Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Tests : What you need to Know

The Salesforce administration Certification is one of the most in-demand certifications in the job market, as it will allow you to upgrade your job, and also prove your worth to your employer. 

Being a Salesforce employee will make you a very important member of your company, as you will be the key to making their productivity higher, and also be the source of innovative ideas and solutions.

With that being said, you’re probably wondering how to become one, and how to get your certification as a Salesforce Administrator. That’s what I will show you in this article.

How to get started with the Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Tests?

There are so many sources where you can have a practice test for the Salesforce Administrator Certification. Salesforce's official platform provides a practice test of 30 questions in 30 minutes.

It’s an unprotected test, which means you have access to any resources while passing the exam.

Practice exams are so beneficial as they show you how prepared are you, and in what parts you have the most problems. There are so many other practice exams that you can try before passing the exam, and I will talk about them more in the following parts.

What topics are covered on the Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Test?

The practice test is normally a clone of what the actual exam will have, which means that the subject and topics covered in the exam are the same covered in the practice test, and those are generally:

  • Configuration and Setup

  • Object Manager and Lightning App Builder

  • Sales and Marketing Applications

  • Service and Support Applications

  • Productivity and Collaboration

  • Data and Analytics Management

  • Workflow/Process Automation

How many questions are on the Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Test?

The Salesforce administrator certification practice test given by the official website of Salesforce has 30 questions to be completed in the 30 minutes provided.

Of course, you have the choice to be timed or not, and also full feedback of your results to get advice on what to practice more and what to avoid doing.

Here are some of the questions that you might encounter while passing the practice test, coming straight from the actual test:

  1. 1

    Universal Containers wants to create a field to store credit card numbers and needs to make sure the information is protected. Which two actions allow the System Administrator to provide enhanced security for this field? Choose 2 answers.

                a. Update Field-Level Security settings.

                b. Configure different Page Layouts for users.

                c. Create an Encrypted Text field.

                d. Use different Record Types for users.

  2. 2

    Which two changes are tracked in the Setup Audit Trail? Choose 2 options.

                a. Resetting a user's password

                b. Creating a List View

                c. Using the Data Loader

                d. Using the Data Import Wizard

  3. 3

    The administrator at Universal Containers is creating a flow with several steps. How can the administrator check their work as they are developing the flow?

                a. Perform the same steps manually via the UI

                b. Use debug logs found in Setup

                c. Use the Debug tool in the flow builder

                d. Use debug logs in the Developer Console

How is the Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Test graded?

For the grad, it is as similar to the actual exam as possible. They will provide you with in-depth feedback about each answer, so you can understand why it is incorrect.

They will provide the final grade as a percentage, with a breakthrough for each question and the final score. This is so important because it will be a sort of guide for you so you can identify your strengths points, and also your weaknesses.

It won’t be a fruitful practice test if you don’t gain something from it. So, what you have to do is take those results and learn from your mistakes, so you can learn more and prepare more for the final exam.

What is the passing score for the Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Test?

As I said before, the practice test is as similar to the actual final exam as possible. But for the passing score, Salesforce has not specified anything, as the point of it is to show you the results of your work, and it is for you to judge if it’s enough.

Normally for the actual final exam, the passing score is 65%. Although, the actual exam has strict rules of no references to resources and external help, so reaching that score is way more difficult than in the practice test, which is unprotected.

What I advise you to do, is use the practice test as a simulation of the actual exam, so you can see your results in the actual situation, and be prepared for any problem that can occur in the critical exam situation.

What are the benefits of using a Practice Test to prepare for this exam?

Using a practice test before the actual exam has too many benefits that I will try to categorize as follows:

  • The format

    While practicing on a test similar to the final exam, you will get familiar with its format. This will give an idea of what to expect the exam to look like, and also know how the answers are expected to be.

  • Your weaknesses

    This is the key benefit of every practice exam. By answering the questions and getting feedback, you will know the areas you are the weakest in so that you can target them and understand those sequences more, to avoid missing points on the exam.

  • Confidence

    Practicing a lot also gives you a confidence boost, because sometimes we make mistakes just because we don’t trust ourselves.

