How Long Does it Take to Get Comptia A+: Demystifying the Time It Takes to Get CompTIA A+

For individuals looking to start their journey in the world of IT, CompTIA A+ certification can be a gateway to pursuing their careers. It is a beginner-level certification that lays the foundation for further specialization.

There are certain factors that might affect the time it takes to complete the certification. In this article, we uncover the study techniques, exam resources, and many other details that will help you gain insight into CompTIA A+.

Understanding the Exam Format and Content

The CompTIA A+ certification consists of 2 exams, Core 1, and Core 2. Here is an overview of both the examinations.


Core 1 (220-1001)

Core 2 (220-1002)

Exam structure

Computer-based MCQs, drag and drop, and performance-based

Computer-based MCQs, drag and drop, and performance-based

Number of questions



Time limit

1 hour 30 minutes (90 minutes)

1 hour 30 minutes (90 minutes)

Recommended passing score

675 (on a scale of 100-900)

700 (on a scale of 100-900)

Exam content

Hardware, networking, mobile devices, and cloud computing.

Operating systems, security, software troubleshooting, and operational procedures.

Overview of the CompTIA A+ Exam Process

To register for the exam, you need to provide the necessary details that are;

  • Your name and mailing address.

  • The exam name and number you will be taking.

  • Your method of payment.

  • Date, time, and place that is suitable for you.

Scheduling the exam is the next step. Here is how you should do it.

  • Choose your preferred version of the CompTIA A+ exam.

  • Find an authorized CompTIA A+ testing center near you.

  • Check for available testing dates in your chosen exam center.

  • Select a suitable date and time for your examination.

  • After registering for your exam, you will receive confirmation of your appointment.

You should review the exam policies beforehand to understand what lies ahead of you. Arrive early so your check-in process can be done calmly. 

How Long It Takes to Prepare for CompTIA A+

  • For beginners, the recommended time to prepare for the exam is 3-6 months of adequate studying.

  • If you have basic knowledge of the exam topics and have done relevant coursework, then 2-4 months of studying can help you pass the exam.

  • If you have experience in the field of IT or have a solid foundation in exam-related material, then 1-3 months can be enough for you.

  • Other factors that might affect your preparation time are the intensity at which you study at. 

  • Your learning style and the exam materials used are also major components of clearing your exam. Your motivation and commitment, however, are the most important aspect.

Factors That Affect How Long It Takes to Get CompTIA A+

The time it takes for an individual to get CompTIA A+ certification varies due to certain factors such as:

  • Previous experience in IT

    Prior knowledge of computer software, hardware, and troubleshooting can narrow down the time required for you to get the qualification. This knowledge will help you focus on the harder parts of the examination.

  • Availability of study time

    Committing more study time to the certification helps you gain hands-on experience as well as understand the underlying concepts. It also gives you the time to revise thoroughly for the exam.

  • Learning style

    Opting for a learning style that helps you retain information and comprehend things in a better way can influence the speed at which you obtain the certification.

  • Training format

    Online resources give you flexibility, while in-class lessons give you practical experience. Training formats can narrow down the time required to get qualified. 

Benefits of CompTIA A+ Certification

  • Career Oppurtunities 

    Earning the CompTIA A+ certification can help individuals stay updated with industry trends like data management and IoT device security, and are capable of handling evolving technologies. 

  • Salary Expectations 

    CompTIA A+ reflects the reliance on several applications for remote work. The enhanced skills also pave the path for better salay negotiations and options as you start to work in a professional atmosphere. 

  • Professional development opportunities

    CompTIA A+ prepares professionals to assess whether on-site repairs or outsourcing to specialized providers is best, saving time and money while aligning with evolving industry demands.

Available Study Materials for CompTIA A+

Being well-prepared for the exam is your best bet to pass the certification. Here are some study materials that can make your exam journey easier.

1. Official Study Materials

CompTIA | CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1101) Certification Study Guide

A well-written and structured book that details both cores of the CompTIA A+ exam. The book is very comprehensive, so you get an in-depth overview of the entire syllabus.

CompTIA | CompTIA A+ Certification Training

This training consists of everything that will be on the exam. It is official and endorsed by professionals, making it an excellent resource for studying.

2. Third-party study materials

Amazon | CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Ninth Edition (Exams 220-901 & 220-902)

This book contains all the material relevant to both parts of the exam. It is well-detailed, comprehensive, and an excellent resource to prepare for the exam. 

Union Test Prep | Free Study Guides for the CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam

This free series are amazing to give you a basic idea on what to expect in the exam. After preparation, you can use flashcards and practice questions to see where you stand. 

3. Online study resources

Professor Messer | 220-1001 and 220-1002 A+ Study Resources

These resources focus on providing you with an in-depth overview of the CompTIA A+ examination and what to expect on the exam day. 

Udemy | CompTIA A+ (220-1001) Complete Course

This comprehensive Udemy course covers all the necessary topics to prepare you for the CompTIA A+ 220-1001 exam.

Recommended Study Plan for CompTIA A+

Creating a well-structured study plan helps you effectively prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification. Here are some recommendations for a study plan:

  • Creating a study schedule

    Allocating specific time slots for studying every day makes preparation for the exam straightforward and paves way for you to pass the examination.

  • Breaking down study material

    Break down the topics into smaller subtopics. This helps you manage your exam by dividing the time you allot to specific topics and improves focus.

