How Many AWS Certifications Are There ?

With the advancement in working style and due to workloads, Cloud computing has strengthened its impact on more services and competition.

This transition demands various other skills that involve designing, deploying, and managing applications in cloud computing.

During the year 2022, AWS had taken all the leads in public cloud adoption. Hence it is proven that AWS has now created dominancy over all its competitors. 

In this article, I will describe all certificates offered by AWS cloud computing. So, hold your cup of coffee, and let's get started.

What Are The Different AWS Certifications Available And What Do They Cover?

AWS currently offers 12 certifications and organizes its certifications into four groups, starting with Foundational and advancing to Associate, Professional, and Specialty certifications. 

AWS offers 12 certificates. These certificates are further clubbed into four groups, specifically termed foundational, advanced, associate, professional, and specialty. For convenience, these certificates are grouped as basic and advanced levels.

Below, I am providing a complete list of these twelve certificates for your guidance:

The core principle of the AWS cloud is covered by a foundational exam hence after pursuing this you will be able to communicate, interrogate and answer regarding core AWS services and essentials. It may further include business use cases. 

Further, you will find AWS security and other confidential elements that will help you to gain enough knowledge about AWS billing, pricing, and support. 

You might be surprised that the AWS Certified cloud practitioner certification can bring ultimate change for a person in terms of learning. It gives a general understanding of management, business, finance, communication, etc.

One major thing that AWS examination criteria addresses is the six months of experience in AWS before exams. Hence you have to fix straight six months for side study and review of this course.

Which AWS Certification Is Most In Demand, And why?

More demand for AWS certificates is due to the company's requirement to get AWS certification. This certification will help them to gain immense popularity.

Now, let's talk about my favorite AWS certificate, which is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect(CSA). The reason to put this as my favorite is due to its popularity and holding across the globe. There are around about 1,000 holders of CASA around the world.

Well, CSA certification is considered the best certification for AWS. This CSA certification is provided by Amazon Web Services, Inc (AWS). The reason for its high demand is due to its coverage for AWS in all areas.

Moreover, AWS allows multiple dimensions of services and skills that further strengthen the reason for the high demand For AWS architects. The important role played by AWS architects included the designing and building of infrastructure and applications that are regulated on AWS.

The reason for this customization is to provide profitable solutions to clients regarding their businesses.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An AWS Solutions Architect Certification?

Following are some benefits covered under AWS's scope:

Future Security

AWS will give you access to more learning trends, career opportunities, and business mastery through cloud services.

A way to become a professional expert

We all know that getting an AWS Certification is not as easy as it seems. A person has to study and practice a lot.

This strong commitment makes one’s to become more skillful and trained and ultimately become a master in cloud technology.

Provide a sense of achievement

Provides you a separate identity as an achiever.

Makes you a specialist

Mastery of AWS will dominate your dedication to cloud technology

Higher Monetary benefits

According to an estimation of the Global knowledge survey, AWS certification provides an increment in a salary to professionals by 25.9%.

Professional Grooming

AWS certification gives you multiple benefits in so many ways. After acquiring it, you would get a chance to attend conferences and professional meetups.

This strong interaction will make you a specialist in the AWS world, furthermore, you will get access to connect with AWS certified LinkedIn community.

See, how amazing it is to connect with AWS certification.

It's not the end here, still, there is a list of benefits left as aided by AWS certified solutions architect.

Allows you to become a subject matter expert

After becoming AWS certified solutions architect associate, you become eligible for the subject matter expert program.

This program will allow you to enhance your learning experience by attending various professional workshops.

Moreover, It would be added to your resume to display your attendance at a benchmark certification program.

Future stability for employers

Due to the presence of AWS-certified professionals the company becomes eligible to join the AWS partner network( APN).

Consequently, it helps the professionals to strengthen their professional roots.

What Kind Of Jobs Can I Expect To Qualify For With An AWS Solutions Architect Certification?

You will be surprised to know that AWS solution architect will give you outstanding rewards. It provides access to an individual for the job including building, designing, and maintaining the scalable system by approaching AWS infrastructure.

But remember there is a specific requirement that exists to work as an AWS solution architect and that involves a higher level of technical skill set.

This includes the person's ability to communicate well with both technical and non-technical staff. You must have the guts to manage a project effectively.

That’s the reason that AWS solution architect jobs are highly demanded. People find it enjoyable and energetic.

What Is The Average AWS Solution Architect's Salary?

Now after all briefings, you might get curious about the average salary for cloud solution architects. Well, it brings incredible rewards for IT professionals.

This includes an increment of up to 15 percent as a key driver by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics increase in cloud computing between 2021 and 2031.

Resources To Help You Study AWS

Most of the time, people ask me questions regarding AWS learning resources.

So, today I am going to help you all by a guideline for AWS learning resources that include Online courses, Tutorials, Books, and youtube videos.

So without any wait, let's get started;

Best courses to learn AWS:

Best Books to become an expert in AWS:

Perfect Tutorials to learn AWS:

Recommended Youtube Channels for best AWS learning

So the list for the AWS learning resources ends here, if you find any of the above resources helpful, then bookmark it for future use.

I hope, you find this article helpful regarding all your questions and confusion about AWS certification and courses.

But if you still find any difficulty in understanding of context, remember we are all humans and we can’t grasp all at once, so just take a chill pill.

For your inquiries and ambiguities, our sources are open to respond you accordingly.

Best of luck!

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