resources to Prepare for the Practice Test

Here are some resources for you to check out to prepare your best before appearing for the examination:

1. Study Materials

O’Reilly | Exam Guide for Mobility+ Certification

The exam guide prepared by an information security engineer, is an All-in-One resource that gives a comprehensive outline of the technologies required to pass the exam. It has learning objectives, in-depth explanations, exam tips, and practice questions. 

Pass4Leader | MB0-001 Questions and Answers

You can study for the Mobility+ Certification through this PDF of questions and answers with an online test engine and a desktop test software which will help you learn with this digital study material.

2. Online Courses

ACTE | CompTIA Mobility+ Certification Online Training

This online training is an instructor-led training that starts at the beginner level and goes to the advanced level.

They provide 40 and more hours of hands-on training, more than 25 practical assignments, and projects along with live sessions for clarifications.

MercurySolutions | CompTIA Mobility+ [MB0-001]

MercurySolutions provides online training, boot camps, and instructor-led training which is a 5 days course.

They provide lectures provided by certified trainers, group exercises, and review sessions along with intensive hands-on sessions. 

3. Practice Sets

Chercher tech | CompTIA Mobility+ Certification Practice Questions

Chercher Tech provides many practice questions for the CompTIA Mobility+ Certification. They have up to 9 sets of questions, each consisting of more than 50 questions for practicing. It is available for free and does not require any enrolments.

Shine Learning | CompTIA Mobility+ (MB0-001) Certification Practice Tests

Shine Learning is another such platform that provides practice tests for the CompTIA Mobility+ certification. They have more than 500 questions, real exam and practice environments, and detailed answers and explanations.

4. Guides and Books

CompTIA Mobility+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide (Exam MB0-001) by Bobby E. Rogers

This guide covers all the topics required to pass the Mobility+ certification exam. It includes practice questions, real-world scenarios, and exam tips.

CompTIA Mobility+ Certification Exam Objectives by CompTIA

This is a free resource from CompTIA, and provides a detailed outline of the topics covered on the Mobility+ certification exam. It is a helpful study aid when used along with other study materials.

Exam Day Tips and Strategies

While preparation is key to success, it is also essential to keep these tips and strategies in mind.

a. Time Management Techniques

Here are a few techniques that you can apply to manage your time well:

  • Create a study schedule.

  • Prioritize your study time.

  • Avoid distractions such as social media or phone calls.

  • Get a good amount of sleep to remain focused.

  • Review your notes regularly

b. Test-Taking Strategies

In the end, after all your preparation the outcome is dependent on the performance you give in the 90 minutes of the test time. Hence, to make the most of it here are some strategies to keep in mind:

  • Read and understand the question thoroughly.

  • Answer each question with complete focus and with a calm mind.

  • Eliminate the wrong answers to make it easier.

  • Keep track of time while answering the questions.

  • If you get stuck, avoid getting anxious and instead calmly break down the question and pick out the keywords.

  • Double-check your answers.

  • Be confident in your answer choice.

c. How to Stay Focused and Confident

Confidence is key to excellent performance. Here are a few tips on how you can stay focused and confident even at a nerve-wrecking time.

  • Be well prepared for your exam.

  • Prioritize sleep, hydration, and nourishment.

  • Take regular breaks to avoid a burn-out.

  • Pace yourself and avoid rushing through questions.

  • Visualize success and motivate yourself.

  • Do not dwell on mistakes and instead rectify them.

  • Remember the amount of hard work and effort you put into your preparation and believe in yourself!

b. Dealing with Exam Anxiety

One of the best ways to avoid exam anxiety is by preparing well in advance. It is normal to feel nervous before an examination. However, there are ways you can deal with this anxiety so that you can give your best performance.

  • Be well prepared and start studying well in advance.

  • Practice deep breathing and meditate regularly to keep the anxiety at bay.

  • Avoid cramming at the last minute.

  • Manage your time well by regularly taking up practice tests.

  • Practice positive self-talk, as it is easy to get demotivated at times like these. Positive self-talk can keep you motivated and focused.

  • Avoid stimulants such as energy drinks or caffeine products as they may lead to anxiety.

  • Shift your entire focus on the exam and avoid all sorts of distractions .

e. Common Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes are a way for us to improve ourselves and learn from them. But sometimes mistakes can cost us heavily, so here are a few mistakes that you should be mindful of at the time of preparation:

  • Neglecting to study all the exam objectives and important key concepts.

