Cloud Digital Leader Exam Questions

With the recent rapid growth of Cloud Technologies around the world, Google has provided a Cloud Digital Leader certification which helps an individual validate their knowledge in cloud computing.

This article will give you expert tips and sample questions that you can use to ace your Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification exam.

What is the Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification and what does it entail?

The Cloud Digital Leader Exam is a renowned certification that is offered by Google Cloud to test one’s knowledge of the know-how about Google Cloud and its services. It helps describe use cases for businesses and come up with solutions to support them.

Who is the right candidate for the Google Cloud Digital Leader exam?

The Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam is ideal for candidates who are looking for roles in Cloud Software, Cloud Consultation, Cloud Product Management, Cloud Engineering Management, Data Center Management, Business Systems, Security and Privacy, and Application Modernization. 

It is recommended that candidates have a minimum of 2-year experience in the industry to have a good head start on the skills and required knowledge, however, it is not a mandatory prerequisite.

What are the different topics covered by the Google Cloud Digital Leader exam?

To earn a certification as a Google Cloud Digital Leader, certain topics are heavily focused on to ensure complete knowledge and skills in Google Cloud services. These areas include:

  1. 1

    Digital Transformation with Cloud - 10%

    This includes knowledge on how one can manage large amounts of data streaming in from various devices and how infrastructures such as containers or serverless computers can be used effectively.

  2. 2

    Innovation with Google Cloud and data - 30%

    This includes knowledge about data and how one can manage it when combined with data from other sources as well as the various ways companies have used data to make decisions with analytics.

  3. 3

    Application modernization along with Infrastructure - 30%

    It consists of knowledge regarding the modernization of IT infrastructure and how one can build, create, and develop new applications in the cloud. Along with knowledge about APIs.

  4. 4

    Security and Operations with Google Cloud - 30%

    This domain is essential to ensure security in the cloud. It includes fundamentals about security and its challenges along with a good grasp on the monitoring tools for reliable operation.

Where can you find official Google Cloud Digital Leader sample questions? 

In order to feel confident and prepared to take up the Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam, one must practice sample questions. The Google Cloud Platform has released sample questions that you can utilize to practice before taking up the exam.

Google Cloud | Review Sample Questions

These questions are prepared by the official exam providers and are available in the form of a Google form to help candidates get familiar with the format and content of the examination.

They have specifically highlighted that these questions are not at the same level of difficulty as the official exam and should be used solely to understand the format and pattern.

What Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions On The Cloud Digital Leader Exam?

While preparing for the Cloud Digital Leader exam, it is important to know the most commonly asked questions. Here are a few of them that will help you understand the kind of questions to expect.

1) Which of the following is a PaaS product offering of Google Cloud?

  • a. Google Workspace

  • b. Google App Engine

  • c. Google Compute Engine

  • d. Persistent Disk

Answer: b

Explanation: Option b is correct as Google Engine is a PaaS offering whereas option a, b, and c are SaaS and IaaS offerings respectively. 

2) Choose the correct option among the following which can be utilized for fine-grained management as well as cost allocation in Google Cloud using organizations?

  • a. Billing access control

  • b. Budgets

  • c. Resource hierarchy

  • d. Quotas 

Answer: c

Explanation: Resource Hierarchy uses organizations to implement this management and cost allocation whereas billing access control helps in enforcing policies in different levels.

Budgets and quotas are useful for monitoring costs and controlling the spending respectively.

3) Which among the options given below defines a region appropriately?

  • a. There is One Data Center in one Region.

  • b. There is One Zone in one Region.

  • c. Collection of Zones.

  • d. Collection of Data Centers.

Answer: c

Explanation: A region is defined as a collection of zones. A region contains many zones, and these zones have data centers in them. Hence, option c is correct. Option a, b, and c do not define a region appropriately and are incorrect options.

4) API keys and certificates used across your Cloud need implementation of security and storage, therefore which plan is the most appropriate?

  • a. Cloud Key Management

  • b. Secret Manager 

  • c. Security command center

  • d. a & b 

Answer: b

Explanation: Option a can be used to store certificates, passwords, and API keys. Cloud key management is not used for storing and in fact helps in managing encryption keys.

Option c is used to offer security to the Google Cloud assets and hence is incorrect. Option d is incorrect as well.

What Is The Pass Percentage For The Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam?

The Google Cloud Digital Leader exam consists of 50-60 multiple choice and multiple select types of questions in which to earn the certificate one must acquire a minimum pass percentage. The pass percentage is 70%, below which one can retake the exam after 14 days of the exam date. 

How Much Does The Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam Cost?

The Google Cloud Digital Leader exam has a registration fee of $99 and cannot be canceled, refunded, or rescheduled. If the individual fails to cross the required minimum pass percentage, they can retake the exam after 14 days from the day of their exam. 

A third retake can be possible after 60 days, after which a waiting period of one year is required before attempting the exam. The exam fee must be filled out each time an individual wishes to retake the exam.

What Are The Benefits Of Pursuing The Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification? 

The Google Cloud Digital Leader certification is one of the fundamental certifications offered by the Google Cloud Platform for individuals above the age of 18. There are numerous benefits of this certification which include:

  • Increased Knowledge

    In-depth knowledge about cloud and data transformation and how business transformation benefits organizations. Enables identification of Google Cloud solutions to ensure smart analytics and benefits the data products.