  • Time

    Practicing will make you familiar with some types of questions that you can rapidly skip through, which will give you more time for the other difficult questions.

    This also helps you have a specific time frame and know how much time to give to each question to be on time.

Tips on how to use Practice Tests to maximize your knowledge in Salesforce?

Normally, the tips will rely on your goals, so I will try to be as inclusive as possible:

  • As I said before, practicing is the key to passing the exam, and because you can redo the practice test as many times as you can, that’s your chance. Try to practice as often as possible, because the earlier you start, the better the results.

  • When given feedback after finishing a practice test, read it thoroughly to identify your weaknesses, and even to understand some points. Because by doing mistakes we learn.

  • This tip is linked to the previous one. Once you read and analyze your results, try to identify a pattern between the sequences where you struggle the most. This will help you target the problem as a whole.

  • Learn to manage your time from these practice tests, because sometimes we get lost in the questions and forget we are timed. This will help put a frame on each question and be able to manage the time.

  • Try different sources of practice exams, because, by this, the questions will get more diverse and will target more areas of the topics in the final exam. It will also help you identify the different formats the question can be asked.

  • This final is similar to what I said before. Try to put yourself in the same environment as one of the final exams. By doing that, you will be able to avoid some critical situations, and also to gain confidence, and not freak out while passing the exam.

Best resources to find efficient and trustworthy Practice Tests online

Udemy | Salesforce Certified Administrator Practice Tests - 3 Pack!

This course is a set of 3 packs of practice tests for the Salesforce Certification Administrator. Each pack has 60 questions and is timed at 90 minutes.

This course will follow the official exam guide given by the official website of Salesforce, which includes the 7 Knowledge Areas. That is so beneficial if you want to be more than confident that you will pass the exam.

By enrolling in this course, you will get a higher chance of passing the exam on your first attempt, which is important, as there is a fee you will have to pay if you want to redo your exam.

This course will also provide you with detailed feedback on your work, divided by each section level, which will help you identify your weak areas to work on it. You also can redo this course as many times as you want.

Whizlabs | Salesforce Administrator Certification

In this course, you are given a lot of practice tests, with a detailed explanation of each answer, as similar to the final exam as possible.

This will guarantee that by the end of the course, you will be 100% able to pass your Salesforce Administrator Certification exam on your first try.

This course has a total of 2 hours and 58 minutes of training videos, as lectures on different important topics that will be included in the exam. So you can say that this course combines the actual knowledge and the practice tests. 

The course also provides detailed explanations for every question, with reports on your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you identify the pattern I talked about before.

Key Takeaways:

To summarise what I said so far:

  • Practice tests are so important for your success on your first attempt at the final exam of the Salesforce Administrator Certification.

  • Practice tests give you an idea of your weaknesses and the points you will have to work more on and improve.

  • By investing in courses for these types of practice tests, you will benefice from many resource materials, and also strong support from the instructors, which are professionals in this field.

  • By following the tips I gave you, you will benefit from all the advantages that come with practicing, and also you can apply that to the other certifications you want to have.


Is the Salesforce admin exam hard?

I won’t lie and say the exam is easy, because found it quite challenging, as it covers a wide variety of topics, but by practicing as we said, everything will become easy.

How many hours should I study for the Salesforce Admin exam?

The number of hours depends entirely on you. Normally, people say it took them between 30 to 40 hours to achieve a good level of understanding, enough to pass the exam.

But I will say again, that it depends on your way of studying, your level of experience, and also the resources you are using.

What is the easiest way to pass the Salesforce Admin exam?

The easiest way to pass your exam on the first attempt is to use the feedback given after doing your practice test and analyze it to know what to target and to keep practicing until you feel confident you will do well.

How many people pass the Salesforce exam on the first try?

There is not a specific number given by Salesforce on the matter, but again a lot of people get it on the first try. You just have to work hard and try to reach the 65% mark to make it through.

What happens if you fail a Salesforce exam 3 times?

If a person fails the exam 3 times, they will have to wait till the next release cycle, which is normally after 180 to pass it again. It’s an opportunity for you to learn more and practice more and get it once you can.

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