A Comprehensive Guide to Cloud Digital Leader Sample Questions

If you are looking for the most comprehensive guide to obtain your Google Cloud Digital Leader certification, you've come to the right place. This guide will assist you in obtaining your certification through tips and reliable resources for preparation.

In the following blog, we will understand the Google Cloud Leader certification, what it is, the benefits it offers, and how you can successfully prepare to achieve this certification.

What is the Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification and what does it entail?

Google Cloud Digital Leader is one of the latest certifications that Google has added, assessing knowledge in utilizing various tools within Google Cloud

It is a certification focused on developing business and commercial skills with cloud services, providing benefits and solutions to organizations to help them achieve their business objectives.

Who is the right candidate for the Google Cloud Digital Leader exam?

This exam is designed for professionals or individuals aspiring to be professionals in cloud services and computing, digital marketers, business digital transformation, and C-level executives.

What are the benefits of pursuing the Cloud Digital leader Certification?

Being a recognized certification, it brings significant benefits for both professionals and companies.

  • Job Opportunities

    Enhances your chances of securing lucrative job offers, as you can demonstrate your ability to use digital transformation tools within companies.

  • Salary Compensation

    Not only does it increase your job prospects, but it also raises the salary compensation you can potentially receive, in addition to qualifying for higher-level positions.

  • Professional Credibility

    With this certification, you will showcase your capabilities and be acknowledged within the IT field among other professionals.

What are the Cloud Digital Leader Exam Official Topics?

a. Digital Transformation with Google Cloud 10%

This section covers topics such as definitions and basic concepts of the cloud, the benefits of digital transformation for a company, risks, and applicable cloud solutions.

It explores how different cloud platforms adapt to various business needs and interests, and defines how to apply different processing models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

b. Innovation with Data and Google Cloud 30%

You will gain an understanding of the business benefits of cloud storage, comprehend data transformation with cloud technology, both structured and unstructured data, common solutions, and grasp machine learning and artificial intelligence.

c. Modernization of Infrastructures and Applications 30%

This section addresses topics such as the benefits of using cloud applications, the distinction between cloud infrastructures, understanding application modernization, explaining the benefits of Apigee, and understanding API values.

d. Security and Operations with Google Cloud 30%

This part focuses on understanding the cloud security approach, basic and fundamental cloud security terms, understanding the shared responsibility model, and becoming familiar with monitoring and maintenance tools.

How to Pass the Challenging Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam with Good Scores?

Preparation for any exam requires advance planning to ensure a solid understanding and practice, leading to success.

  • Pactice Questions

    Studying with sample questions for the actual exam allows you to familiarize yourself with the content and format, enhancing your readiness.

  • Continuous Knowledge Acquisition

    Consistently gaining knowledge through courses, tutorials, and reading materials is crucial. Staying updated and acquiring new information across a broad spectrum of content areas is essential.

  • Hands-On Experience

    Practical experience is the best way to apply your skills, assess areas for improvement, and focus on enhancing those specific points.

  • Understanding Exam Domains

    It's important to comprehend the exam's evaluation points, utilizing appropriate guides and documents to maintain the correct focus in your studies.

How to Prepare for the Cloud Digital Leader Certification Exam in a Short Time?

If you want to prepare properly and ensure passing the exam, it's advisable to start early. Only through early preparation can you guarantee a thorough understanding of the topics to confidently take the exam.

However, if you still wish to prepare with limited time, then utilizing practical resources is the best option. This includes practice exams, video tutorials, and practical guides, making learning easier and faster.

20 sample questions for Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader certification exam

Sample questions are an excellent way to prepare; they serve as a guide to understand the format and the type of questions you will encounter. Here are 20 sample questions.

A. Sample Questions :

  1. 1

    Q: When an organization accesses an application through a SaaS model, what is it responsible for?

    A: Maintaining customer-oriented content.

  2. 2

    Q: What is monitoring in the context of cloud operations?

    A: Collecting predefined and custom metrics from applications and infrastructure.

  3. 3

    Q: If a global organization develops an application to manage online payments and bank accounts from different regions, and it requires consistent data handling for each transaction in the database, anticipating nearly unlimited data growth, which Google Cloud product should the organization choose?

    A: Cloud Spanner.

  4. 4

    Q: How does the shift from on-premises to the cloud help organizations gain value over time?

    A: They can focus their efforts on developing solutions.

  5. 5

    Q: An organization achieves its 99.999% Service Level Objective (SLO).

    How much downtime do its end users experience per year?

    A: 5 minutes.

B. General Cloud Knowledge 

  1. 1

    Q: Examples of cloud computing:

    A: 1. Salesforce (SaaS).

    2. DigitalOcean (SaaS).

    3. Forcepoint = Cybersecurity.

  2. 2

    Q: Benefits of cloud computing:

    A: 1. Scalability

    2. Flexibility

    3. Security

    4. Efficiency

  3. 3

    Q: What is the cloud?

    A: It is a series of servers and combinations of networks, hardware, and storage to provide businesses with benefits such as cost savings and more user convenience.

  4. 4

    Q: What data can be used in the cloud?

    A: Emails, texts, locations, numbers, images.

  5. 5

    Q: What are the different layers of cloud architecture?

