Why should you never use Salesforce Admin exam dumps?

One essential step to becoming a certified Salesforce admin is taking the exam. The Salesforce admin exam confirms your knowledge of Salesforce's applications, management, and configuration. 

This article will discuss the many sides of Salesforce admin exam dumps and why you should never use them to attain your certifications.

What are the Salesforce Admin exam dumps, and are they helpful?

Salesforce exam dumps are materials that contain lists of Salesforce exam questions as well as their answers.

Of course, using the salesforce admin exam dumps is the surest way to get a salesforce certification. Still, it doesn’t dispute that it’s cheating your way through a certificate you’re likely not ready for.

So, while these exam dumps might pose as helpful, they’re not beneficial, especially considering possible repercussions.

Are you cheating yourself by using exam dumps?

Yes. The problem with the salesforce admin exam dump is that while you’re cheating your way through to certification, you’re, in turn, cheating yourself out of learning.

Why? When you try to skip processes to land on results, you will only be left with a hollow package. 

It’s simple – cramming exam dumps might get you through the exam, but you’ll most likely get stuck at the interview.

There’s more: if you get caught, you risk losing certifications and getting certified in the future. 

On the other hand, there’d be no need to skip ahead if you’re prepared enough. The main question would be, “Why are you eager for certification?

Things you should consider before using the Salesforce Admin exam dumps

There are very damning repercussions associated with the use of salesforce exam dumps. For starters, it is illegal, and there’s really no simpler or nicer way to put it.

However, now that that’s out of the way, there are some things you should know and consider before using Salesforce exam dumps:

  • You’re not learning

    Using dumps doesn’t help you learn; even though it might help you secure interviews and jobs, it’d only be a matter of time before you’re implicated.

  • You can be disqualified

    Using dumps automatically gets you on the bad side of Salesforce terms. It gets worse; you will not only be disqualified from writing the exam but all your other salesforce certifications will be seized. 

  • You can lose money

    Have you thought about being scammed? But, won’t you rather trust yourself enough to learn than depend on an unknown person on the internet to give you some materials that would turn out incorrect?

  • You’re devaluing the process

    A certain prestige comes with knowing that your certification was obtained on merit. So when you use exam dumps, you somewhat devalue the certification. 

Why is it advised to avoid using salesforce Admin exam dumps?

For starters, actions have consequences. And while the fore consequence of using the Salesforce admin exam dump involves the inability to acquire the needed knowledge, there are a few other repercussions that will help you see the need to avoid them.

  • Handling your job

    Of course, you can forge your resume to claim experience for several years that you’ve skipped by using the exam dumps…

    But this only means that you should have expert knowledge in an important task as a simple development; Not having that knowledge, or even asking for help in that department, will implicate you.

  • The Interview

    Passing the salesforce admin exams is one thing; scaling through the interview is another. How do you intend to explain your salesforce admin role if you’ve only crammed the exams’ questions and answers?

    Unless you’ve done actual studying about salesforce admin, you’re most likely going to be stuck at the interview stage. 

  • A hard time getting jobs

    With a high score in the Salesforce admin exams and being stuck at the interview level, you will only be left with no job and just an exam score.

    Unfortunately, this is often a red flag for hiring managers because they often see it as what it is – a lack of experience and knowledge. 

  • Consequences

    Being caught using the salesforce admin exam dumps will terminate all your certifications; this is in the Salesforce program agreement.

    For example, i you decide to use exam dumps on the 5th and get caught, Salesforce will terminate all your other credentials.

Best Salesforce Admin exam study materials to use instead of exam dumps

Instead of depending on and using Salesforce exam dumps to gain certifications, there are other prestige options to ensure that you ace your certifications and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

Salesforce Certification days

The Salesforce certification days is a program you can register for. It offers a half-day webinar that helps you prepare for the certification. It is a free program that also gives you a bonus – a coupon code that offers a $40 discount per any $200 exam.

