How to Prepare for Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate (AZ-700 Exam)

Microsoft AZ-700 certificate is the Microsoft Azure Networking specialty Exam. As someone how passed the exam by first shot, I will walk you through this guide to outline the exam process. I will help you anticipate what to expect on the exam and how to prepare, booking the exam and get certified.

This guide contains:

  • AZ-700 Certificate Overview
  • Get trained for the Exam
  • Book the exam
  • Complementary resources

AZ-700 Certificate Overview

The certificate objective is to upskill you to design and Implement Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions. By passing this exam, you get the Azure Networking Engineer Badge.

The Exam tests your knowledge of five subject areas:

  1. Design, implement, and manage hybrid networking.
  2. Design and implement core networking infrastructure.
  3. Design and implement routing.
  4. Secure and monitor networks.
  5. Design and implement Private access to Azure Services.

Who Should take this Certification:

  • Azure Administrators
  • Network Engineer seeking to gain cloud networking concepts
  • Cloud Solutions architects.
  • Devops Engineers need to deploy over Azure.
  • Anyone working with Azure and want to enhance their networking skill

What are the prerequisites?

  • Azure administration skills.
  • General knowledge of networking concepts
  • Knowledge of hybrid connections, and network security.

Get trained for the Exam

The certificate content is rich and includes the major Azure Networking concepts. Therefore, I would suggest exposing yourself to various learning materials ( Something to read, something to watch and something to do). I will recommend one Item for each.

Video course:

As the brain responds to visuals fast, better than text or any other kind of learning material. Remembering stuff from the picture is retained in the mind for a longer time.Therefore,I highlyI recommend studying the FREE AZ-700 video course for John Savill.

John is Principal Architect at Microsoft and had a unique approach to teaching technical stuff. He uses the Whiteboard to visualize the complex concepts.

Here is how you get there. AZ-700 Study Playlist – YouTube

Reading material:

After learning the main concepts, you need to put in some time in reading about these concepts and connect any missing dots.

This will enable you to absorb the technology and take off some notes as reference.

To achieve this, the best way is to read and study the Microsoft Track developed especially for the exam. I mean the Microsoft learn track.
Microsoft Learn is a free, online training platform that provides interactive learning for Microsoft products and more. Here is how you get there AZ-700 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions – Training | Microsoft Learn

The Tack has its own hands-on labs that give the opportunity to apply the learnt concepts.


For completeness, it is vital to practice the learnt concepts and how it fits in the real world. So, If you need to make it stick, practicing is a must. It helped me to remember the technology and reduce the overhead of memorizing lots of information.

You can practice by doing the labs in the Microsoft learn Track we pointed out above. And I will outline step by step how to create a free azure account. So that you start doing labs for the main concepts along with the above reading approach.

How to create an Azure subscription free account?


1- Go to this link

2- Check the box for Agreement and then press Next

3- Fill in your contact information and then press TEXT Me to verify this information


4- To Identity verification, Write the code that you got on your mobile


5- Fill in your credit card information

6- Sign up and Start with Azure Portal


7- Welcome to your subscription and enjoy!



Exam Questions practicing:

If you are new to Microsoft Certificate and need to get the experience of the exam, I encourage you to take this Exam Sandbox. This is a simulation to the Exam that will help you get used to the exam look.

To practice Exam Questions, there is various resources depends on your preference, to name few:

  1. Udemy has exam practice test: AZ-700 Design & Implement Azure Networking Sol Practice Test | Udemy
  2. Measure Up provides some sort of questioning practice : measureup


Book the exam


Exam details and its main topics :


  • Exam Code : AZ-700
  • Exam Name : Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions
  • Certification Name : Azure Network Engineer Associate
  • Number of Questions : 114
  • Passing score : 700 or greater
  • Exam price : Associate and Expert exams typically cost US$165 but are priced according to currency values in specific countries and regions. Exam prices are subject to change.