  • Setting achievable goals

    By setting realistic goals you can keep track of the time required to master each topic. Set study goals to get a sense of fulfilment and make studying enjoyable.

  • Gaining hands-on experience

    Gain hands-on experience by doing internships or volunteering for jobs as it helps deepen your understanding of the challenges faced in the real world.

Training Options for CompTIA A+

Exam preparation is the primary and only factor that gets you certified. Here are some training options that can get you a CompTIA A+ certification.

1. Classroom training

CompTIA | CompTIA A+ Certification Custom Training

Provides you with a structured learning environment, face-to-face interactions with instructors, and opportunities for group discussions.

2. Self-paced training

University of Arizona | Self-paced Learning for CompTIA A+  

With this training option, you set the pace for preparing for your exam. It gives you access to textbooks, study guides, online tutorials, and recorded video lectures.

3. Boot camps

Infosec | CompTIA A+ Training Boot Camp

Boot camps are intensive training programs that help you cover the contents of your exam in a limited period. They include lab exercises and practice exam sessions to increase chances of success.

Pros and Cons of Each Training Option

Each training option might affect you in many ways. With the pros and cons list given below, you can opt for the one that suits you best.

Training option



Classroom training

You can get direct assistance from instructors allowing you to clear up any doubts.

Classes have fixed timings which intercede with busy schedules and travelling to them takes time and money.

Online training

Allows you to study from anywhere at any time giving you complete freedom.

Without any supervision you can stray off-track and lose motivation.

Self-paced training

It is a cost-effective method that allows you to give more time to difficult topics and skip topics you have already learned.

Clarifying doubts can be challenging for you as there is no direct instructor. 


They can help you cover syllabus in a significantly low amount of time with intensive training schedules.

Are costly and require you to commit a lot of time over a short period.

Recommended Training Option Based on Individual Needs

The suitability of each training option differs from person to person. Now that we have highlighted each one alongside their pros and cons, it is up to you to decide what fits your lifestyle.

Key factors to consider when choosing a training option include your budget, available time, your prior skills and knowledge, and your level of motivation. Base your decision in line with these factors to boost your chance of success.

Recommended Practice Tests for CompTIA A+

1. Official CompTIA practice tests

CompTIA | Free Practice Tests for A+

Sign up to the link given below, enter your details, and select CompTIA A+ to receive official practice tests. 

2. Third-party practice tests

Udemy | TOTAL: CompTIA A+ Certification (220-1001)

This course is incredible as it provides authentic practice tests and also prepares you with providing 124 lectures. 

3. Online practice resources

ExamCompass| CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Questions

This is an additional online resource that can help you gear up for the exam. It’s free to use and also generates score reports. 

Understanding the Importance of Practice Tests

Practice tests are essential for testing your knowledge and help to determine the areas that need improvement. Let’s look at what practice tests can do for you: 

  • Enhancing Time Management Skills

    By simulating the real exam conditions, practice tests enable you to practice effective time management, ensuring you allocate sufficient time to each section and complete the exam within the given time frame.

  • Identifying Weaknesses

    Taking practice tests helps pinpoint areas where you struggle, enabling you to focus your efforts on improving those specific topics or skills before the actual exam.

  • Uncovering Knowledge Gaps

    Practice tests highlight gaps in your knowledge and understanding, particularly when you encounter incorrect answers or struggle with complex questions. This feedback prompts targeted learning to address those gaps.

  • Assessing Confidence Levels

    Your confidence while answering certain questions can serve as an indicator of potential knowledge gaps. If you lack confidence in a particular area, it signals a need for further study and reinforcement.

  • Building Exam Strategy

    Repeatedly taking practice tests helps develop effective exam strategies, such as identifying question patterns, prioritizing sections, and managing time, ultimately leading to improved performance on the actual exam.

Recommended Study Techniques for CompTIA A+

By now you might have an idea that passing the exam is not an easy challenge. You need to practice the techniques with the highest rewards. Here is what we recommend;

  • Active learning

    Try and find answers if a topic is unclear by engaging in conversations with others. Make the most of your time by getting practical experience and attending labs.

  • Visualization techniques

    By visualizing complex concepts with the help of diagrams or flowcharts you engage your mind more allowing you to retain higher levels of information.

  • Mind maps

    Try and connect different topics in your mind by creating a main concept and linking it with others. This assists you when recalling certain topics during your exam.

  • Note-taking strategies

    Take organized and concise notes during your study sessions. Summarize key points, important definitions, and any examples that help clarify concepts.

Post-Exam Steps

  • Understanding exam results

    Your exam score will be displayed on-screen immediately after completing the exam and the exit survey. If you pass, you will receive a congratulatory email from CompTIA Certmetrics with instructions on accessing your record.

  • Exam retake policies

    If you do not pass a CompTIA certification exam on your first attempt, there is no waiting period before your second attempt. However, if you need to retake the exam for a third or subsequent time, you must wait at least fourteen (14) calendar days. 

  • Continuing education requirements

    You need CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for the CompTIA A+ instead of renewing the certification. Make sure to sta updated on these units and revive them as time passes. 


CompTIA A+ certification holds significant value for individuals seeking a career in the IT industry. It focuses on technical support skills and is widely recognized by employers, making it a valuable certification for landing entry-level IT jobs. 

With the industry's constant evolution, staying updated and pursuing higher-level certifications within the CompTIA pathway can further enhance professional growth and advancement in the IT industry.

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