Salesforce practice exam

You can register for the web assessor's practice exam. It is different from exam dumps because it’s been approved by salesforce. Also, they offer a free Admin Practice Test with Salesforce Admin Credential from Trailhead.

Check Free Training

You can check free Salesforce training, which is available on youtube. In addition, it’s often offered by community members or MVPs.

Top online resources to prepare for the Salesforce Admin exam

Of course, to get a high score in the Salesforce admin exam, you’d need all the help you can get. And in addition to the materials mentioned earlier, some tools can help you scale through. Find them here:

Trailhead modules | Study for the Administrator Certification Exam

This course is designed to help individuals prepare for the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam by providing a series of modules that cover the key topics and skills necessary for success on the exam.

The course includes interactive lessons, hands-on exercises, and quizzes to test knowledge and understanding of the material.

Force on Focus | Salesforce Certified Administrator Exams

The course includes comprehensive coverage of the topics and skills necessary for success on the exam, including security and access, data management, and automation.

Participants will have access to interactive lessons, hands-on exercises, and practice exams to help them prepare for the certification exam. 

Udemy | Salesforce Certified Administrator Practice Tests - 3 Pack

This course is a collection of three practice exams designed to help individuals assess their readiness for the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam.

The course includes over 300 multiple-choice questions that cover all of the topics and skills tested on the exam, to help individuals identify areas where they need to focus their study efforts in order to pass the certification exam.

Whizlabs | Salesforce Administrator Certification

This course includes an exclusive access to interactive lessons, hands-on exercises, and quizzes to test knowledge and understanding of the material.

The course also includes practice exams to help individuals assess their readiness for the certification exam and identify areas where they need to focus their study efforts. 

Tips to maximize your knowledge and pass the Salesforce Admin exam with flying colors

Exams often make us nervous, and it gets intense with one such as the Salesforce admin exam. For this reason, some tips will help you scale through a Salesforce admin exam, and we’ll be explaining a few of them below:

  • Knowing the exam outline

    Knowing the exam outline will help you save time, and you must pay attention to the topics and details outlined for the admin exam. 

  • Find out the exam style that works for you

    While the salesforce admin exam comes in two options – online with a virtual proctor and onsite proctored center, it is necessary to figure out which one suits you best.

  • Work on your efficiency

    These prep exams go a long way in helping you hone your skill and detect the areas where you may be lagging.

  • Manage your time efficiently

    The Salesforce admin exam works with time, but here’s a trick to helping you manage your time efficiently: calculate what time each question should take and work with it.


The Salesforce admin exam is one stepping stone to a high-paying job for most people. It’s also an important step in acquiring a salesforce admin certification.

You can decide to use available and genuine study materials and top resources or choose the route of exam dumps.

While the former seeks to educate and help you hone your skills, the latter gives you an empty package with very damning consequences.

In the end, you’re not only cheating yourself but also losing out on other certifications and getting suspended from acquiring any of the Salesforce certifications in the future.


Why is the Salesforce admin exam so hard?

The level of difficulty for the Salesforce admin exam is quite relative. It may come easy to some and hard to others. But also, the pass mark is 65%, which means that to ace it, you’ll need in-depth knowledge of using Salesforce. 

How many hours do you need to study for the Salesforce admin exam?

This part is also relative. Someone new to using Salesforce would need an average of 200 hours to prepare for this exam.

It’s incomparable to someone with a year – 4 years of experience working with Salesforce. The more your experience with Salesforce, the less time you’d need to prepare/study for the exam.

What is the pass rate for the Salesforce admin exam?

The pass rate for the Salesforce admin exam is 65%. This means that out of the 60 multi-choice/multiple objective questions, you’ll need to ace 39 questions at least to score a pass mark.

What happens if I fail Salesforce certification 3 times?

There’s often a release cycle of 90 days when it comes to the Salesforce admin exam. So failing 3 times within these 90 days would mean that you’d wait for the next release cycle to retake the exam.

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