    A: 1. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

    2. SaaS (Software as a Service)

    3. PaaS (Platform as a Service)

    4. FaaS (Function as a Service)

C. General Google Cloud Knowledge

  1. 1

    Q: An organization needs to segment Google Cloud resources for each team independently. The efforts of each team change frequently, and there is a need to reduce operational risk and maintain cost visibility.

    What approach does Google recommend?

    A: One project per team.

  2. 2

    Q: Recently, computational workloads have been migrated to Google Cloud. These workloads need to securely access large volumes of data privately, and latency should be minimized.

    What should your organization do?

    A: Create a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) between your on-premises data center and your Google Cloud resources.

  3. 3

    Q: Simplifying identity access management policies is required for projects from different teams within Google Cloud.

    How can these projects be grouped to achieve this goal?

    A: Assign labels based on the virtual machines that are part of each team's projects.

  4. 4

    Q: An organization is planning its cloud expenses.

    What should the organization do to control costs?

    A: Regularly review cloud resource costs because costs depend on usage.

  5. 5

    Q: An organization relies on seasonal online sales for the majority of its annual revenue.

    Why should the organization use App Engine for its customer application?

    A: It performs maintenance during seasonal sales.

D. Google Products & Services 

  1. 1

    Q: How do Migrate for Compute Engine and Migrate for Anthos differ?

    A: Migrate for Anthos migrates to containers, and Migrate for Compute Engine migrates to virtual machines.

  2. 2

    Q: In an organization, extensive user information changes frequently and is stored in a local LDAP database. This database includes passwords and group memberships.

    How should your organization provision Google accounts and groups to access Google Cloud resources?

    A: Use Google Cloud Directory Sync to create users.

  3. 3

    Q: Cataloging customer opinions based on website text using a pre-trained machine learning model is needed.

    What Google Cloud product or service should the organization use?

    A: AI Recommendations.

  4. 4

    Q: An open-source machine learning platform is required for a business. It aims to automatically create and deploy custom applications using TPUs.

    What Google Cloud product or service should the organization use?

    A: AutoML Vision.

  5. 5

    Q: An organization needs to run frequent updates for its business application.

    Why should the organization use Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)?

    A: GKE is ideal for all monolithic applications.

Best Online Resourses To Help You Prepare for the Exam

To prepare for the exam, you need reliable resources and official materials to ensure that the content is accurate.

1. Official documentation

GoogleCloud | Cloud Digital Leader

With this official Google guide, you can train with confidence, knowing that the information is accurate. It covers every aspect and domain of the exam, explaining key points one by one.

GoogleCloud | Cloud Digital Leader

With this course, you will learn and prepare for the real exam. It includes 4 activities and is divided into different modules for better learning, with each module containing approximately 8 hours of content.

2. Online Courses

Udemy | GCP for Beginners - Become a Google Cloud Digital Leader

This course consists of 10.5 hours of video, 15 articles, and a completion certificate that you can add to your resume. It covers all key aspects and topics of the exam, guiding you on how to start and become a professional in Google Cloud Digital Leadership.

Whizlabs | Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader

With this Whizlabs course, you can learn and prepare comprehensively for the exam. It includes a practice exam with 152 questions and answers, along with over 7 hours of video content.

3. Practice Exams and Mock Tests

IT exams | Cloud Digital Leader (Cloud Digital Leader) Exam – ITExams

This practice exam covers all the fundamental concepts of the real one, with 199 practical questions, and is in the English language.

ExamTopics | Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam

This practice exam consists of 199 questions and answers to help you become familiar with the real exam. It has a success rate of 95.1%.

4. Best Video Tutorial

freeCodeCamp.org | Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Course - Pass the Exam!

In this 6-hour video tutorial, cover all the points and domains in the exam, from cloud concepts and global infrastructure to cloud tools and more.

SkillCurb | Cloud Digital Leader Certification FREE Full Practice Test [2023] | Google Cloud (GCP)

In this 40-minute SkillCurb video, you will experience a live simulation of the exam, consisting of 50 questions with 30 seconds per question to answer. This material is perfect for practice.

Tips To Boost Your Knowledge And Successfully Pass The Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam

To succeed in the exam, you must keep in mind and put into practice the following tips.

  • Take practice exams

    Practice exams allow you to familiarize yourself with the real exam, enabling you to assess your time management and true knowledge to focus on weak points.

  • Create a study plan

    Organization is crucial when preparing for certification. You can tailor your study plan to the different domains of the exam, using techniques such as flashcards or notes.

  • Stay focused

    It is important to maintain calm and patience during the exam. Performing breathing exercises before and during the exam is advisable. This will help you stay focused and calm, which is a key point.


Do not fear success, and prepare yourself to obtain this certification. Relax and take your time during the exam, review the documents and guides before the exam day, and revisit the concepts.

Follow the advice and tips recommended in this blog; they will assist you in achieving success. Good luck!


How much does the exam cost?

The exam has a cost of $99.

In which language does the exam provide?

The exam is offered in English and Japanese.

What is the format of the exam?

The exam format includes 50-60 multiple-choice questions.

Are there are eligibility criteria or pre-requisites?

No prior experience or prerequisites are required.

How long the exam takes?

The exam has a duration of 90 minutes.

Why should I get certified? What's the value?

As a Google certification, it is recognized by professionals in the IT industry. Additionally, it is a functional certification that doesn't require prior experience for obtaining it.

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