  • Not managing your time effectively during practice questions by giving too much or too little time for each question.

  • Not focusing on scenario-based questions and application-based questions and instead practicing just theory-based ones.

  • Reading the questions in a hurry and skipping half the words can be misleading.

  • Not reviewing your answers despite having a good time doing so.

After the Exam: What's Next? 

After having completed the exam, wondering what the next steps are. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Interpreting Your Test Results 

    As soon as you complete your exam, the test results are displayed on your screen. The passing score is 720 out of 900. You will require your exam registration number and email address to access your record.

  • Retaking the Exam 

    If you did not clear your exam then do not give up! There is still a chance for you to earn your certification by retaking the exam after a certain amount of waiting period. 

  • Continuing Education Options 

    The validity of the CompTIA Mobility+ certification is up to three years, after which it can be renewed by earning CompTIA’s continuing education units (CEU).

Benefits of passing the CompTIA Mobility+ Practice Test

  • Increased Knowledge 

    Pursuing the CompTIA Mobility+ certification can help increase your knowledge and understanding of many key concepts, which can deepen your knowledge and expertise in mobile technology and network infrastructure. 

  • Competitive Edge 

    The CompTIA Mobility+ certification is a vendor-free credential that is acceptable worldwide. Through this certification, you will be recognized globally throughout the industries which gives you an added advantage over other IT professionals.

  • Improved Earning Potential 

    Having the CompTIA Mobility+ certification gives an increased chance of having a higher salary potential as it means that you have in-demand skills that are not only validated theoretically but also have hands-on experience.

  • Networking Opportunities 

    With this certification, you can build many networks and connect with other professional organizations where you can meet fellow professionals, participate in online communities, and join groups that are related to mobility.

  • Continuous Learning 

    This certification encourages continuous learning and sharing of knowledge. It expands your knowledge and understanding of security protocols, device management, network infrastructure and optimization, and mobile technologies.  

Real-World Applications of CompTIA Mobility+ Certification

After earning the CompTIA Mobility+ certification what are the real-world applications, and what can you do with it? Read on to find out:

Career Opportunities and Advancement 

One of the biggest advantages of the CompTIA Mobility+ certification is that it enhances your career opportunities by placing you in a different league. Here are some of the job roles that you can be eligible for:

  • Mobile Device Administrator

    This position requires you to implement, design, and develop software programs for mobiles and smartphones. It also includes troubleshooting and managing mobile devices and their applications.

  • Mobility Architect

    As a mobility architect, you will be working with the architecture of the application and finding solutions on how one can implement the latest technology into mobile hardware and software.

  • Mobile Applications Developer

    As a mobile applications developer, you will be designing and writing codes for the applications for mobile devices. It includes taking clients’ feedback and designing applications as per their requirements. 

  • Mobile Security Analyst

    As a Mobile Security Analyst, you will be assessing the security of the mobile devices. It requires analysis and performance tests on mobile devices to ensure there is no threat to the devices.

Salary and Job Market Trends

According to data from Payscale, the average salary for a Mobile Device Administrator is around $70,000 per year, while Mobile Application Developers can earn an average of $79,000 per year.

Mobile Security Specialists and Solutions Architects can earn even higher salaries, with average earnings of $96,000 and $113,000 per year, respectively.


Overall, the CompTIA Mobility+ certification is a valuable credential for IT professionals who are keen on mobile technologies. It is a way to enhance one’s skills and make way for career advancement and gain industry recognition.

The key takeaways are:

  • Practicing is key to scoring well and appearing confident.

  • Focusing on key concepts is the smart way to prepare.

  • There are abundant sources and materials available online to get the best training possible.

  • Go through exam tricks and strategies to give your best performance.

  • There are several benefits of passing the CompTIA Mobility+ certification that make taking up the certification worthwhile.


Who should take the CompTIA Mobility+ Practice Test?

IT professionals and students looking to take the CompTIA Mobility+ certification.

How much does the exam cost?

The CompTIA Mobility+ Certification is priced at $261.

How long does it take to prepare for the exam?

Provided you are an IT Professional with the recommended 18 months of work experience, it should take around 8 weeks to be completely prepared for the exam.

How often can I retake the exam?

You can retake the exam as many times as it takes till you earn your certificate but there is a certain amount of waiting period, and you have to pay the exam fee for every retake.

Is the Mobility+ certification recognized globally?

Yes. The CompTIA Mobility+ certification is a vendor-free certificate and is recognized globally.

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