Google Professional Data Engineer

The Google Professional Data Engineer certification is a credential offered by Google to individuals who demonstrate their expertise in designing and building data processing systems on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This certification validates the skills required to handle and process large volumes of data using GCP technologies, such as BigQuery, Dataflow, and Cloud Storage.

To earn the certification, candidates must pass a 2-hour multiple-choice exam that assesses their knowledge in several areas, including:

  • Designing data processing systems
  • Building and operationalizing data processing systems
  • Data analytics and machine learning
  • Cloud architecture and infrastructure
  • Security and compliance

To prepare for the Google Professional Data Engineer exam, you can consult the resources below :

Our Guide written by our "Google Professional Data Engineer" Certified Expert

Our writer Sarveswaran had passed successfully his "Google Professional Data Engineer" Exam, and wrote for us a guide on how to prepare for this exam :

Recommended Online Course #1 :

The Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Course by Dan & James Sullivan incorporates lectures, quizzes, and interactive practical sessions to help you comprehend how to import data, establish data processing pipelines in Cloud Dataflow, set up relational databases, create high-performance Bigtable, BigQuery, and Cloud Spanner databases, retrieve information from Firestore databases, and build a Spark and Hadoop cluster with Cloud Dataproc.

Recommended Online Course #2 :

The GCP - Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Course by Ankit Mistry offers over 16 hours of exceptional video content and includes 80+ hands-on labs, making it the most practical course available.

The course progresses towards advanced cloud services offered by Google for data engineering solutions, and comprises 12 articles, 6 downloadable resources, and offers full lifetime access after enrollment.

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