Google Cloud Sales Engineer Salary : Everything You Need to Know

Cloud technologies are becoming increasingly popular in today’s tech industry. As such, many are migrating their services and applications to the cloud.  

But getting started is the challenging part for most beginners. That’s exactly one reason why the expertise of a sales engineer is highly needed and deemed necessary nowadays. 

A Google cloud sales engineer, for example, is responsible for introducing cloud technologies to clients, helping them understand the features while explaining different components and potential roadblocks. 

This role is significant in the marketing and selling of cloud infrastructure and the salary, including the benefits that come with it, seems compelling enough. 

Job Description of a Google Cloud Sales Engineer

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    Overview of the responsibilities of a Google Cloud Sales Engineer

    There are roles and responsibilities associated with being a Google Cloud Sales Engineer. As someone who is assigned to this role, he or she is responsible for selling technologies through a consultation process. 

    As the link between the clients and the company, sales engineers play an integral role in ensuring that products are effectively delivered to the market and they know exactly what they’re presenting. 

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    Explanation of the role in the sales process

    Sales engineers are tasked to communicate with the clients and the development team to come up with a solution that satisfies the business needs.

    They are experienced salespeople who are, at the same time, knowledgeable of the technical procedures which allow them to advise customers and inform them of the process. 

    Conversely, the lack of necessary skills can greatly affect how the outcome will proceed. 

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    Technical expertise required for the job

    One pivotal requirement to succeed is to have a complete understanding of how the Google cloud infrastructure works. It’s equally important to understand networks, connectivity, storage, and also databases, including how they operate and their functions. 

Average Google Cloud Sales Engineer Salary: Explanation of how the salary is calculated

On average, a certified Google Cloud Sales Engineer earns an annual income of $80, 257 which is approximately $39/hour. 

However, similar jobs such as Google Principal Engineer and PRE Sales Systems Engineer received higher hourly wages by as much as $69.60 which is twice as much the hourly pay for a sales engineer. 

Let’s take a look at some common factors that show a clear disparity in salary.

  • Location 

    In highly commercial cities such as New York, California, and Green River WY, the average salary is higher than in other cities and countries across the world. The contributing factor to this is the cost of living in expensive cities. 

    As such, a sales engineer working in New York earns as much as $93, 429/ yearly while it only costs $87,082 in Juneau, AK. 

  • Years of experience 

    Senior sales engineers have higher salaries as compared with their junior counterparts. Since they have lots of experience, chances are their average salary is $10, 000 higher than beginners. 

  • Commissions 

    Salaries for sales engineers can also vary based on commissions. That means that the more they sell, the higher the commission price they will receive.

    With the right amount of market-relevant and improvement skills, a sales engineer can get a lot more in commission alone. 

We can’t deny that factors such as the cost of living and hourly wage can affect the monthly income. Other contributing factors also include the skills, education, and number of accomplished certifications and achievements.  

How to Become a Google Cloud Sales Engineer

One key requirement for this role is to earn a bachelor’s degree. Although it’s also possible to have no degree at all, completing a relevant degree often guarantees a specialty in technical development on top of marketing skills. 

Educational and technical qualifications required for the role

Aspiring sales engineers would have to complete a marketing degree in order to fulfill the role. In addition, having technical acumen in terms of cloud infrastructure, and computer engineering is also essential to succeed in targeting a customer. 

Skills and experience needed to excel as a Sales Engineer

Both skills and length of experience as a sales engineer are considered paramount to excel in this industry. Successful ones often give regard to improving their skills and learning experiences. 

  • Above-average interpersonal and communication skills 

    Communication with everyone is vital. Whether you’re translating requirements to your development team or presenting options to clients, effectively delivering your product creates a difference. 

    Of course, you have to work on your interpersonal skills with your clients and your team. This would help build a smooth working relationship with everyone. 

  • Strong technical background 

    Experience is one thing. Having solid technical acumen is another. While having huge sales translates to career growth, it’s likewise smart to learn the jargon very well.

    Start by researching equivalent layman terms from complicated IT vocabulary to effectively communicate with both your team and clients. 

  • Market and sales skills 

    To effectively sell Cloud services to potential clients, having a solid grasp of market trends helps you stay competitive in the long run. Comprehending things clearly despite the intricacies allow you to design plans and key solutions. 

Furthermore, developing the ability to realize sales opportunities is equally important. Before discussing a product with your clients, you’ll need a clear and in-depth knowledge of what your company is offering, and how it can help them.

Tips on how to get started on this career path

To help get started with your sales engineer journey and have a prosperous career in the longer term, here are some useful tips and recommendations. 

  • Earn the degree and other job requirements 

    Since the role often includes marketing skills on top of relevant years of experience, it’s only important to earn the necessary degrees. 

    Fulfill the role properly by also earning certifications and other relevant requirements that will increase your trustworthiness level to clients.

    Check out all open opportunities physically and virtually to keep adding more badges to your current title. 

  • Develop all essential skills 

    Needless to say, having communication, technical, and market skills is so crucial for translating client needs. Once you have earned these, continually make necessary improvements by undergoing routine skill training. 

    That way, you’ll be able to learn something new while staying consistent and ahead of the competitive market. 

  • Attend boot camp and training opportunities 

    This one’s a no-brainer. Since almost every job evolves and continuously grows these days, it makes sense to invest in growth and career development. 

    Don’t go assuming that what you currently have is enough to survive. Invest in career improvement plans to stay updated and keep up with the ever-changing demands, especially in the fast pace market. 

Benefits of Being a Google Cloud Sales Engineer

Many exciting perks come with working as a Google Cloud Sales Engineer. The role offers not only the best salaries but bigger things that will improve one’s working conditions.  

Here are more benefits to expect, especially with the tech giant, Google. 

  • Healthcare benefits 

    Google offers medical insurance to their employees, their spouses, and dependents. Medical insurance covers not only basic care but also comes with vision and dental care services. 

    Whether you’re still starting or a full-time employee, you will gain full access to their healthcare privileges which will bring you peace of mind. The best thing is that Google has onsite medical staff for immediate health concerns. 

  • Mental wellbeing 

    They provide access to mental health applications which helps boost employees' mental welfare.  

    This simply shows that Google cares beyond the physical welfare of its employees. They take their mental state seriously since mental health awareness is increasingly becoming a relevant concern nowadays. 

  • Exceptional facilities 

    To make the workplace easier for the team, Google offers laundromats and free haircut services to their employees. 

    Additionally, they have the best and high-tech facilities that make the whole workplace an incredible environment to be in. Employees get to experience free-of-charge facilities on top of visually appealing establishments. 

  • Financial and retirement benefits 

    Lastly, they offer financing programs for employees to ensure that they have financial stability even if they decide to leave the company. They have a stock option that can be included as a compensation package. 

Google’s goal is to make the workplace happy and it’s evident in their office establishments, their rules, and the employee privileges they provide. As a tech giant, they ensure that they can boost productivity while ensuring employee satisfaction. 

Another unique benefit of working at Google is their gold star system which gives employees a massage credit reward. 


The bottom line is being a Google Cloud sales engineer is such a crucial, yet rewarding job. It comes with a decent salary and incredible employee perks that are certain to help not only you but your loved ones as well. 

But to become a successful sales engineer, there are certain skills and requirements to accomplish. Constant growth and learning might also be substantial to stay consistently productive in the competitive industry. 

Should you’re contemplating starting a career as a sales engineer or simply want a career shift right now, then start by planning out your next steps. With every start and transition of a career, there are always things that need to be answered.

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