Microsoft Visual Studio Certifications: Build a Career in Programming with The most recognized certifications in the industry

You must have a solid understanding of Microsoft Visual Studio, If you want to start a career in computers including developing your own applications and work for an organization to develop cutting-edge software. 

Microsoft Visual Studio enables you to reshape the digital world. It helps to create useful software, apps, and solutions to benefit businesses.

In light of this, we'll study Microsoft Visual Studio in more detail to examine its applications, and some of the top certifications you should pursue to improve your programming skills. So grab a coffee, and let's begin!

What are the Microsoft Visual Studio Certifications and what do they entail?

A Microsoft Visual Studio certification is intended to guarantee competence in creating a variety of Windows 8 applications using various programming paradigms, including C#, HTML5, and JavaScript. 

The Microsoft Visual Studio education program validates proficiency and competence in comprehending the knowledge in the fundamental technological background.

You can earn the MTA and MCSA credentials from Windows with the aid of this ability. Some of the top and most well-liked certification programmes are listed here:

1-MCSA Web Applications and MCSD App Builder:

  Offers the following official Microsoft courses:                           

  • 20480 HTML5 programming combining JavaScript and CSS3,

  • 20486 syllabus, 

  • 20486 Providing the basis of Creating Web Applications with ASP.NET MVC 4 20532,

  •  Development of Microsoft Azure Solutions,

The Microsoft examinations include:

  • Programming HTML5 using JavaScript and CSS3 (70-480)

  • Designing ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Web Applications,

  • Exam 70-486

  • Creating Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-532)

2-App Builder for MCSD with MCSA Web Applications:

 Has the following Microsoft official training programmes:         

  • 20480 HTML5 programming with CSS3 and JavaScript 

  • Curriculum Vitae 20486 

  • Web Application Development with ASP.NET MVC 4 20532

  • Create Microsoft Azure Solutions

Exams offered by Microsoft include:

  • 70-480: HTML5 programming combining JavaScript and CSS3

  • ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Custom Application Design Exam 70-486

  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Development Exam 70-532

3-MCA Coding with C#

Includes the official Microsoft course:

  • Microsoft's exam for 20483 Programming with C# 

Criteria as follows:

  • C# programming exam 70-483

Who should consider pursuing a Visual Studio Certification?

In some situations passing an exam or earning a microsoft visual studio certification is a prerequisite for employment with a corporation. 

Nonetheless, the following arguments exist:

  • Certification is not proof that you are knowledgeable.

  • There isn't any assurance that if you lack certification, you aren't an expert.

  • As during exams, you could be lucky and see only the questions you understand, or unlucky and encounter the questions you don't.

  • Having or not having a certification doesn't prove anything, as per industry experience.

Hence, I think that getting certified should be a choice, rather than a must for the employment process. Instead, we should concentrate on knowledge and competence through alternative methods.

What Do I Need to Do to Become Certified in Visual Basic?

Students must study about user interface, language syntax, programme structure, and programming language implementation in order to earn a visual Microsoft certificate programme. Such skills aim to teach students how to develop and use applications.

  1. 1

    Developing user interfaces

    Students taking a Visual Basic course use interfaces,control variables, programme events, and implement call methods.

    They eventually become proficient in using MessageBox, a Visual Basic utility that updates users on system activity.

  2. 2

    Language syntax

    The syntax for a procedure, operation, or expression in a Visual Basic Support topic displays all the components required to utilize the technique, feature, or statement correctly.

    An expression statement, which consists of  an equation to be assessed on a single line, is the most typical type of statement. Functions or subroutines might be called, and variables might get new values as a result of that evaluation.

  3. 3

    Programming language implementation 

    Programming language proficiency shows mastery of a particular language, platform, or development methodology.

    Today's programming courses cover settings and platforms for development just as much as particular languages. 

What benefits will you gain from getting certified in Microsoft Visual Studio ?

  • Enabling code executability

    The simplicity of microsoft visual studio certifications, especially the executable code, is one of its major advantages. It also serves as an integrated programming environment (IDE) that enables the quick development of software programmes.

  • Improve functionality

    It enables you to  function well with a variety of databases, including DBMS, Sqlite, ORDBMS (Object Database Management System), and RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) (Database Management System).

  • Makes you  interactive and user-friendly

     Users can easily code, test, and debug thanks to Visual Basic's ready-made controls and support from the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) for technical issues.

  • Application access:

    Applications can be made in two different ways with visual studio: standalone and distributed. The server-side programming language ASP (Active Server Pages), which is used in web development, can also be used with it. 

  • Langauage facility

    A programming language created by Microsoft is called Visual Basic. Like other language families, it is not case-sensitive, making it one of the most popular programming languages for creating computer programmes.

