Get Certified in the Most In-Demand Skills with the Microsoft Professional Program

Over the years, we have witnessed how technology evolves to adapt to the particular needs of businesses and individuals alike. As demand increases, companies are also in pursuit of certified and reliable experts. 

The Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) is one globally recognized program that was developed to help individuals gain both technical skills and real-world experience. It’s a practical tool to improve your ability while accomplishing a rewarding career in the long run.

Although it’s said that MPP has already retired, it was adapted to a new program called Microsoft Learn due to its incredible success record. But what exactly do we know about MPP? To get started, let’s find out more. 

What is the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP)?

Microsoft developed the Microsoft Professional Program(MPP) for the purpose of training and enhancing IT professionals in different fields such as front-end web development, big data, cloud administration, and so many more. 

Whether you’re thinking of upskilling or want to learn something completely new, it’s agreeable to understand things first before you start. 

Who should take Microsoft Professional Program courses?

Microsoft is a reliable partner with various organizations across the world. That’s why being certified somehow guarantees prolonged career advantages.

As significant changes in the IT industry are clearly evident over the last decade, having a competitive advantage makes a huge difference and ultimately builds flexible opportunities. 

But how exactly do the best results are achieved?

Enrolling for MPP is not only essential for experienced ones but is also a life-changing tool for beginners. If you want to add some dynamics to your career or maybe want a complete change in your field of expertise, then you might want to give this option a shot. 

MPP covers different subjects and courses, and each comes with a variety of techniques. Regardless if you’re thinking of learning the fundamentals first or pursuing the more profound information, it’s indispensable to initially figure out which among the available courses suits you most. 

A significant piece of advice is to research the prerequisites of your chosen course. Learn the education, requirements, license, and duties to find out if you’ve picked the right one. 

What are the different programs available and what do they offer?

With the variety of courses readily available nowadays, finding the right one is like shopping for groceries. You need to highlight first what’s more essential and focus last on the least required. 

Before you decide to enroll in one or any of the courses, know what’s in store for you. 

What will you gain from your choice and will the benefits last longer? Do you have the necessary skills and knowledge to qualify? What are the upsides and downsides of each program?

These are some of the few questions that require assessment before anything else. Let’s dive further into what MPP has to offer. 

Data Science

Today, data science is considered a big factor when analyzing large volumes of data. The use of specialized programming combined with mathematics and statistics significantly contributes to delivering positive business outcomes. 

Should your expertise revolve around controlling, analyzing, and handling large data, learning data science through MPP can be a game changer. MPP offers customized learning paths on top of modules suited for beginners and experts alike. 

If you recently became a data scientist and are still getting accustomed to the process, learn PowerBI or basic analytical reports and techniques.


DevOps or more commonly referred to as development (Dev) and operations (Ops) can be pretty challenging for everyone. I had a similar experience when I managed a project while coding and the combined process itself can be overwhelming. 

On the brighter side, if you’re aiming for a reliable and stable system while improving recovery and gaining a competitive advantage, learning DevOps is a surefire strategy to win. 

Get your DevOps career started by exploring automation, principles of machine learning, efficiencies, and some other key modules. Lastly, define which learning path works well for you. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is certainly one of the most talked about nowadays. With the revolution of machine intervention, many people believe that robots can one day replace humans in doing tedious tasks. Others, however, debate that they also pose a serious security risk. 

Still, we can’t deny that AI has drastically changed our way of life. Attending AI courses through MPP lets you become an innovator.

From day-to-day, simple tasks to advanced programs such as machine learning, completing AI modules allows you to experiment and build your very own inventions. 

Front-End Web Development

On the other hand, if you’re inclined to develop websites and applications using front-end programming languages (HTML, CSS, and Javascript), it’s highly recommended to pursue this program. 

As individuals and businesses are endorsing their services through the online world for a wider audience reach, they need a website that represents what they’re offering. 

Being a certified front-end developer through MPP guarantees complete learning of Hypertext markup language (HTML), HTML5, cascading style sheets (CSS), and Javascript.

If you’re lucky, you might learn some useful frameworks for well-optimized, usable, and secure coding structures. 

Entry Level Software Development

MPP also provides courses for aspiring entry-level software developers. Making the most out of the teaching materials lets you become effective in assessing client requirements, analyzing scopes and limitations, and enhancing your problem-solving skills. 

As you develop specialized techniques and applications, there’s a better chance of fulfilling your role wisely. There might be a downside, though. In my case, I’ve handled a lot of concurrent projects which are nerve-wracking and stressful. 

If you’re still a newbie to any programming languages, I recommend taking things one at a time. Handle as few and as little projects as possible before increasing the workload. 

Cloud Administration

A lot of companies globally are relying on cloud infrastructure services. Thus, becoming a certified cloud administrator has a lot of perks.  

The Microsoft professional program offers a collection of cloud administration tools from identifying prerequisites to managing servers. Pick the right materials that serve right to your skills and level of experience.

IT Support

Besides learning technical skills, IT support is also a widely recognized service since it basically caters to troubleshooting customer issues. 

Taking this program will help you get started on handling customer inquiries while deploying feasible solutions. You might want to look for your weak and strong points first before investing in specialized modules.

Which certifications are best to pursue with Microsoft Professional Program?

