Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) Practice Exam 1

1. What is cloud computing?


2. Which of the following is a characteristic of cloud computing?


3. What is meant by “high availability” in cloud services?


4. Which of the following best describes the concept of scalability in the cloud?


5. What is a benefit of using cloud services over traditional data centers?


6. Which cloud model provides the highest level of control over operating systems, storage, and deployed applications?


7. In cloud computing, what does the term “public cloud” refer to?


8. What is the shared responsibility model in cloud computing?


9. Which of the following is a characteristic of Platform as a Service (PaaS)?


10. What is a primary advantage of using cloud computing for modern businesses?


11. Which of the following best describes “hybrid cloud”?


12. In cloud computing, what is meant by “resource pooling”?


13. Cloud computing can offer cost savings due to which of the following? (Select TWO)


14. What does the term “serverless computing” refer to?


15. Which service model is best suited for businesses looking to outsource the entirety of their IT infrastructure?


16. What are Azure Regions?


17. Which Azure service provides scalable cloud storage for large and small applications?


18. Azure Virtual Machines are best described as:


19. What is Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) primarily used for?


20. Azure Active Directory is an example of:


21. Which of the following are core components of Azure’s compute services? (Select TWO)


22. What is the main benefit of using Azure App Service?


23. Azure SQL Database is an example of which type of cloud service?


24. Which Azure service is used for integrating on-premises directories with Azure Active Directory?


25. What does Azure Virtual Network (VNet) primarily allow you to do?


26. Azure Cosmos DB is classified as which type of database?


27. Azure Load Balancer operates at which OSI model layer?


28. What are Azure Availability Zones?


29. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is best described as:


30. What feature does Azure Site Recovery provide?


31. What is the main purpose of Azure ExpressRoute?


32. Which of the following services is a Big Data analytics solution in Azure?


33. Azure DevOps is primarily used for:


34. Which of the following is an AI service offered by Azure?


35. Azure Logic Apps can be used to:


36. Which of the following best describes Azure Blob Storage?


37. Azure Event Grid is used for:


38. In Azure, what is an Azure Resource Group?


39. What is Azure ExpressRoute primarily used for? (Select TWO)


40. What does Azure Policy help you achieve?


41. Azure Monitor is used primarily for:


42. Which Azure service is designed to automate the deployment, coordination, and management of applications across multiple environments?


43. What feature does Azure Resource Manager (ARM) provide? (Select TWO)


44. What is the purpose of Azure Service Health?


45. Azure Cost Management is best used for:


46. What does Azure Blueprints enable?


47. Azure Governance includes tools and services like Azure Policy, Azure Blueprints, and:


48. Which Azure service helps in implementing a secure and well-managed identity solution?


49. Azure Advisor provides recommendations on:


50. What is the main purpose of using Azure Tags?


51. Azure ExpressRoute facilitates:


52. Which Azure service ensures data sovereignty by restricting data storage and processing to specific geographic regions?


53. Azure Security Center is now part of which comprehensive security solution?


54. What is the purpose of Azure Key Vault?


55. In Azure, what does the term “Managed Identities” refer to?


56. What role does Azure Compliance Documentation play in governance?


57. Azure Management Groups offer a level of scope above subscriptions. They provide a way to efficiently manage access, policies, and compliance for:


58. What is the main benefit of using Azure Lighthouse?


59. Azure Policy and Azure Blueprints both support organizational compliance, but Azure Blueprints can also:


60. To ensure compliance with external regulations and internal policies, which Azure service should be implemented for tracking how resources are used and changes made over time?


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