  • Accelerated Growth 

    Help accelerate your organization’s digital transformation through infrastructure modernization and data handling. Also helps with improved customer satisfaction by recognizing the ways they can make use of these Cloud solutions to create business value.

  • Career Prospects

    Many organizations and employers appreciate employees who have taken up the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification to improve their knowledge and stay up-to-date with trending technologies.

  • Earning Potential

    Employees who have additional certifications in their resumes are given higher salaries due to the added skills that the organization may benefit from. Certified professionals are always in demand when compared to others with no certifications.

  • Build a Community

    This can help you find better roles and form networks on online forums or webinars. You can also participate in online competitions and contribute to real-world projects while gaining hands-on experience.

How To Get Fully Prepared For The Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam? 

Preparation and practice are key to acing the Cloud Digital Leader exam. Here are a few steps that you can follow in order to feel completely prepared before taking it up.

  • Understanding The Exam Pattern

    Understanding the exam pattern is essential. The Cloud Digital Leader exam is a 50-60 question exam with multiple choice questions or multiple select questions. It is for 90 minutes and is available in English and Japanese. 

  • Working On Gaining Knowledge With Practice And Training

    Once the exam format is clear to you, it is important to acquire knowledge. Focus on the 4 main topics and follow a learning path. Make use of online resources and study guides to prepare well.

  • Practice Tests And Sample Questions

    Once you have gained knowledge it is essential to test yourself by taking practice tests and answering sample questions. This will help you identify the knowledge gaps so you can fill it and successfully learn the concepts. 

  • Schedule The Exam

    Once you are confident in your preparation, you can book a date and register for your exam. You can either take the test in a center or from a remote location where testing requirements are satisfied.

Best Online Resources You Can Use To Study For The Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam

One of the best parts about the certifications offered by Google Cloud Platform is that they also provide a complete learning path to get started with the preparation for the exam. 

Google Cloud | Learning Path

Google Cloud provides a free-of-cost learning path that guides individuals through a collection of relevant courses, skill badges, and hands-on practice labs that prepares you to take the exam.

These real-world hands-on labs provide individuals with the knowledge and skills required to take up the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification. 

Udemy | GCP for Beginners

This course offered by Udemy is an introductory course for the Google Cloud Platform meant for beginners to become comfortable with the cloud technology terminologies and helps one understand the best practices to build and create applications on the platform.

Coursera | Google Cloud Digital Leader Training Professional Certificate

Google Cloud Digital Leader Training Professional Certificate is a 4 course series through which you can earn a career credential to showcase your expertise and prepare for the exam.

It is a beginner friendly course which takes approximately a month to complete.

Google Cloud | Cloud Digital Leader Study Guide

Google Cloud provides a free study guide to potential candidates before taking the certification.

It gives an overall introduction to the exam and various course objectives such as cloud terminologies, familiarizing with Google Cloud products and services.

Tips To Boost Your Knowledge And Successfully Pass The Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam 

It can be nerve-wracking to give an exam even after having prepared completely. In order to successfully pass the Google Cloud Digital Ledger exam here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Using the Resources 

    Google Cloud has provided candidates with a number of resources, going through the study guide provided by them thoroughly. Also make use of other online resources as well.

  • Learning Path

    Make use of the learning path offered by Google Cloud which is systematic and organized. It consists of 4 important modules that will be covered in the exam.

  • Work on Key Concepts

    While preparing for the exam, focus on the key topics that have been specified by the test makers. This will help you cover the important concepts required for the exam. 

  • Practice Hands-on

    Practice with the Google Cloud Console to get familiar with the products and services. The exam has many application-based scenarios and can be answered if you are familiar with hands-on practice.

  • Take Practice Tests

    Take practice tests to get familiar with the exam pattern and the type of questions that may be asked. Ensure you practice questions with a timer to manage your time during the exam.


Overall, the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification is a valuable credential for professionals and students who are looking to broaden their knowledge and skill set in cloud technologies. It is a way to enhance one’s career path and gain industry recognition.


Is the Google Cloud Digital Leader exam hard?

Some test takers found the exam more challenging than expected as it requires in-depth knowledge of Google Cloud and its solutions given a scenario. But, with good knowledge and lots of dedicated practice, you can ace this exam. 

How long does it take to study for Cloud Digital Leader?

The online courses that provide knowledge and practice for the Cloud Digital Leader exam, generally last a month long.

Along with that, it is important to practice questions to feel confident with the platform. This will take approximately 3 months of dedicated preparation. 

Is the Cloud Digital Leader certification worth it?

Having a Google Cloud Digital Leader certification is extremely beneficial as an IT professional.

It not only makes you familiar with the Cloud terminologies, services, and solutions to scenarios but also gives you an upper hand in your organization for coming up with effective solutions. 

Can Google Cloud certification get you a job?

No, there is no guarantee of getting a job with a Google Cloud certification. However, it is one of the renowned certifications in the world that is recognized globally.

Therefore, there is a chance that you may jump-start a cloud career after completing this certification.

Does Google Cloud Digital Leader expire?

The Google Cloud Digital Leader certification is valid for three years from the date you gain the certification. After that, you must recertify to maintain the status of your certification.

The expiry of your certificate will be notified to you in advance so that you can start preparations to recertify if you wish to do so.

How much do certified Cloud Digital Leaders earn?

The average pay of a certified Cloud Digital Leader varies between $100,000 to $160,000 per year. It also depends on the number of years of work experience, qualification of the individual, as well as the organization you work for. 

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