With a lot of certifications, it can be quite difficult to determine which fits right. Not to mention that most certificates hold significant value. 

But the question is, what certification is the right one for you?

When it comes to choosing an option, we’re going to look at some factors such as the demand, relevance to current expertise, and mastery difficulty, among many others. You need to clearly identify what is fitted for you and come up with a summary of materials afterward. 

That way, you’ll at least be able to assess the potential choices while mitigating risks.

Is a Microsoft Professional Program certificate worth it?

Microsoft is globally renowned in the IT industry. So, when applying for roles, being MPP-certified pays. There are so many benefits of attending a program aside from learning some tricks. Successful participants will also have a high employment success rate on top of amazing career benefits. 

What is the highest-paid Microsoft certification?

One of the highest-paid Microsoft certifications today is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Cloud platform and infrastructure. This certification is ideal for IT experts who want to exhibit their skills in handling cloud-related services. 

Although this certification features a higher salary as opposed to the rest, it’s best to clearly determine what you’re good at. Designing and deploying cloud technologies is not for everyone, after all. 

Where and how can you register for a Microsoft Professional Program?

Since the Microsoft Professional program has been adopted and becomes Microsoft Learn, the initial step to get started is to secure a Microsoft registered account. 

  1. 1

    First, start your MPP registration journey by visiting and learn more about the program. There, you’ll find guidelines and instructions on the next steps. 

  2. 2

    Next, know which learning path and modules are ideal for you. Try customizing learning materials to get precisely what’s well-fitted for your current learning.

    Most importantly, explore the prerequisites of each course and avoid taking advanced ones without going through the basics. 

  3. 3

    Selecting the Microsoft Azure SQL solutions, for example, requires participants to have skills and experience in SQL servers, deploying, and managing servers. If you’re still unfamiliar with any of these, then refrain from taking advanced topics. 

How much does it cost to enroll in the program, and is there financial aid available?

A very typical question is about the cost associated when enrolling in the said program. The cost of study materials in MPP varies wildly. In order to be certified, you might be paying $99 up to $165. 

If you’re taking 2 or more certifications, the sum could rise from $300 to $400. 

In addition to that, certificates also need to be renewed since they typically expire after a certain period. Regardless of what certifications you applied for, know when your certificate expires and follow the necessary steps. 

Since the prices are incredibly expensive, you can seek out financial help from your company or from institutions offering the program in exchange for your service. Needless to say, know your choices well. 

How long does it take to complete a Microsoft Professional Program and what will you learn from it?

Depending on your learning speed, you can complete a course in a couple of days to weeks or months. 

Should you wish for faster results, you might want to double your time and effort in studying the course and passing the exam. Be very sure you know everything before completing your chosen program. 

One irrefutable thing about earning your qualifications and higher degree is that you’ll be one step ahead of others. Studying from the basic to the advanced programs will not only hones your skills but will also allow you to derive excellent solutions. 

Again, you might want to start learning from the very beginning, especially if you’re still new. Gradually climb your way up to the programs until you gain mastery. 

How does the MPP benefit your career development and future prospects?

There are so many great things to expect when you’re already certified and recognized in the industry. Of course, seeing you become a well-versed and certified expert brings a sense of fulfillment. 

But let’s dig deeper into how it helps your career and future prospects:

  • Higher success rate 

    Becoming one of the MPP-certified professionals evokes interest in companies. Since Microsoft is popular, almost all applicants who successfully present their certifications have a better chance of landing the job. 

  • Improves organizational performance 

    In addition to that, familiarity with Microsoft tools and technologies makes a difference in organizational performance. Being well-equipped with proper training and education lets you navigate better solutions without compromising the results. 

    When more people in your team are already certified, this maximizes overall performance and contributes to helping businesses and clients alike. 

  • Helps businesses 

    Another remarkable benefit of MPP is that it helps software businesses. Leading a team of well-versed and Microsoft-certified experts increases trustworthiness among clients. You’ll also likely deliver high-end outputs which translate to more project wins and revenues.

Are there similar resources to MPP?

Apparently, Microsoft is not the only online teaching platform available nowadays. Alternatives are also found online that are helpful for beginners and professionals. Here are my top picks of resources worth checking out:

Coursera - Microsoft Azure Data Engineering

One of the highest-rated Coursera courses is Microsoft data engineering. In this course, you will learn the basics of Azure storage, fundamental technologies, and how to use them, create pipelines, and build analytics. 

Udemy - Cloud computing for beginners and IaaS

Udemy offers cloud computing and other programs fit for novices and experts. Learn the basics of cloud computing and virtualization technologies that are highly useful these days. 

Whizlabs- MS Power Platform Fundamentals

If you prefer to take the PL-900 certification, then the Whizlabs Power Platform Fundamental course is ideal for you. 

One good thing about this is that it consists of practice exams and training videos to improve productivity on the power platform. 


Enrollment in the program is just the start. You will need to undergo course and exam completion to achieve the desired result. Like with any other programs widely offered and available nowadays, it pays to arrive at a safer and more reliable decision. 

Word of Advice

It's essential to constantly strive for constant learning and development. Change is inevitable, apparently. Despite having top-tier skills and certifications, this does not guarantee prolonged career stability.

You need to adapt and learn what’s new in the IT industry to keep up with the competitive market. 

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