Tips on how to study for the Microsoft Visual Studio Certification

  • Professional Advice from Microsoft Certified:

    You must genuinely want it. If you're earning your Microsoft visual studio certification because your boss instructed you to or because you want to "get off the bad list," you might be in the wrong position.

  • Exam strategy:

    Choose a certification route and an exam strategy. Examine all of the certifications on the Microsoft official website.

  • Scheduling:

    Before spending even one hour on study, schedule the exam. Making the test public inspires us to reach the deadline. On each page for a particular Microsoft Certifications, a link to the exam signup form is also provided.

  • Start acting; engage in hands-on education:

    A monthly benefit of $150/$50 for the Firm versions is offered with a Visual Studio Subscription. The Microsoft Visual Membership Benefit page's Azure monthly benefit must be activated.

  • Every day, set aside a block of time for studying:

     Each day of the week, reserve time for studying and after that fill  the day's vacant gaps. This is one of my favorite techniques to fully concentrate on studies.

  • Do not fear from failure:

    Enter and grab it. I only missed a few questions on my first try, but was close enough to quickly review what I missed and pass it the second time. And hence my personal experience has taught me to learn from failures.

Best online course to prepare for the Microsoft Visual Studio Certification

You may learn more about this integration platform to create Windows software—by taking one of the free online courses in visual studio.

Moreover,  Microsoft visual studio is used to create mobile apps, web services, and websites. Below are some of the best online courses that will instruct you on the preferred coding environment for virtual language.

Whizlabs courses

Whizlabs is a global leader in the provision of online training for microsoft visual studio certification.

It offers online certification training across a range of visual studio subjects, including Cloud Technology, Java, Big Data, Program Management, Agility, Ubuntu, CCNA, and Internet Marketing.

The goal of Whizlabs is to assist professionals in their exam preparation so they may do so effectively and confidently. 

Udemy courses

If you want to study for the MTA, MCSA, MCSE, or MCSD test, Udemy has a variety of Microsoft certification courses to help you be prepared for your subsequent career opportunity. 

Their courses provide you with the necessary impetus to expand your knowledge or discover new things. 

How can the Visual Studio Certification boost your resume for career advancement?

According to a study of roles and positions in the IT sector, one of the key benefits of Microsoft Visual Studio is that they are perfectly in line with the needs of the market. 

Still not persuaded? Let's elaborate.

The certificates provide the following five useful advantages taking into account these foundations:

  1. 1

    Your abilities are valued by employers!

    Microsoft is a well-known industry leader in the field of information technology, and organizations of all sizes. While seeking a new position, a change, or a promotion, possessing a Microsoft certification provides further assurances.

  2. 2

    You'll get noticed for your resume!

    In fact, according to 60% of IT hiring managers, resumes with Doing that accreditations are substantially more probable to be evaluated than those without them.

  3. 3

    A rise in income? 

    YES! Microsoft Certifications might make the difference if you already have a job but want to make more money. A certification can increase your salary or wage to 28 %.

  4. 4

    Better and more possibilities for careers!

    Microsoft Certifications offer a wide range of opportunities that are all based on the current and future needs of the market, and they can completely change the course of your professional life.

  5. 5

    Improve your ability!

    With a Windows Certification, your fresh IT skills will be officially recognised, elevating the value of your knowledge so that others will look to you for assistance and direction.


Overall, we can state that, the microsoft visual studio certification leads you to develop a range of data system programmes and scripts.

From comparatively inexperienced learners to seasoned specialists in the area, this certification is created for learners with a range of ability levels. 

Furthermore, Microsoft visual studio certification allows a certified diploma for technical skills that will have a positive impact on your job position, employment growth and income.


Are Visual Studio certifications worth it?

For job seekers and the firms looking for them, visual studio Microsoft Certifications provide a significant competitive edge. For that reason, this certification will give you an advantage in the long run.

What is C# Developer salary?

The average income for C# developers in the United States are $80,000, with salaries ranging from $60,000 to $160,000.

The middle 57 percent of C# developers earn from $100k and $105,000, with the highest 86% earning $160,000.

Is C++ or C# better for jobs?

C++ is substantially lighter than Java. As a result, when compared to C++, C# binaries are substantially larger after compilation.

Whenever higher tier languages are not effective, C++ is frequently employed. The higher speed of C++ compared to C# makes it a better choice for situations where speed is crucial.

Which pays more C# or Python?

As per a Stack Overflow study, C# engineers make $110k annually on aggregate, whereas Python developers are making an estimate of $120k.

Does C++ have a future?

Because of its versatility, it continues to be in high demand among professionals including software engineers, game makers, C++ analysts, and backend developers, among others.

According to the TIOBE ranking for 2022, C++ is the fourth most used language in the world.

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