The main topics on the exam are :

1. Introduction to Azure Virtual Networks 
: Implement virtual networks
Configure public IP services
Design and implement name resolution
Design and implement cross-VNET connectivity
Implement virtual network routing
Design and implement an Azure Virtual Network NAT.

2. Design and implement hybrid networking 
: Design and implement a site-to-site VPN connection
Design and implement a point-to-site VPN connection
Design and implement authentication for point-to-site VPN connections
Design and implement Azure Virtual WAN.

3. Design and implement Azure ExpressRoute : 
Design and implement ExpressRoute
Design and implement ExpressRoute Global Reach
Design and implement ExpressRoute FastPath
Troubleshoot ExpressRoute connection issues.

4. Load balance non-HTTP(S) traffic in Azure 
: Identify the features and capabilities of Azure Load Balancer
Design and implement an Azure Load Balancer
Implement a Traffic Manager profile
Design and implement Azure Application Gateway
Implement Azure Front Door.

5. Design and implement network security 
: Get network security recommendations with Microsoft Defender for Cloud
Deploy Azure DDoS Protection by using the Azure portal
Design and implement network security groups (NSGs)
Design and implement Azure Firewall
Design and implement a web application firewall (WAF) on Azure Front Door.

6. Design and implement private access to Azure Services 

: Define the difference between Private Link Service and private endpoints
Design and configure private endpoints
Explain virtual network service endpoints
Design and configure access to service endpoints
Integrate Private Link with DNS
Integrate your App Service with Azure virtual networks.

7. Design and implement network monitoring
 : Configure network health alerts and logging by using Azure Monitor
Create and configure a Connection Monitor instance
Configure and use Traffic Analytics
Configure NSG flow logs
Enable and configure diagnostic logging
Configure Azure Network Watcher.


Steps to Book the Exam


Go to this URI Exam AZ-700: Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions – Certifications | Microsoft Learn

Choose your country and hit “Scheduled Exam”.

You will be redirected to Microsoft Certification Dashboard

Now you get to create your certification profile on the Dashboard

Then you will get to schedule exam:

Next, go ahead to Pearson VUE.

Next, go ahead and choose where you want to take the exam:

This is an optional step to test the environment before taking the exam. However I highly recommend doing it to avoid any hassle on the exam day.

In case there are any issues, it will let you know. You can still go ahead and schedule the exam even though there are any issues.

If you need, hit run pre-check.
But ensure that all conditions are met before the exam because you need to have the basic tools in place.

    • An Internet connection
    • A Web camera. All laptops will mostly have this in place.
    • A microphone or using the computer’s in-built microphone. All laptops will mostly have this in place.

After doing the test, click next to accept and confirm the policies:

In this step, you just choose the language.

Here you get to choose your preferred time slot:

In this step, you can review all details , and then proceed to checkout. proceed to checkout

As a final step, make sure you get an email at your registered email address with the exam details


Tips after taking the exam

Here are some tips and advice to prepare for the exam :

  • To get prepared, set a study schedule and put in time and effort.
  • Book the exam in advance. That will put more responsibility and some sort of urgency along the Journey.
  • Be 30-45 earlier on the exam day since there is an Exam process done by Pearson VUE before releasing the exam for you.
  • Be time-aware
  • Read the questions carefully and be in a rush.
  • Don’t leave any questions.
  • Once you earn your certification, don’t let it expire. When you have an active certification that’s expiring within six months, you should renew it — at no cost — by passing a renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn. Remember to renew your certification annually if you want to retain it.

Final Words

The Microsoft AZ-700 exam is challenging, yet with the Guide in your hands now will be approachable. In addition, this exam will put you on another level in terms of knowledge and expertise.

Be sure to take your time and create your own schedule to get well prepared. As any exam, you need to immerse yourself in the material and exam topic. Now you are fully equipped to sit for it, ace the exam and become Microsoft Azure Network certified.

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